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Chapter 1

White eyes slowly opened as the soft rays of dawn shone through the window. The young 13 year old sat up and stretched like a cat, and yawned. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, making the girl jump up.

"Hinata-sama?" Hinata's older cousin, Neji, asked through her bedroom door.

"H-h-hai?" Hinata stuttered nervously, although Hinata and Neji had smoothed everything over after his fight with Naruto their fight still haunted her in her dreams, never could she forget the hate that shone through his eyes.

"Your father wants to meet you in his office abou…" Neji started, but never finished as the door slid open and Hinata ran out fully clothed to her father's office.

Neji smiled and shook his head as he heard a loud thump from around the corner. Hinata, no matter how hard she tried could never, for the life of her stay calm when it came to talking with her father. Being the good cousin he was walked down the hall and turned to see Hinata blushing as she quickly stood up. He placed a hand on her shoulder, making the poor young heiress jump and look at him with wide deer-in-the-headlight eyes.

"Calm down, Hinata-sama. It's only about a mission," he said giving her a reassuring smile.

She returned it weakly, really, she appreciated everything Neji was doing and how hard he was trying to make their friendship work.

Finally she reached her father's office; knocking hesitantly she took two deep breaths to steady herself.

"Enter," her father's voice boomed, echoing down the blank and empty halls behind her.

With a shaking hand she slid open the door and bowed to her father from the doorway. He grunted in approval, Hinata entered her eyes glued to the floor.

"Hinata I have received a letter from Hokage-sama, she wishes for you to go to her office in about an hour. I wish for you to not only be on your best behavior, but also do not fail this mission no matter what," her father said in a monotone, glaring at his daughters bowed head. "Do you understand?"

"H-hai o-o-o-otou-sama," Hinata said, feeling her father's glare intensify with each time she stuttered.

"You are dismissed, oh and Hinata, if you fail don't even bother coming home," Hiashi snapped at his daughter before she could escape.

Hinata could feel the tears burning behind her eyes; quickly she tried to blink them away but with no result.

"Hai o-o-o-otou-sama," Hinata whispered before she shot out the door, bowing her head once to her father before disappearing down the hall.

She was about to disappear into the woods to release her tears, when she felt a tug on her jacket sleeve. Turning around she saw her sister looking at her concerned, Hannabi pulled her down a little and wrapped her small arms around her sister.

"Good luck, onee-sama," Hannabi whispered to her older sister, then releasing her.

One crystal like tear rolled down Hinata's cheek, and a small smile lit up the older Hyuuga's face. With a whispered 'thank you' the older girl was off, and ready to face anything the Hokage could throw at her. When she entered the office she could here shouting, when she realized who it was, her face went a bright shade of red. Naruto was again pestering the fifth Hokage for a mission to retrieve Sasuke. And of course as usual she denied it politely.

"SHUT THE HELL UP NARUTO! I'M NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU A MISSION TO BRING BACK UCHIHA!" Tsunade shouted, her patience finally gone.

"But oba-chan!" Naruto whined. "I'm so bored! Besides," Naruto started getting serious. "I promised Sakura-chan that I would bring him back and I won't let her down!"

Tsunade sighed and rubbed her temples, not only was Narutos's stupid daily visits were taking a toll on her self control she really wanted to let him look for Sasuke. But Jariaya had made her promise that she would keep him until he was ready to take him off her hands. Purely out of habit she glanced at the clock on her wall, and a smile broke out onto her face. She would be meeting the Hyuuga in less than two minutes, and then Naruto would have to leave. Feeling her smile widen she realized that the young Hyuuga heiress was waiting outside the office.

"Naruto, I would really love to continue with this conversation," the Hokage said, sensing the Hyuuga tense up on the outside of the door. "But I believe that I must talk with someone. Come on in Hinata, don't be shy!"

Slowly the Hyuuga heiress turned the knob and shuffled into the office. Her head down, and fingers poking together nervously.

"Hi Hinata-chan!" Naruto cried.

"H-h-hello N-Naruto-kun," Hinata said quietly, her head still down.

"You see Naruto Hinata is going to be assigned a mission and you need to leave so I can de-brief her," Tsunade said, ushering Hinata to sit in front of her.

"Fine," Naruto 'humphed' and pouted. "But I'll be back later oba-chan, believe it! Oh and good luck Hinata-chan!" Naruto added before he left the office with as much of a bang as he had entered.

"Finally," Tsunade breathed. "So are you ready for your mission Hinata-chan?" she asked, a bright smile now on the Hokage's face.

"H-h-hai T-T-Tsunade-sama," Hinata stuttered, for the first time actually looking up at the Hokage.

"Good, good, your mission is to escort the new sand ambassador around Konoha for the next week, do you think you can handle it?" Tsunade asked still smiling at the poor girl.

"H-hai, demo, T-Tsunade-sama, doesn't S-s-s-shikamaru-san usually d-do i-i-i-t?" Hinata asked curiously.

"Yeah but I have him doing a special mission," Tsunade said, picturing the lazy genius filing all her paper work. "Anyway it's time to meet the ambassador! Please come in!"

The door to the Hokage's office swung open revealing a tall girl with four blonde pigtails that jutted out at odd angles on her head, and a giant fan attached to her back.

"Hinata-chan, please meet Temari-san, she is the new ambassador from Suna," Tsunade said smiling.

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