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Title: Lovesong

Author: Zoshi the Confused
Rating: PG-13 to M (eventually)
Category: South Park

Genre: General/Romance

Contains: (or will contain) Violence, Adult Situations, Swearing, SHOUNEN-AI - BOYLOVE


There was silence beyond the cabin walls, silence broken only by the slight sound of wind in the trees. Kenny turned the shoebox over in his hands, looking at it closely. It looked badly battered, looked as if it had been squashed and reformed more than once. He picked at the shoelaces halfheartedly, unsure whether he wanted to open it or not. He was more worried by the silence outside, the total and utter silence, and plagued by thoughts of just what might be happening to Kyle. Maybe he'd be okay… yeah, maybe… Or maybe someone had been on to him. Maybe they were waiting for him to come out of the woods somewhere. Maybe someone was tracking him…

Kenny chuckled weakly to himself; he can't start thinking like that, can't start being paranoid. If he started getting paranoid, he'd start imaging stupid scenarios and then he'd only get even more paranoid, and –

A sudden shout from outside the cabin shocked him out of his thoughts. He jolted upright, dropping the shoebox onto the blankets. For a moment he stared at the door, thoughts racing through his head, and then he was jumping, the box clattering to the floor. He crossed the few feet to the door in a second, threw it open just in time to see Kyle running past the first trees at the edge of the clearing. Kenny could dimly make out another figure a bit farther away, vanishing swiftly into the darkness between the trees.

He took off after Kyle, trying to keep the redhead in view as best he could, but it wasn't easy. The trees farther away from the cabin grew close together, and the shadows were deep and dark between them. Kenny ran as hard as he could, but apparently his frequent deaths, which never failed to cure him of that which killed him, had never managed to heal his lungs from all the damage smoking had caused.

He wheezed, beginning to shove off of trees after a while rather than running past them. When he reached the edge of the trees, he was a good deal farther behind then he would have been otherwise, and he had to stop for a moment, half-leaned over with his hand on his knees, panting heavily. After a short moment he looked around, trying to see if he could notice anything, anything that might tell him where Kyle had run to. They'd come out of the woods not far from the cow pastures. It was mostly open space, but the afternoon had gotten deeper, more evening, and the sky was half-dark. There were cows out as well, making it difficult to see too far. For all Kenny knew, Kyle and whoever he was chasing could have disappeared into the herd, or gone around the pasture.

Wincing, he gripped his side and hurried forward, trying to ignore the stitch in his side and trying to think of what direction the two could have gone. He hopped over one of the fences and headed across the pasture, avoiding cow patties and dodging between cows. There was only one destination, really, no matter what direction they'd gone, and it was the side road that led ultimately to a few ranchers' houses a mile or so from Stark's Pond. In the other direction it led straight to town, and eventually crossed Main Street a few miles from the center.

Kenny headed towards town, walking faster as the stitch in his side finally started letting up. He had to find Kyle, had to. He had to find him and figure out what the hell was going on. He hurried down the street, looking around, but the snow that was on the ground was slushy, dirty, not good for keeping imprints. Good for soaking the bottoms of his pants, however, and he grimaced at the cold that leeched to his legs from the soaked material.

Could it be… Ike?

It could, couldn't it? Ike was the one who'd found out, Ike was the one who was shadowing Kyle all the time. It had to be Ike. Who else knew where to look for Kyle? Who else knew about the cabin in the woods?

He shook his head, gritted his teeth, and sped up, jogging down the street, no idea where they'd gotten to but hoping that he could catch them anyway.


Okay, so maybe taking a corner at full jogging speed wasn't the smartest idea, and he just barely managed to stop himself from crashing into Tweek, who seemed to have been going in the opposite direction.

"God, Tweek, sorry," He held out his hands to calm the other blonde down. "Sorry, just in a hurry, I need to get someplace…"

"Ngh, Kenny, wait," Tweek jerked as he stepped around him, "I got s-s-something for you-"

"It's gotta wait, Tweek," Kenny interrupted, but stopped to look at him. "You didn't see Kyle run past here, did you?"

