Hello! Thanks for reading the poem! First of all, as I have allready said, this is not written by me but by my friend, Little John. Me and my Merry Men have enjoyed it though and I hope you will to. I will make sure all reviews get sent to my friend and if you're lucky perhaps you will see more! Thanks again.

Enchantedwriter72 and Little John

The Mystic Forest

Little John

The mystic forest is a peaceful place with the sunlight dappling down to the soft green grass still covered with dew.

And the birds singing gaily to the chorus of the calm stream babbling over smooth rocks

And the dear prancing to the sound of the flute that I play.

Sitting against a great willow in my Lincoln green that matches the lush green of the foliage around me.

And the trees dancing in the wind.

And the flower sitting listening as I play to the tune of the forest.