Title: A Year

Rating: T

Summary: A year had passed since he had left her.

By: Shikamaru Nara's Fangirl

Authoress Note: … Don't ask me where this story idea came from. Because I have no idea.

Well, actually, I kinda do. I was watching http// you tube . com / watch ? v WDYo 4LoS khQ (remove spaces) that video when the idea unknowingly struck me. One minute, I was watching that, the next, my fingers were typing this story. It's completely outta character for me seein' as how I am a fluff girl, not an angst girl.

But, sometimes, you can't fight the urge to write.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Damn.

It was a year.

A very long year.

It was hard for her to believe that it was a year already; the pain was so fresh, it felt like it had happened yesterday. It had amazed and shocked her when she had heard the news.

The news that he was gone.

And wasn't coming back. And even though it was incredibly uncharacteristic of her, she nearly burst into tears when she saw his broken and battered body. He had gone down fighting. Even though Tsunade had warned him that he could die if he went fighting in his condition; he was stubborn. And left the hospital anyway with his unbearable wounds... now he would never heal.

Tenten looked up at the clouds over the grave.

It was sunny.

She guessed that it was around noon.

If he had just stayed in his goddamn hospital bed, he would be safe, he would be happy (or as happy as Neji could get...) and, most importantly, he would be alive.

With her.

Tenten swallowed hard to keep the tears that were stinging behind her eyes at bay.

She wouldn't cry.

He wouldn't want her crying for him. 'Tears mean you're weak.' He always said. 'You are not weak, Tenten.'

Tenten shuddered slightly when she remembered his voice. Yes... the wound was very fresh, indeed. She turned away from the grave and began walking back down the dirt path.

A year had passed since he had left her.

Hai, it's short, but if I write long angst, I'll become even more depressed then when I wrote this…

It's my first time killing off a character… especially one I love so much.

Don't think that by my killing off Neji-kun, I hate him.

Because if I hated him, several of my stories and my site, would never have been born.

Eh, I need to write a fluff now.


(PS: I had no exact place and time when this was set, in case anyone asks.)