"That's –ergh- that's the thing, I t-t-tried," Tweek shook his head, blinking, "Tried to give it to him, it –ngh- it was either him or you—"

"Did you see him, Tweek?" Kenny asked again, grabbing the blonde by the shoulders and holding him steady.

"First, first take this," Tweek shoved a handful of papers at Kenny, pushing them into his chest so desperately that Kenny had no choice but to let go of him and grab the papers. "I-I don't –ngh—don't know what they are, don't know."

"Tweek, what the hell…" Kenny started looking over the top page, but Tweek shook his head jerkily.

"No! No, I g-g-got nothing to do with – ergh- with it," Tweek said, backing away, "Kyle went –ngh- went that way…"

Kenny looked in the direction Tweek motioned; by the time he looked back Tweek was already hurrying down the street away from him, twitching and glancing around warily every few steps. Kenny looked back down at the papers in his hands, reading over the first few lines again. His mind wasn't focusing correctly on the words; he was still chasing Kyle in his head, but suddenly his reason for chasing him was changed.

He looked again in the direction Tweek had pointed, then, gripping the papers tightly in his hand, he took off down the street. He sped up, running as fast as he could, sure now that Kyle couldn't be far off. Reaching the second crossing he heard raised voices coming from his right, almost ran past before he realized he recognized them, and skidded to a stop in the middle of the street. Panting, his hand clenched around the now wrinkled papers, he stared down towards where the voices were coming from, squinting but unable to see anything. They must have been farther off than he'd thought; he could hear them, but he couldn't make out any words.

He headed down towards where he guessed they were, annoyed by the amount of trees and large bushes on the street. He couldn't see anything; those two could be anywhere. Still, the voices were getting louder; he was starting to be able to understand some of the things being said. He sped up again, coming out from behind a large hedge of evergreen bushes to find Kyle with his hands on Ike's shoulder, having backed the younger boy up to the hedge on the other side of the property.

"You. Are NOT. Going to tell them. ANYTHING." Kyle shook Ike to punctuate each word, and the younger boy glared back at him, breathing hard but looking defiant.

"You DON'T tell me what to do," Ike spat back, trying to get loose, but Kyle's grip was too strong.

"Listen to me, you little shit, you are not going to say anything to them," Kyle growled through gritted teeth, and Kenny could see his fingers clenching in Ike's jacket. The black-haired boy flinched, but didn't look away, and didn't look scared, either.

"You're the one who fucked up," Ike retorted, trying to push Kyle away now. Still didn't work. "You're the one who didn't do what he was supposed to!"

"What the hell do you want, Ike? What do you want from me?" Kyle's voice was hard, but Kenny thought he could detect a note of desperation in it. He wasn't surprised; all it would take was for Kyle to lose his grip, for Ike to take off and make it home and tell his parents, and then everything would turn to shit. Everything would be ruined.


Unless the papers in his hand said the things he thought they said…

Kenny looked down at them again, smoothed them out between his hands. He tried to skim over the first page, but, while he wasn't exactly the stupidest kid around, the words were mostly legal terms, the paper itself looked like an official document. Still, he thought he got the gist of it, thought he understood what it meant. He looked back over at the two, still arguing with each other, and, with a deep breath, began walking over.

"You think you can just scare me into staying quiet?" Ike yelled back, his voice shaking slightly. "Well fuck you! At least I know what's right in this world?"
"Oh you do, do you?! You think you're so fucking smart?!" Kyle said, shaking the younger boy again.

"All I have to is get home and tell them, and you're finished! You won't be able to do anything ever again," Ike glared at his older brother, "And if shit happens to Kenny and his family, it'll all be your fault."

"Uh, yeah, about that," Kenny interrupted, and both of them turned to him sharply, surprised.

"Kenny? What-what are you doing here?" Kyle gave him a slightly scared, mostly shocked look.

