Drunk Logan
Chapter 3

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"It's your fault! It's because you're so dang STUPID!!" Veronica blurts out before she can stop herself.

Logan looks away for just a second as he tries to mask his surprise.

"No, Mars-ie, tell me how you really feel. Don't hold back now." Logan says in an almost manically excited tone. He is now rethinking his idea of asking for her opinion. 'This getting an honest answer thing may not be the best plan. She is going to be brutally honest, emphasis on the brutal. Oh well, here it comes.' (A/N: The idea of brutally honest comes from Jerry Maguire, not exact wording.)

Veronica takes a deep breath and then calmly continues, "What are you thinking, Logan? What is it that makes you choose the bimbos you go out with? You are the "King" of Neptune High," she says sarcastically.

"You could go out with anyone you wanted. For reasons unknown to me, there are lots of girls who would love to go out with you. And you still manage to pick the girls who are only interested in you for your money, or who your dad is or what you can do for their social status. Although I loved Lilly like a sister, she just loved playing with you. You were her entertainment, we all were."

"Really, Logan. You pick out these girls who have no intention of caring about you and then you wonder why they treat you like crap." She is really frustrated with him now.

"You should require better for yourself! You are so much better than all of that." She is looking into his eyes now, attempting to get through the thick haze of alcohol clouding his brain, imploring him to truly understand what she is saying.

"The real Logan or the Logan I used to know, at least, is funny and quick-witted. You protect the people you care about with an unmatched ferocity, and you've got that wicked little smirk and fireworks behind your eyes that can turn the worst of days into the best. And, Logan, you're ability to love. You have this amazing ability to love. You jump in with both feet and love with you whole heart...you hate with your whole heart, too, but..."

That is when Logan's hands grab her shoulders and his mouth is suddenly on hers. He has no idea what is happening or what even made him do it. All he remembers is being completely stunned into silence when she started her little tirade. He couldn't say anything, he couldn't do anything to make her stop speaking. His mind was reeling as he tried to comprehend these mostly kind words coming out of her mouth. Sure there was sarcasm and a few insults thrown in here and there, but if he didn't know better, he would think that she was complimenting him. Veronica Mars, his #1 enemy, the girl who he had tried to destroy for the better part of the last year was actually complimenting him.

One minute she is speaking, practically lecturing Logan Echolls, the next she is kissing him. Okay, correction, he is kissing her. She would never kiss him. 'Why is he kissing me? He would never kiss me, either. He's drunk, he doesn't even know what he's doing. I wonder if he even knows who he's kissing.'

Suddenly she realizes that throughout her analysis of the situation, they have not stopped kissing. Not only are they still kissing, but somehow they have ended up on his bed and he is laying on top of her. As soon as she realizes it, she pushes him back.

"What the? What are you doing, Logan?" She has a shocked look on her face and her eyes are huge while she stares into his equally shocked expression.

'Kissing you, what's it look like?' Logan thinks to himself, but knows he can't say that. He knows that this is crazy and starts to panic about what to do next. Then, he remembers. He can still save the drunk act. 'Heck, why would I kiss her unless I was completely wasted? I'm not, but she doesn't know that.' His thoughts are interrupted by her now irate voice.

"This is not happening, Logan. No matter how drunk you are, I know that you wouldn't just forget how much you hate me. What? Are you just trying to get with the "school slut"? Thanks, but no thanks."

His mind is swirling as he thinks back over all of the hurt that he's caused her and knows that he cannot defend any of it or justify the fact that he wanted to kiss her, that he is truly consumed by her all of the sudden. He doesn't even understand it. How can he expect her to. He does hate her and she hates him. There is a symbiosis to their relationship that works very well for them. He doesn't know what to do, so he does the only thing that comes to mind...he "passes out" on her. More specifically, he passes out on top of her. For some unknown reason, he still wants to be close to her. Even if he's not really holding her...their bodies are pressed together, his arms are draped around her.

She is surprised, then irritated again. Then, as she looks down at his relaxed face, she sees the boy she remembers. She sees none of the daggers that are usually coming from his eyes, none of his rude gestures or name calling. Just the boy she remembers. She sighs heavily and gently caresses his hair with just the tips of her index finger and thumb as if she is almost afraid of touching him.

"I wish Lilly were still here. She may have been evil, but she loved us in her own way and she knew how to fix us. She would be able to make you feel better, to heal your heart. You are just so angry all the time." She's whispering to him, not because she thinks she will wake him from his nearly comatose state. Lilly is a sacred subject and not to be spoken of lightly, especially with Logan. They never speak of her these days. They never really speak, except to trade insults. She struggles for a bit, but is finally able to free herself from under him.

Logan is thinking over everything that has happened tonight, before and after the kiss, and he is shocked. Shocked at her kind words, shocked at her loving actions. It was like they were best friends again. Like he hadn't made it his life's purpose to serve as the bane of her existence. Like he hadn't let the air out of her tires, prank called her, started rumors about her being a slut when he knew for a fact that wasn't true. He was pretty sure she was still a virgin if her "I've Never..." confession was still true.

Yeah, sure enough, he was totally stunned at how much care she had taken with him. Little did he know, he hadn't begun to be shocked until he was taken out of his thoughts by what she was now doing and saying.

Before she leaves, she pours him a shot of Jack and places it on his nightstand along with a glass of water and an opened bottle of aspirin. She know he's going to need this in the morning. She takes off his shoes and covers him with a blanket.

While she is doing all of this, she is talking to herself, berating herself for being so stupid.

"You should have known better, Veronica. What were you thinking going to another 09er party, Veronica? Nothing good ever comes out of those parties, Veronica. You'd think being drugged and raped at Shelly's would have been enough of a lesson for you." She lets out a little exasperated 'huh' and shakes her head.

"Guess you're not as smart as you thought. Way to let yourself get pulled into more 09er crap." There was no sadness in her voice. It was like she was just stating the facts and not turning Logan's world upside down.

She takes one last look around, making sure she has everything and then turns and leaves quietly.

Logan's head is spinning now, his stomach turning. Before he realizes it, he's running into the bathroom and emptying the contents of his stomach into the toilet. If he didn't know better, he'd think he actually was drunk. This, though, feels much worse than had he actually been drinking.

As he comes out of the bathroom, he downs the shot of Jack. He knows he's going to need it.

He had a horrible time sleeping after everything he'd heard. He can't understand why he is so bothered. Of course he's outraged over the rape. You'd have to be a monster not to be. But that's not all of it. There is something else he can't put his finger on...something more

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