Just a little one shot. Hope you enjoy!

Hush Little Sammy.

(Demon to Sammy) as sung to the tune of 'Hush little baby'

Hush little Sammy, don't you cry;

Mommy's on the ceiling, watch her die.

The blood will fall and taint your skin,

The Devil is a waitin'

let him in.

Here comes Daddy, see me run;

When you're grown up, back i'll come.

Send my kiddies out to play,

Deanie won't be there to save the day.

Hush little Sammy, don't you cry;

Jess is on the ceiling, see her fry,

Deanie boy is comin'

Take your leave,

Yellow eyes are watching as you grieve...

Wait little Sammy,

When it's time;

Ellicott's a comin' to steal your mind.

Pull the trigger, watch him fly;

Rock salt hurts like hell inside.

Daddy' callin', he say's 'Don't come,'

but you follow as he runs.

Deanies gone to sacrifice;

but Daddy dies to save his life...

Hush pretty Reaper, don't make a sound,

it's Daddy's turn to hit the ground.

He's dead, he's gone, not comin' back;

Take your car, get back on track...

Wait as the werewolf has been fed;

Come little Sammy, shoot her dead.

As your doggy falls and dies;

Hush little Sammy, don't you cry...

Now i'm back and we can play;

Deanie isn't gonna save the day.

Watch little Sammy, as he dies...

(Demon slits Dean's throat)

See the light go from his eyes,

As the blood falls from his throat;

come little Sammy, hear him choke.

(Dean dies)

Poor little Sammy, all alone;

No-one is a comin' to take you home.

Use your powers psychic boy,

try and stop my little ploy...

(Sam gets the colt with his mind)

(Sammy to Demon)

Hush little Demon, don't you cry;

as little Sammy takes your life...

(Shoots Demon)

Now the mocking bird has sung;

its my turn to have some fun.

I won't follow to your fire;

Hush little Demon:


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