Ike, sensing that Kyle's grip had loosened, took the opportunity to tear himself away, and shot off, trying to run past Kenny and get out onto the street.

Kenny tossed the papers aside, jumping towards where Ike was headed and grabbing the smaller boy around the waist with both arms. Ike struggled, arms flailing, kicking at Kenny's legs and doing everything to try and get away. The blonde, gripping the feisty boy tightly, half-turned and tossed the younger boy onto the ground. Before Ike caught his bearings and tried to get up, Kenny dropped onto him, pinning him facedown to the ground.

"Get off of me… Get. OFF." Ike grunted, trying to push himself out from under the blonde, but no matter how hard he struggled he couldn't budge.

"Kenny…" Kyle started, staring at them both with puzzled look.

"It doesn't matter what you do, you're both gonna get in trouble," Ike said, but his voice sounded uncertain; it wavered slightly, and he shook under Kenny's hold. "You're gonna be in big fucking trouble…"

It was funny hearing the kid try to sound big and tough, Kenny thought, and he half-grinned. Kyle's expression grew even more puzzled at that.

"See, thing is, I don't think we're going to be in as much trouble as you think," Kenny said, and nodded towards the papers laying on the ground. "Check those out, Kyle, and tell me if they're what I think they are."

Ike stopped struggling, watched as Kyle picked the papers up and started reading them. After a moment he flipped the first page, then the next, his expression growing more surprised with each turn. He looked at Kenny, eyes wide, then back at the paper.

"This… Kenny, where the hell did you get this?" He looked at Kenny again, and the blond shrugged.

"Tweek gave them to me." Kenny replied, but cut off Kyle before he asked the next question, "And no, I have no idea where he got them. He said that he was supposed to either you or me. And that he had nothing to do with it."

"Do you know what this says?" Kyle asked, his voice low and too controlled. Ike squirmed under Kenny, looking up at Kyle.

"What? What are they?" The young boy asked, voice still shaky, but he didn't try getting away any longer.

"These are papers that…" Kyle looked down at the papers in his hands, then over at the two again. "These papers say that – they're evidence that my-our-dad… that he tampered with legal documentation…"

He trailed off then, and Kenny felt, rather than heard, Ike squeak beneath him.

"But that's… that's like reverse blackmail!" The kid exclaimed, pushing off with his arms strongly enough to shove Kenny upwards a bit. "That's not fair!"

"Not fair?" Kenny suddenly felt seriously angry, and shoved the boy back down to the ground roughly. "And using my family as blackmail in the first place was?"

"But… but that was just supposed to be a scare tactic…" Ike whimpered, shivering. "He… he wasn't supposed to actually change anything… He was just supposed to make it look real…"

"What do you mean… did you have a hand in this?" Kyle asked, shaking the papers. Kenny looked down at the kid, saw Ike's face go pale.

"N-no, not really…" Ike looked down at the ground, twitching nervously. "Not really, it was just an idea…"

Oh, just an idea, eh? Just an idea. Kenny had an idea right then, a very nice, anger-resolving idea. But he looked up at Kyle, and the redhead motioned for him to get up.

"Bu-" Kenny balked, starting to try to argue, but Kyle narrowed his eyes. Sighing, the blonde got up, pressing down extra hard on the smaller boy as he did so.

Ike pulled into a crouch, backing away a little and keeping wary, wide eyes on Kenny. The blonde glared at him, but although he wanted to go over to him and punch him in his smart-ass little face, he didn't.

"Why?" Kyle asked, voice low but stern. Ike looked at him, shuddered, but stayed quiet.

"Ike, why did you do it?" Kyle's voice grew louder, but still contained. Kenny saw the familiar spark of anger in his eyes, but he didn't seem too close to losing it.

