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Pairings: JD/Cox, Turk/Carla, Elliot/Keith

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Italics are JD's thoughts.


My Mistake

I walked into Sacred Heart with a bounce in my step. I just knew that today was going to be a good day. I walked up to the nurses station and leaned against the counter. "Hey Carla, what's up?" Carla looked up from the chart she was reading and smiled at me. "Hey Bambi. Not much going on today." I looked at the charts on the counter. "So, what do we have today?" Carla handed me a bunch of charts. "Well, there's Mrs. Davidson, she's got a mass on her pituitary gland and may need exploratory surgery. Then there's Miss Dodgson, she's 17 and has a heart murmur. She came in with chest pains and will probably need a chest x-ray. And then there's Mr. Hudson. Now he's one you want to watch. He came in shaking and talking to himself. Careful with that one Bambi. Something seems really wrong with him."

I just shrugged. "Naw, it's all good. I think I can handle it." I tried to walk by, but Carla grabbed my arm. "Bambi, I'm serious, please be careful. He might not be completely there, you know?" I looked at her for a minute. She was serious. "All right. I'll be careful. Don't worry Carla, I wont do anything stupid." I say as I walk away.

Carla watched JD walk away and shook her head. "I hope you don't get hurt Bambi." Then she went back to work.


After checking in with all of my other patients, I went to go see Mr. Hudson. After what Carla had said, I was a little nervous. Hopefully she was just being paranoid. As I walked around the corner, I ran into Turk. Litterally. One secound I was standing up, the next I was on the floor. I looked up at Turk and he was trying not to laugh. I guess I looked kinda funny sitting on my butt in the middle of the hallway. "Hey SCB, what's up?" He looked at me and said, " I am." Dr. Cox happened to hear this and just had to say "Geeze Gaundi, can't you and Mary get a room?"

I looked at Turk and said "He just doesn't get us Chocolate Bear." "I know, but that's ok. We know what we're talking about." said Turk. Dr. Cox looked at us with discust, turned and walked away.

"Well, hey Turk, I'd love to stay and talk, but I have one last patient to check on. Then I get to go home." "That's cool, Vanilla Bear, I'll see ya later." Turk said and continued walking down the hall.

As I watched Turk walk away I realized that I wasn't nervous anymore about Mr. Hudson. I mean, come on, what can happen? I'd end up regretting that thought later.

I walked into Mr. Hudson's room and found an empty bed. Now where did he go? Suddenly I got a bad feeling. I guickly paged Dr. Cox, telling him I needed help with a patient. Then the door slammed shut.

I spun around and almost screamed. The man, obviously Mr. Hudson, turned around after locking the door. "Hey doc." He was looking at me with some weird expression on his face. "What's wrong Mr. Hudson?" I asked. I was getting really nervous now. Why was Mr. Hudson looking at me like that? And why did he lock the door?

Mr. Hudson smiled eerily. "Nothing Doc. I'm perfectly fine. But you, well, you aren't going to be when I get through with you!" By the time Mr. Hudson stopped talking, he wasn't smiling anymore. In fact, he looked, and sounded pissed.

Now I was scared. What was going on with this guy? "Why do you want to hurt me? What did I do?" I asked him, stalling for time.

Mr. Hudson looked at me like it should be obvious. "You let my sister die." He said that almost calmly.

I couldn't think of who he was talking about. I have never 'let' anyone die. "Who was your sister?" I asked before I could stop myself.

Mr. Hudson looked pissed again. "Elaine! You let her die when you could have given her a new heart to save her! She is dead cause of you and that asshole, When I find him, I'm going to to kill him too!"

Oh, God. If Dr. Cox comes now, he'll be killed to! I knew that if Dr. Cox showed up now, anything that happens to him will be my fault. Suddenly I realized that the whole time we have been talking, Mr. Hudson had his right hand behind his back. Now he brought it forward. He was holding a gun. And it was pointed at my chest.

Please Dr. Cox, don't come. Please just ignore the page!'

All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. "Newbie, what the hell is going on? Why is the door locked?" I saw the handle moving, but I knew that he wouldn't be able to get in. "I thought you needed me for something! If this is some kind of joke, I'm really going to kick your girly ass!"

Oh no.

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