The clear dark sky allowed the moon and stars to shine brightly. The humid weather kept most people from leaving the coolness their house provided. The streets were quiet with only several ninjas roaming the streets to return home after a long day. Night stands that offered food and alcohol had their usual customers, mostly ninjas.

He had returned not to long ago and was exhausted from his high ranked guarding mission. His muscles were slightly sore from rushing back; he and his team didn't want to spend another night sleeping in the forest. Not a single stain was visible upon his uniform for the elite, but he was going to allow his wife to check over his condition to make sure he was fine. The red and white mask of a hawk hung on his waist, fastened around his belt. His raven hair was still in its natural spiked style with loose bangs around his face. He was tall with a lean muscular built that attracted many females.

As he walked into the rebuilt compound, memories from his past came to him. When he reached the front door of the single large manor, he heard the laughter of children inside. He had expected his family to be asleep, but the lights on in the manor told him otherwise. He pulled out a key from his pouch and unlocked the door. He opened the door and entered, closing it behind him and locking it. As he took off his sandals, he heard footsteps heading his way. He stood up straight and saw his wife standing before him with a smile on her lips.


"Welcome back Sasuke-kun."

Her silky pink locks had grown down to her waist; he had told her to grow it out during her first pregnancy, indirectly stating he liked her with long hair. She didn't complain over his request; she thought having long hair gave her more of the motherly look. Her emerald colored orbs showed warmth and love as she started into his dark onyx ones. Her lean muscles had a layer of fat covering it, giving her the curves that she had. Her body hadn't lost its stunning figure even after her pregnancies; it was one of the reasons why the women of the village were jealous of her.

Sakura stepped forward and stood on her toes as she placed a kiss on his lips. "I'm glad you're home." Her hands reached out for his pack. "I'll take your pack for you."

Sasuke handed her his backpack and followed her into the living room. When they entered, he saw their children playing.

"Bedtime," Sakura said.

All seven children turned their heads. The only girl among them stood up and came running toward Sasuke. He kneeled down, letting his little girl run and hug him. Her bright emerald orbs were large and innocent; her smile could light up anyone. Her hair was short and silky, but instead of her mother's pink hair, she had his dark raven hair.

"Tou-chan is home!" she yelled out happily.

Sasuke picked her up. "Have you been good hime?"

She nodded her head. "Can I stay up longer kaa-chan?" she asked, turning her attention to her mother. "I want to play with tou-chan."

Sakura took her little girl from Sasuke and shook her head. "Iie Sayuri-chan," she replied. "I let all of you stay up late for the past couple night already and your tou-chan needs to rest. Go to bed now boys."

The boys groan as they got up and headed to the stairs. Sakura placed her little girl down and patted her butt to tell her to follow her brothers upstairs. Sakura stood up and looked over at her husband.

"I'll be right back to check on you after I tuck them in."


Sasuke watched her retreat upstairs then went to the couch to sit down. Even though he disliked being cooped up at the manor at times, he was glad to be home. He turned his gaze over to the alter stand and looked at the photo in the very center. The image of his brother when he was young stared back at him with content expression on his face. It was the only photo of Itachi they could find from the archives. Anything that as stored in the compound was burn to the ground on the day of his death; including the photos of their precious time together. The guilt he had once filled his heart was gone when he had learned his brother had not died in his hands.

Next to it was a tablet with the name Suki engraved on it. It was the name Sakura had given to their beloved daughter whom they had lost. He remembered how hard it was for her, especially after the birth of their first son.

"You always look at them when you return from a mission." He turned his gaze over to the voice and saw Sakura walking over to him. She sat at his side with a small smile on her face. "I wonder how they're doing?"


"I hope Suki isn't causing trouble for Itachi," she said. Sasuke noticed the hit of sadness hidden behind her voice and took her hand in his. "I wish we could have met her Sasuke-kun."

"I know…"

She turned her attention to him. "Just relax now."