"It's just, Kyle… I just…" Ike stumbled over his words, looking back fearfully at Kenny. He quickly turned his gaze back to his older brother. "Just… you were never around…"

Kyle's look turned… thoroughly confused. He looked at Kenny, but Kenny didn't feel he could help much in this situation. He didn't have much better an understanding of the situation himself. He looked at Ike, who he still wouldn't have minded punching, at least once, but the kid wasn't doing much to fuel his anger. He was sitting on the ground, picking at a shoelace and avoiding their eyes.

"What are you talking about?" Kyle asked, stepping a little closer to him. When Ike still wouldn't look at him he crouched down, trying to catch his eyes. "Ike…"

"You were never around, Kyle," Ike cried out, finally turning to look at him. His eyes were shiny, watery, his lower lip trembled slightly. "You were always gone."

"Ike…" Kyle breathed his name, as if it were the only word he could say at the moment.

"You were always out with him," Ike said the word with some distaste, turning his eyes to shoot a look at Kenny.

"You were jealous?" Kenny asked in amazement; for some strange, weird reason, it made sense.

"Shut up!" Ike yelled out, turning away to look at nothing again.

"So you did all of this, all because I wasn't spending time with you?" Kyle asked, still sounding puzzled. "You do know what you did, right? You know what could have happened?"

"No, I mean, I knew, but…. I told you, Dad wasn't supposed to actually do it, he was just supposed to make it look like he did it…" Ike explained desperately, looking at Kyle. "Just make it look real enough for you to believe him…"

"Kenny's entire family could have lost their home," Kyle said, emphasizing each word, and Ike paled.

"It wasn't supposed to happen…" He said quietly, looking towards Kenny sorrowfully, but the blonde rewarded him with a stony glare.

Wasn't supposed to happen, that's not how it was planned… The kid was an idiot. Super-smart, but an idiot all the same.

"What the hell did you think was going to happen?" Kenny growled, stepping towards him, but the kid scurried a few steps to the side, looking frightened.

"It wasn't… I just… I just wanted Kyle home…" Ike said, voice dropping. He looked shamefully at the ground, "I'm really sorry…"

"You better be," Kenny muttered darkly, and Kyle looked at him, eyebrow raised. Unsure whether Kyle had heard him or not, Kenny responded to his look with a bright smile. Kyle shook his head and turned back to Ike, sighing.

"Ike, you could have talked to me, you know?" He said softly, reaching out a hand to touch the younger boy's shoulder.

"But you were hardly there," Ike said, looking at him tearfully.

"Admit it kid, you followed Kyle around, saw something you weren't expecting to see, freaked the fuck out and ran home to tell mommy," Kenny said, crossing his arms. "And it was all fun and games for you until you realized just how deep the shit got, and then you were too scared to try and fix it, so you decided you'd just go along and hope everything came out okay."

Ike gave him another fearful look and responded with a well-thought-out, articulate rebuttal.


Kenny, of course, gave him just as well a thought-out, articulate response.






"Stop it!" Kyle cut in, giving the both of them stern looks. "You both sound like you're five."

Kenny looked at him, frowning and feigning hurt feelings, but Kyle just shook his head.

"Whatever, listen, Ike, the next time you feel like going and wrecking someone's life, you come talk to me first, okay?" Kyle grabbed the black-haired boy by the shoulders pulling him closer and looking him in the eyes. The younger boy nodded shakily.

"I really did miss you," Ike said quietly, still not looking up. Kyle sighed, pulled him close into a hug. Kenny bit his lip and watched with mixed feelings. While all the lovey-dovey brother stuff was…nice?... nice, sure, it didn't entirely make him no longer want to beat the kid. At least a little. Just hit him once, not hard enough to knock him over or anything.

"So, what're we going to do now?" Kenny asked after what he decided was a decently long enough moment.

Kyle sighed again, letting go of Ike and standing up. The kid wiped his nose on his sleeve, staying on the ground.

"We are going to go to my house now," Kyle said, as if it were the most normal thing to do at that moment.

"What?!" Kenny looked at him in shock.

"You're going home?!" Ike mimicked Kenny's expression.

Kyle looked at both of them as if they were the ones who were insane.

