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As I came to, I realized three things. First, I was still on the ground outside the hospital.

Second, I had a terrible pain in my side.

And third, Elliot was leaning over me, asking me to wake up. When she saw that I was awake, she told me to stay awake. Then she turned and yelled at someone out of my line of sight if they had the gurney yet.

God my side is killing me!

I couldn't remember for a couple of minutes what had happened. Then everything came back. Mr. Hudson, paging Perry, the gun, getting shot, Perry being dragged into a van, then nothing.

As I open my eyes again, when did I shut them? I look at Elliot. I notice Carla has joined her with a couple of interns. Carla looks worried. Carla must have brought out the gurney, cause I was now being lifted by the interns.

They rushed me into the hospital. I watched the lights on the ceiling as they wheeled me into surgery. I knew that they had to find the bullet and see if it had done any damage.

Carla leaned over me before they pushed the gurney in the room. "You're going to be fine, Bambi." She looked like she didn't completely believe what she just said. But I decided to let it go. I knew she was scared for me. Hell, I was scared. But not for me. I was scared that because of my mistake, Perry wouldn't be coming back. Not alive, that is.

As they are putting me under, all I can think is, I hope I make it so I can find Perry.

As I come to with a groan, I realize my hands are bound. For a moment I'm confused. Then I remember. Damn, I hope Newbie made it.

The back of my head is killing me. I try to stand only to realize that my ankles are also bound. Well, now what?

I look around me and figure out that I'm in a basement. I'm sitting in a corner. On the other side of the room, there is a door. It seems to be the only door in the room. Not that I could make it over to it anyway, being tied up and all.

Now that I know there's no way I can get out, I let myself think of other things. Or rather, other people. I hope Newbie's ok. Mr. Hudson only shot him once in the side. So maybe it didn't do much damage. But I'm a doctor, so I know that he could easily bleed out before anyone finds him. I just hope someone found him in time.

I'd never admit this to anyone, especially not Newbie, but I care about the kid. He's a good doctor. Hell, sometimes I think with a little time, he'll be better then me.

Maybe that's why I give him such a hard time. I don't want him getting too good and leaving me behind. But I know there's more to it then that. I just don't want to admit it. Even just to myself. No way will I let myself believe that I like him as anything more then a friend. All right, a good friend. Someone I know will be there for me when I need him. Oh damn, I think I might actually care about him.

Suddenly I hear footsteps outside the door. Then the door opens. Mr. Hudson walks in. He looks at me and smiles. "Well, I see you're finally awake. Did you have a nice nap, Perry?"

"How do you know my name?" I ask him. He just looks at me for a while. Just when I think he isn't going to answer, he says, "Perry I have been watching you, and your friends, for four years. I know all about you. And your 'Newbie' I've watched how you treat him like shit. But then you watch him when you think no one can see. That makes me wander what you really think of him. And how you really feel about him."

I just look at him. At first I think he must be joking. Then I realize that he's serious. I laugh and say, "The only thing I think of Newbie is how much of a girl he is."

He just laughs and says, "You don't think that. That's just your defense against how you really feel. You see Perry, I know much more about you then you think."

I'm starting to get nervous now. But I'll be damned if I'll let him see it. "Why do you think that I feel anything for Newbie?"

"Because Perry, I've watched you dream of him. You can't deny your dreams. You call his name in your sleep. And it's not 'Newbie' you moan. It's JD." Mr. Hudson is smiling at me like he knows more then just what he is telling me.

Oh God, how does he know about those dreams?

I try to keep a blank face. But I don't know if I'm succeeding. "How would you know what I dream about?"

"Perry, I told you I've been watching you for four years. So I know when you leave your place. I'm great at picking locks. And you never noticed the camera in your bedroom."

I can't keep the blank look on my face anymore. I'm too scared now. If this guy's been watching me, has he been watching JD, too?

Mr. Hudson watches me for a couple of minutes. "Would you like to know if JD dreams about you? Come on, I know you're curious.

As I look at him, I realize he is really enjoying this. But my curiosity got the better of me. "What does JD dream about?" I ask him.

Mr. Hudson just looks at me and smiles.

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