He lay relaxed on the couch as a pair of chakra infused hands checked his body for injuries of any kind.

"You have a lot of built up stress Sasuke-kun," her soft voice said. "You have also few strained muscles too." She smiled at him. "You may be healthy now, but stress can make it worse."


"Even if you don't want me to," she whispered. "I'll always worry about you." She turned her gaze away from him. "Especially when you're away on missions."


She moved her glowing hands to his sides and stopped when she found a bruise on his left side. The medic singled her husband to sit up to remove the guard and shirt. After doing so, Sasuke lay back down and turned so that she would be able to heal the bruise. She frowned at the sight of the large discoloration on his slightly tanned skin.

"How was the mission?" Sakura asked. Sasuke grunted when she applied some pressure to his wound to find out how bad it was. "I take it the stress and this large bruise was from the mission."

"The dobe doesn't know how to sleep still."

Sakura giggled. "Didn't you put in the request for three beds when you guys went to stay at the inns?" Sasuke didn't answer and scowled. "I assume they didn't have it and you had to share a bed with Naruto."


"How is your eyesight?" she asked as she placed her index and middle finger of both hands against his temple. "There hadn't been any problems with Itachi's eyes right?"

Sasuke nodded his head slightly to answer her. When she was done, Sakura stopped the flow of chakra to her hands. She shifted her position and lay beside him with her head resting against his bare chest. Sasuke wrapped his arm around her waist, holding her close to him. The couple was quiet as they enjoyed the peace together. It was times like these did they get to enjoy each other's company. Sasuke closed his eyes and rest, letting his body slowly seep into unconsciousness. Unfortunately his mind wouldn't allow him to fully rest because his wife's slender fingers were drawing circles upon his chest. He didn't mind it at all for it ease him; it was better than having a certain blond twitching in his sleep and elbowing him in his ribs every ten to fifteen minutes.

"You should sleep in tomorrow to rest up," she suggested. Sakura shifted her position and lay on top of Sasuke. "You get to sleep in a comfortable bed again." She placed her forehead against his. "And I get to cuddle in bed with my beast after two weeks."

"I don't cuddle."

She pouted. "Would you rather cuddle up with me in bed, share a bed with Naruto, or be guarding the Hokage on his trips?" Sasuke opened his eyes and slightly glared at her. "You have to choose one." He growled lightly and she laughed, knowing what his answer would be. "I know you defiantly wouldn't want to share a bed with Naruto. Unfortunately it's protocol for the Hokage to have guards when attending to another country's meeting. Kakashi-sensei was just making his last run as Hokage and Naruto will be inaugurated in a couple days." She chuckled. "I bet Naruto will always have you with him when he leaves the village for Kage business." Sasuke sighed. "This must be Naruto's way of punishing you for voting for Kakashi to be the next Kage years ago."

She remembered it all clearly; she was there with Sasuke that day. Not long after their son was born, Tsunade had announced she was going to pass the position of Hokage down to the next successor, but would allow the head of each clan of the village nominate candidates. Kakashi and Naruto were two of the nominees that were being deliberated about. Toward the end of the meeting votes were being counted. It was a tie between the two and Sasuke was the only one left that hadn't voted yet. Unfortunately, the head of the Uchiha clan saw that blond loud mouth wasn't suited to be Hokage yet and voted for his former team instructor.

When word got out that Uchiha Sasuke was the tiebreaker and voted for Kakashi instead of Naruto, the blond was outraged. In order to make Sasuke change his mind, Naruto challenged him to a spar and if he won he would have to take his vote for Kakashi back and let him become Hokage instead. The two ended up sparing for a whole day to the point both were injured badly and sent to the hospital for healing and recovery.

"In the end you would choose to cuddle with me even if you don't want to admit it." Sakura sat up straddling his waist and looked at her husband. "Rest up some more and then head upstairs for a shower before going to bed," she said. "Sleeping on the couch isn't good for you."