"Yeah, home." He held up the papers, shaking them. "We have these, remember?"

Kenny thought about it; with those papers, they not only could prove that whatever blackmail they had was now gone, but also that there now existed blackmail against them.

Of course, even with those papers, there was nothing that would stop them from kicking him, or both of them, out of their house.

"What are we going to do there?" Kenny asked, suddenly realizing that while he was having the internal thought fest, Kyle had grabbed his arm and was pulling him along down the street. Turning, he saw Ike following them a few steps behind.

"We're going to tell them they have nothing to use against us now." Kyle said, and looked at Kenny with a grin. Kenny wasn't sure he could return it.

"But… what if they have a different plan…" Kenny started, "Shit, what if they get super pissed and… and disown you or something?"

"They wouldn't do that!" Ike cried out from behind them, and Kenny turned to glare at him.

"Oh, sure, but they were ready to toss my whole family on the street, right?" He felt a little satisfaction watching the kid's face pale, but Kyle tugged him forward.

"Come on, the sooner we get it over with…" Kyle started, looking around as they went to cross a street.

"Sooner we get to see your mom turn into Godzilla?" Kenny finished for him. Kyle shot him an aggravated look.

"She's not going to turn into Godzilla," He replied, slipping his hand down Kenny's arm to grip his hand instead and tugging him along.

"Right, dude," Kenny wasn't convinced; he was counting down the minutes until he was disintegrated by energy beams, or eye-lasers.

"She might turn into Godzilla," Ike spoke up behind them, and Kyle stopped, turning a glare on the younger boy. Kenny couldn't help but grin, even if he was still a little pissed at the kid.

"No one will be turning into Godzilla!" Kyle turned back around sharply and headed off again. There was silence for a moment, during which only their footsteps on concrete and in slush.

"No, Kyle's right," Ike spoke up after a long while, "If she turns into anything, it'll be Ghidorah…"

"IKE!" Kyle nearly screamed.

"No, no, Ike's got it!" Kenny agreed, "Ghidorah, makes sense!"

"It does not make sense!" Kyle pulled Kenny harder, speeding up.

"Kyle… are you scared?" Kenny asked, trying to get a good look at the redhead, but Kyle kept his face turned forward. A few steps ahead of Kenny as he was, the blonde couldn't see his face too well.

"No," Kyle answered sharply. Kenny turned to look back at Ike; the kid looked pale, but well enough to exchange a knowing look.

Of course, considering that Kyle was most likely getting more nervous by the second, Kenny decided it'd be for the best not to start comparing his mom to the rest of the Godzilla monsters, although he thought that she'd be a kicker for Rodan if she grew wings.

They hurried the rest of the way to Kyle's house in silence, the redhead's hold on Kenny's hand getting tighter the closer they got. Kenny was starting to lose feeling in his fingers, actually, but he didn't want to move them around and risk making Kyle think that he didn't want to hold hands, because he did. He really did.

Wow. They were holding hands, in public.
Kenny looked around, still excited by the thought even though "public" meant empty streets. It didn't matter, they were holding hands.

He grimaced, and mentally stabbed himself. He was getting happy because they were holding hands. When, exactly, had he turned into a fag, and why hadn't he gotten the memo?

If he hadn't been thinking so hard about the fact that he was happy with the fact that his hand was currently warmly encompassed by Kyle's, he would've noticed they were slowing to a stop. As it was, he didn't notice until he walked into Kyle's back. Muttering a 'sorry', he looked around the taller boy.

The house was no more than siding and bricks and wooden window sills, but it still managed to give off an ominous air.

"Are you guys going in?" Ike asked nervously from the back.

"WE," Kyle made sure to emphasize the word with a stern look at the younger boy, "Are going in."

"…now?" Kenny asked after a moment, giving the redhead a shaky grin, "I mean, does it have to be now? Exactly? Couldn't it be… in an hour… or twelve… or… fifty…"

"Now. We are going in now." Kyle said firmly, tightening his hold on Kenny's wrist as if he were frightened the blonde might bolt.

