Title: hallucination.

Rating: k

Spoilers: none

Warnings: none

A/n: my cousin Azrael wrote this, I just beta'ed it.

Naruto lay in a field in a field of wild flowers as a gaggle of geese flew by. "Man why am I so tired?" Naruto wondered quietly. His eyes were almost closed. He lay quietly for a few more minutes before passing out.

When he came to, he was in his bed. Sasuke and Sakura were by his bedside. "Are you okay?" Sakura asked. She placed her hand on his forehead.

"Yeah, I'm fine' said Naruto, "What happened?"

" You passes out in the field" Sasuke explained, "we found you a few hours ago."

"Huh" said Naruto

"We were just about to leave" Sasuke said. "Goodbye" he and Sakura said.

"Bye" Naruto said, before falling asleep.

Later that night, around two-o clock, Naruto woke up in a panic. When he looked at himself, he found that he was covered in wounds, cuts, and blood. He yelled out for Sasuke and Sakura, and they ran in. " What's wrong?" asked Sakura.

"Blood…lots and lots of blood" Naruto replied.

" What are you talking about? There is no blood," said Sakura.

"Huh" Naruto said, confused, " I guess it was just a dream. Well night." He then went back to sleep.

The next night, around twelve, Naruto started hearing voices. He started to sweat, panicking. Naruto's yelling and freaking out awoke Sasuke and Sakura.

" Naruto calm down!" Yelled Sakura.

" Stop Yelling!" screamed Naruto.

After a few minutes, they calmed Naruto down and told him the news. " Naruto, apparently you are allergic to A certain type of wild flower which caused you to hallucinate" explained Sakura.

"So it wasn't real?' Naruto asked.

" Yup" said Sasuke.

" Well I'm glad your okay" said Sakura, as she gave Naruto a hug.

I can't believe Sakura is actually hugging me. I must still be hallucinating, Naruto though to himself.

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