He nodded his head to show her he understood. Sasuke closed his eyes and felt her lips against his before she got off to leave the room. All was quiet in the house except for the sound of the running water his sharp hearing picked up. His mind was slowing drifting off into unconsciousness until he heard footsteps heading towards him.


He opened his onyx eyes to see the source of the voice that called for him. Sayuri came running into the room, climbed onto the couch he laid on, and sat on the side facing him.

"You're suppose to be asleep," Sasuke said to her.

She crossed her arms over chest and pouted. "But I'm not tired."

He sighed. You're stubborn like your kaa-san. He sat up and carried her as he got off the couch. "Close your eyes and you'll fall asleep."

"Iie!" Sayuri said.

His brows furrowed. "You're going to sleep and that's final."

Sayuri continued to pout despite what her father said to her. He carried up to the bedroom she shared with her twin. He saw his youngest son lying in bed, attempting to twirl a wooden toy kunai with his finger. The youngest Uchiha son looked a bit famine, but he knew the boy would grow out of just like he did. He placed his little girl down on her bed and pulled the blanket over her small body.

"Sleep now," he said to her as he grabbed her stuff pig plushy and put it in her arms. "You too Shouta."

Shouta nodded and placed the toy kunai close to the side. After making sure the twins were in bed, he turned off the lights and slid the door close. He saw the lights of two other bedrooms off and assumed his sons were asleep already. He saw his oldest son was still awake and went to see what he was up to.

"You need to sleep Shouhei," Sasuke said when he stood at the doorway.

The said boy turned to see his father at the entrance of his room. Uchiha Shouhei was the first child born into the new Uchiha clan. He was the very image of Sasuke as young boy in appearance. His personality was somewhat carefree, but he was mature for his age. He had a scroll unrolled on his lap that he had been skimming over for the past few days. The young boy rolled up the scroll and placed it on the table near by.

"Can you help me tomorrow with my training tou-san?" Shouhei asked.

Sasuke didn't answer and watched his son tuck himself into bed before turning off the lights. "Only if I have time," he replied before closing the door.

He ran his hand tough his hair as he walked toward the master bedroom. Sasuke couldn't help feel he might have disappointed his son with the answer he had given, but he didn't know what to say to him. Sasuke had a hard time connecting with his own father as a kid and it affected him greatly. He was closer to his mother because she took care of him and showered him with love. In his eyes, Sakura was a good mother, showing their children the love he could never really show. He let out a soft sigh of frustration; in his own opinion, they were easier to handle when they were babies.


Warm water rained down on her naked body, soothing her stressed body and mind. The soap upon her light peach skin ran off her body along with the water. After a long day at the hospital and returning home to care for her family, this was what she needed. There were some visible stretch marks adoring her lower abdomen that was left behind after giving birth. Sakura turned her head to face the spewing warm water to wash away all the grime upon her body. She felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around her petite body as he nuzzled her neck from behind. Knowing exactly who it was, she moved so that the water drenched the newcomer.

"Shouhei wanted me to help him train," Sasuke said.

"Did you say yes to him?" she asked with a smile. "The two of you can use the time to bond." When she didn't get an answer, Sakura frowned. "What did you say to him?"

"If I had time to."

"You defiantly have time Sasuke-kun." Sakura cupped his face to make him face her. "I know being a father is hard for you, but sometimes you have to let loose and spend time with them."


"I'm going to make sure they're all asleep."

Sakura smiled at him and rinsed off before stepping out of the shower. She wrapped the towel around her body as she grabbed the blow drier to dry her waist long wet hair. When her silkily locks was dried, she took the two chopsticks on the sink counter and coiled her hair up into a neat bun. She dropped the towel around her body to the ground and began to dress herself. Sakura could feel his piercing gaze on her body as she moved around to get dressed. She put on her black colored laced lingerie and bra then grabbed the large black sleeveless haori to put on. She took a simple sash and wrapped it around her waist to keep her husband's cloth secure around her small body. The haori reached her thigh half way, keeping her covered and cool for the night. She slid opened the bathroom door and closed it behind her.