Kenny twitched slightly; it was feeling less like a loving hold and more like a manacle.

Kyle moved forward with determined step, and Kenny found himself following along, feet moving uncertainly. He glanced back to see if Ike was following, but he shouldn't have worried. The dark-haired boy was close behind, wearing a grim expression. Apparently, whatever he expected to happen in the house wasn't as bad as what he could expect from Kyle if he didn't follow.

The door opened.

The hallway was being crossed.

Kenny wiped his free hand across his forehead fitfully; he wasn't sweating but he felt hot enough for it. He couldn't really see their surroundings, just colors and shapes, and really the only thing he could focus on was Kyle, Kyle, just a step ahead of him, Kyle looking like he was walking into the lion's den, the papers in his hand a sword and shield that just, just, might be enough to keep the ravenous beast inside from tearing them apart and eating their spleens.

"Ew. Spleens," Kenny muttered, shuddering. Kyle, having stopped at the threshold into the living room, glanced back at him, puzzled.

"What?" He asked, distracted.

"Nothing," Kenny shook his head, squaring his shoulders and steeling himself for the ordeal ahead and attempting to ignore the half-panicky snicker from behind.

Yes. A punch was definitely in order. And maybe a small kick when he was down, to make sure he remembered that lesson.

"Kyle? Ike? Dinner has been ready for-"

They never did find out just how long dinner had been ready. Kyle marched into the living room, half-pulling Kenny along with him, into a swiftly deepening silence so thick it was suffocating.

Strange, for not having been able to really see things a moment before, Kenny found everybody suddenly, frightfully, clear and sharp.

The She-Beast was standing just this side of the doorway that led into the kitchen, a kitchen towel in her hands, frozen in half-wipe. Eyes wide, focused on the blonde. Mouth still formed in the last traces of an "o" – she never did make it to "r".

The Plot-Instigator, aka Broflovski the elder, was sitting on the couch, hands on either side of him ready to push him up and off. Eyes unfrozen, flickering between the two.

When sound returned, it didn't just return; it threw a block party, inviting tumult and cacophony and the rest of its friends.

"What is the meaning of this?! Who said that—"

"Kyle, we spoke about this—"

"—HE could come into our house and why—"

"—and you know what the consequences would—"

"—would you even THINK about bringing—"

"—be. I warned you, I told you—"


Kenny winced; he was sure that any and all of the circulation to his hand was effectively cut off. If Kyle gripped his wrist any tighter his hand would definitely pop off at the joint.

Wanting to avoid the eyes of both the enraged, red-faced mother figure now wielding the kitchen towel as a whip and looking as if she were about to advance on them, and the calmly fuming father figure who had risen slowly off the couch but now stood large and intimidating, a strange feat in and of itself as Kenny could never remember him being anything other than soft and harmless before, the blond turned to Kyle, which might not have been the best thing if he was wanting to avoid radiating anger, but it was better at least for the fact that this anger wasn't directed at him.

The She-Beast sputtered a few incoherent words at Kyle's interruption, strained to start again, but was once again interrupted by the redhead, or rather, by the papers brandished by said redhead.

"Your idiotic, insensitive, disgusting little game is over!" He growled, now turning the paper-sword on the other half of the plotting-duo. "We" –emphasis—"are not going to deal with your shit any longer."
"Kyle, you are not going to use that language in this house," Gerald admonished, as if scolding a wayward dog.

"You piss me off with your stupid shit, you deal with my fucking language," Kyle retorted. Kenny could feel the hand on his wrist shaking, and not with fear either.

Kyle, it seemed, had reached Limit Break.

A whimper came from behind them, low and short.

Kenny gritted his teeth and shot defiant looks at both parental figures, slightly buoyed by the shaken looks on their faces. Rage Mode Kyle was well known in this house.

