Hello readers!

After five years of not writing, I have finally returned. I would have started sooner, but I actually couldn't get into my fanfiction account due to forgetting what email address I used previously to log in. But I figured it out and now I'm here!

However, as I'm now working a full time job, I'd like you-the readers-to determine what I'm going to do next. I've started a new fanfic called Harry Potter and the Legilimens' Tale on my other account, Click-Whirr (shameless advertising, I know), but I still want to try and finish up at least one of these stories too. But rather than trying to write several stories at once (which really ended up being my downfall), I'd like to propose a deal:

Quickly type up a review telling me which one of the stories that I wrote for THIS account you want me to continue. Then go ahead and read my other fic, Harry Potter and the Legilimens' Tale, while I decide which one to continue writing.

The first fic to reach 50 votes will get see my immediate progress towards writing the next chapter for it. Cheers!