Sakura went over to the rice paper door and entered the small living room that was connected to the master bedroom. Photos were placed on the shelf neatly along with albums. She stepped out of the master bedroom and went to check on each of her children.

She first went to Shouhei's room. He laid in bed sound asleep with the blankets pushed to the side. To the side of his pillow sat two plush dolls she had made for him before he was born, one of Sasuke and the other of Itachi. She grabbed the thinnest sheet and covered his small body. He turned and opened his dark eyes to see who has placing the blanket of him.

"It's only me Shouhei," she whispered. "Did I wake you?"

The boy shook his head and closed his eyes. "Will tou-san be able to train me tomorrow?" he asked sleepily.

Sakura smiled at her son. "Don't worry, he will," she said and kissed him on the cheek. "Now go to sleep Shou-chan."

"Hai kaa-san…" he whispered before letting sleep take over him completely.

She left the room silently and went to look at her second son Sora. When she entered his room, she found him sleeping on his stomach with is head turned to the side. Not wanting him to damage his spine at a young age, Sakura gently carried Sora up and turned him to his side. Sasuke had said he looked a bit like Itachi as a young boy without the bangs under his eyes. She grabbed the stuff plush of Itachi she had made and put it on the corner of his bed. She placed a kiss on his cheek and headed out to check on her other children.

She entered the room belonging to the triplets and found all three sleeping differently. The oldest, Satoki, was sleeping too close to the edge, the middle of the three, Satoru, was sprawled over the bed with the pillow and blanket on the ground, and the youngest of the three, Satoshi, was curled up. She sighed quietly as she went over to her oldest triplet. Sakura carried him up slightly and positioned him in the middle of the bed. She stroked his raven locks and kissed him on the cheek. Sakura went to the Satoru, picking up the pillow and blanket on the ground. She placed the boy's head on the pillow and draped the blanket over him. Again she leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek. She then went over to Satoshi who was sleeping in a comfortable position. She leaned down and kissed his cheek.

She looked at the triplets one last time before leaving the room. She walked down the hall to the last room and saw the twins were both asleep. Shouta sleep perfectly still while his little sister tossed and turned in her bed. Knowing that it was due to the heat, Sakura turned on the fan to allow the room to be cool. She went over to her son's bed and sat at his side; she remembered how her little boy would cling to her when he was a baby. She gently stroke his raven locks then placed a kiss on his temple. Sakura went over to Sayuri and stroke her back, easing her to sleep. Her little girl was precious to her because she had almost lost her. There were complications during the delivery after Shouta was born that if Tsuande hadn't prepared for an emergency cesarean ahead of time it wouldn't just have been Sayuri, but possibly Sakura as well. When the sole Uchiha daughter was asleep, Sakura placed a kiss on Sayuri's head and left the room.

Sakura walked down the quiet hallway back to the master bedroom. She entered the small living room and saw a half empty bottle of sake on the table. Giving in to her desires, she took up the bottle of alcohol and took a gulp of it. Liking the taste, she emptied the rest of the burning liquid down her throat. She entered the bedroom and saw her husband dressed only in his dark boxers lying on the bed with his eyes closed. After removing the chopsticks from her hair, the pink haired woman claimed onto the king sized bed and rested her head on her husband's chest. Sasuke turned onto his side and pulled the woman closer him. She was thankful his alcohol breath wasn't strong or she would force him to rinse his mouth. One of his hands was stroking her side tenderly while the other ran through her long hair.

"Did you ever expect this to be your future Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked. The head of the clan didn't answer. "I had dreamt about being held in your arms when I was younger and now, I have more than that."


"I was lost until my life began to intertwine with yours." Her emerald orbs gazed up at his clam face. "Are you lost Sasuke-kun?"

Onyx orbs revealed themselves and stared into the emerald ones in front of him. "Iie, I'm right where I belong…"

He drew his face closer to hers and their lips met.

"…Together with you."

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