"Now listen; this time, you're the ones with rules," Kyle continued, voice sounding too controlled, a good indicator of just how angry he was. "Kenny and I are going to finally be together, like we want to, for real. You two are going to deal with, are not going to threaten to throw anyone out of the house, are not going to make a huge scene of it, and are not going to act like total fucking retards about it. And if you do that, then we won't be forced to show everyone just how it was you went about tampering with legal documents, putting an entire family at risk, all in order to blackmail your own son."

"You have no proof!" Shiela spat, kitchen towel twisted in her hands.

Silently, Kyle raised the papers in his hand, and Kenny saw the blood drain from her face. Gerald, faced with a threat that could possibly end his career, for life, was suddenly pale-faced, smaller than he'd seemed a moment ago, harmless again.

"Kyle, let me see those papers…" He said, his voice barely above a whisper. Kenny felt Kyle tense beside him as the man took a step forward, and stiffened himself. The tension was rising; Kenny could feel it, stifling, hot, could feel the house entirely filled with anticipation and fear and anger and rage all around.


The tension snapped, loosely, faded somewhat by the introduction of a different voice.

As one, five heads turned towards the front hallway. Kenny frowned; a familiar voice, but entirely out of place. Before he could really come to terms with the fact that it was real, two familiar figures stepped into sight beyond the doorway into the hallway.

"Oh, uh, hi there everybody… Your front door was open," Randy Marsh said, his smile barely managing a few seconds before fading into an uncertain grin. Beside him Sharon managed a more cheerful grin, but still seemed a little frazzled. Apparently, tension was still thick in the air. They seemed to try to take everyone in, eyes flickering from person to person, but Kenny could see their eyes linger on him and Kyle for a longer moment.

"Oh, and it's a good thing you're here too Kenny, we were going to look for you too," Sharon said, then turned her attention to Mr. and Mrs. Broflovski, "You see, we just wanted to stop in for a little chat with Kyle."

For a moment the Marshes looked uncertain, then Randy sighed, running a hand through his hair.

"Ah, we've known each other for so long, and they'd find out anyway," He said, and sighed again. "You see, Stan… had a talk with us…"

"Yes, and, well, I'm sure he'd tell you two when he was ready, but we just wanted to make sure… You know, these days, you can't always be certain how someone will react…" Sharon explained, not explaining. Well, not really, but Kenny could see where this was going.

She paused again, looked at Randy for a second before turning back to them and continuing.

"You see, boys, Stan… Stan thinks he might be bi…" Sharon continued, almost solemnly, as if she were declaring an illness in the family. Still, there was a sincerity in her eyes, and she continued, almost hurried through her next words, "Oh, I know we shouldn't be telling anyone before he's ready for it, but we really were worried how people will react…"

"Yeah, you know, we figured it'd be safer if we could ask if you two would, you know…" Randy shrugged almost helplessly, suddenly unable to meet anyone's eyes.

"Don't worry," Kyle cut in suddenly, his voice almost soft, and Kenny could feel the tension leaving him. "He's got us."

"Yeah, besides," Kenny added with a grin, lifting their joined hands, "He'll be in good company."

That earned him a smile from the redhead, and he returned it, and they really didn't need words between them, and fuck if a moment like that couldn't make him forget that they weren't out of the fire just yet.

"Well, that's good." Relief flooded Sharon's voice, and she grinned at the two, as if finding out that her newly-bi-curious son's best friends were gay for each other was an everyday occurrence. "That's good, thank you."

"Thanks boys," Randy added, nodding, seeming even more uncomfortable with the whole situation, but managing a half-smile all the same.

With small grins and nods and more lightly muttered 'thank-you's the Marshes departed, not quite moving as if hounds were at their heels, but quickly all the same.

For the second time in a half-hour silence descended on the house, the same sort of shocked silence as before, only one that Kenny felt worked more in their favor.

After he felt a long enough moment pass, the blonde, vigor having been renewed by the exchange with the Marshes, sent a bright smile towards all corners of the room, and even at the center where the Broflovski parents were, and declared loudly and cheerfully,

"Well, ain't that a kick in the face."

