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Summary: Hyugga Natsume belongs to an infamous family while Sakura Mikan was just an ordinary girl living with her grandfather. As they met each other both of their lives began to change. Does the way they look at life will change too? Read and Find out! (Natsume x Mikan / Hotaru x Ruka)

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Around 15 to 17 years old and No magic



"Mikan! Wake up! Your bestfriend is already waiting for you!" Mikan's grandfather yelled from outside Mikan's room.

Mikan bolt sat up and checked the alarm clock beside her futon. "AH! I'M LATE!!!" She stood up and immediately changed her pajama into her high school clothes.

At the moment, Mikan's grandfather offered a cup of hot tea to Hotaru Imai.

Hotaru courtly bowed her head and accepted the cup.

"Please forgive my stupid grand daughter's undying tardiness." The old man said.

Hotaru shook her head. "It's okay jii-chan, a perfect person like me also needs a flaw..." The young lady ingested a swig from the teacup and she gradually put down the cup to place it neatly at the tatami floor. "...and that is Mikan."

Mikan appeared at the living room with her school bag and ran to Hotaru's side. "Let's...go...Ho...taru." She said between pants and rugged breathing.

Hotaru stood up and walked closer to Mikan. The sober girl frowned and gave Mikan an indignant smack on the head. "We're late, baka."

"Ouch." Mikan touched her head and pouted.

Hotaru grabbed Mikan's hand and began running outside the old Japanese styled house.

"SEE YOU LATER GRANDPA!!!" Mikan yelled loudly as her so called bestfriend continued to drag her toward the train station.


Alice Academy; High School building...

"Hah..." Mikan pants. "We're not late yet! Look Hotaru!" The browned haired teenager pointed at the teacher's desk. "No teacher!"

Hotaru released a hopeless sigh and sat on her usual chair in the classroom. "The teacher's late."

Nonoko smiled and sat on the chair next to Hotaru. "Have you heard the news Imai?"

The stern young girl turned to Nonoko. "What news?"

A female student with short curly hair sauntered to them and began to talk confidently. "Well, it just...we heard that Natsume Hyugga will now study here," Sumire triggered her infamous over assertive laugh. "And I'm sure he'll love it here because me, the beautiful Sumire is here also HAHAHA!"

Mikan heard that and approached her classmate. "Ha? Who's that Sumire?"

Sumire threw an insulting laugh to Mikan. "You don't know?"

Mikan pouted. "That's why I'm asking you right?"

Yuu, the only closest male friend of Mikan and Hotaru in their class interjected. "He's the only son of the most influential family here in Japan; I heard his mom sent him here because he was kicked out from his former elite school."

"Oh," Mikan nodded. "...a troublemaker then."

Sumire sneered and crossed her arm. "Hmmp! Whatever, you're such a stupid girl anyway, you won't understand us, ne Imai?" She expectantly gaped at Imai.

Hotaru nodded and placed one of her white hands under her chin. "I could smell money."

"Huh?" Both Sumire and Mikan confusedly dangled their heads.

Yuu stifled a low laugh. "I think I know what's on your mind Hotaru."

Mikan was about to talk again when their teacher came inside the classroom. All of the students of 3rd year class A, returned to their rightful places.

"Good morning class, I am very sorry I'm late." Mr. Narumi said and smiled kindly to his students. "Well anyway I would like you to meet your newest classmate..."

Mikan curiously moved her eyes to the open door. 'I wonder who is it this time..'

A young handsome man walked in. He possesses a short silky black hair and intense ruby eyes. Both his hands were inserted at his black pants side pocket and his look made all the female students in the classroom swooned...except for Hotaru and Mikan of course.

Hotaru just simply illustrate a knowing smile and her eyes beamed with a dollar sign. 'Future profit, good...'

Mr. Narumi smiled. "Looks like you really like him ha...well introduce yourself." The young teacher told the new student.

"Tsk." The young man sneered and began walking toward the vacant chair behind Mikan. "I'm sure all of you already know me," He sat on the chair and placed his two feet on the study table in front of him. "So why the heck will I introduce myself anymore."

Narumi amusingly shook his head. "Well, if that's what you want Natsume-kun."

"Me," Mikan interrupted and turned to look at Natsume. "I don't know you."

The rest of the students stared at Mikan.

Natsume squinted and incredulously stared at Mikan. "Are you pulling my leg?"

Mikan innocently shook her head. "Nope, seriously, I really don't know you, so you should go back at the front and properly introduce yourself, that's every normal student do, you know."

Natsume's ruby eyes narrowed in annoyance and anger. "What did you say?"

Mikan smiled with sarcasm and fought Natsume's glare. "I don't know you, so introduce yourself."

"Damn it!" Natsume furiously stood up from his chair and pushed Mikan off her chair. "Don't you dare command me, you stupid girl!"

The teenage girl fell down to the floor. Mr. Narumi ran to Natsume's back and locked his arms from behind. "Hey-hey, cool down young man."

"Let go of me!" Natsume struggled. "I'll teach that girl a lesson! Let go!" He kept on struggling but Narumi's hold was stronger.

Yuu and Hotaru ran to Mikan's aid and helped her stand up. "Are you okay Mikan?" Yuu asked worriedly.

Mikan released herself from her friend's hold and began to pace closer to the struggling Natsume. Her brown eyes were burning with the same anger of Natsume's glare. "You jerk..."

Mr. Narumi apprehensively looked at Mikan. "Hey-hey-hey what do you think you're doing Miss Sakura? Stay away!"

"Step closer baka-youjo and I promise I'll kick you once you come close enough!" Natsume said with a sinister smile on his lips. "Come--"


Natsume felt his face reluctantly turned sideways as an unfamiliar pressure intensely hit it. With stunned wide eyes, Natsume turned his head back to the angry girl before him. He could still feel the warmth of her palm on his bruising face. "Y-You slapped me?"

Mikan raised up her chin and intensely glared at Natsume's astonished face. "Learn how to respect others jerk!"

And the world stopped. As Natsume and Mikan's eyes incessantly gaped at each other, they both knew that from that very moment things will start to change. Along the way, they will know that their meeting was inevitable.

And their story will begin.



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