"So, are you going to show him the papers?" Kenny asked around a mouthful of chips, leaning back against the taller boy comfortably.

"Yeah, I just want to make a copy first," Kyle answered, stealing a chip from the blonde's bag. "That way I can keep the originals safe."

"Hm, good thinking," Kenny said, "And where're you going to keep those?"

"Still trying to figure that out," Kyle admitted, leaning over on the blankets suddenly. Kenny frowned at the sudden lack of back support, but refused to prop himself up, instead ending up leaning on Kyle's legs.

"I might know a trustworthy person," Kenny popped another chip into his mouth, chewed thoughtfully. Kyle was still moving around a lot, but the blonde resisted the urge to smack him in the stomach and get him to lay still for a moment.

"Yeah, well, I thought I knew one too," Kyle said, slightly out of breath as he picked himself up again. Kenny groaned, being forced to move once more, but Kyle ignored him, handing him a shoebox. "Admittedly, it's probably a good thing he didn't do exactly what I told him."

Kenny put the chips aside, and took the shoebox from him. He felt Kyle's arms curve around his waist as he looked the box over. The redhead had shifted to sit next to him now, instead of behind. There was a slight tenseness in him, however, and Kenny wondered just what he'd find when he undid those strings.

"Do you think things are going to get better now?" He asked quietly. Kyle sighed sofly, head falling to Kenny's shoulder.

"We have each other," He replied softly. Kenny kissed the top of his head, breathed him in.

"That's all that matters," The blonde said, saw Kyle grin.

"Nothing else."

The first string came undone easily. The second one was tougher, knotted tighter, but Kenny worked it until it gave. He could have tried to slip the strings off, but that would have meant crushing the box slightly, and even though it was already battered, he couldn't do it. It felt as if he'd be crushing part of Kyle. The redhead himself made no move to help, content to let Kenny unwrap and open the box as he watched quietly.

"Let's see…" Kenny peered inside, shuffling a little through the papers. "Geez, are all of them letters? How many of these did you write?"
"Honestly? I can't remember…" Kyle chuckled softly. Kenny pulled out a paper at random, scanning over it.

" "Dear Kenny"… oh wow, I'm a 'dear' now?" He asked playfully, felt Kyle squeeze him.

"Yes, yes you are, you're a dear, and a sweetie pie, and a fluffmuffin," Kyle retorted cheerfully, and Kenny snorted.

"Just try calling me any of those, I dare you…" The blonde said, and Kyle laughed.

"Go on, keep reading," He said, closing his eyes.

"You sure?" Kenny asked gently, and Kyle nodded. Looking over the page again, the blond continued,

"It's been three weeks since I came here, and I can't help it. All I think about is you, everything reminds me of you. Everywhere I look, you're there, and all I know is that I can't stand it without you. I need you here, I need you close by where I can see you and touch you and feel that you're real. I need to know you're real, because sometimes it gets so hard to believe. Because when I'm with you it feels like some sort of incredible dream, one I don't ever want to wake up from…"


Lovesong has happily ended at 13 chapters long, just like Vanilla Blue. That was not planned, the story planned itself, really.

The Marsh's were put in at that certain point in order to bring back some "South Parkness" to the story. Haha…

You can figure out yourselves what happens between the last two scenes. I leave it up to you to decide.

I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I enjoyed writing it. I love KxK and love the possibilities it gives.

I thank all my reviewers very much. You all helped me keep this going. If it wasn't for you this would have died when it was still Vanilla Blue, and then I would have been a very sad panda… : (

Now, onto serious matters:

I am not very active in SP anymore. Unfortunately, interests change. I am sure that once the show comes back on air I might be more inclined to do new things, but right now, although I have ideas, I don't feel like starting them in case I leave them unfinished.

Here is a list of things that WILL be updated: (since I'm not sure just how many people check my profile in order to find these things out)

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