ShuichiShindou07: hey you guys! Here is the long awaited sequeal to "Long Walks on the Beach". I put this up as a separate story b/c of the higher rating. What I'm posting right now is the first half of this story that I have had written for the longest time. Hope all of you enjoy this!!!

Warnings: …..if you can't tell by the title…smut will be had….and some OOC-ness

Couple: HaruxYuki

Sex on the Beach

The sun shone down on two young boys as they swam and splashed through the water. It was another beautiful summer day and the inhabitants of the Sohma summer house were outside enjoying themselves; swimming, laying about, or playing on the beach. Wanting some alone time, Hatsuharu and Yuki escaped their large group of housemates and adventured off down the beach.

Since starting their relationship, the young couple had decided to keep things between them for a while. Nobody in the household questioned the time they spent in each other's company and they perferred it that way. At night, they would move their futons together and lay in each others arms; exchanging kisses, words, or soft touches.

Haru took hold of Yuki's hand and pulled him towards him in the water. Yuki smiled as he got closer. That was one thing someone was bound to notice: the increasing amount of heartfelt smiles he was giving, especially towards a certain two-tone haired boy. Haru slid his other arm around Yuki and held him close to his body, feeling those slender legs wrap around him.

"Hey there sexy," he purred against the older boy's neck.

Yuki laughed as his boyfriend showered his neck and shoulder with quick kisses. Mischevious black eyes rose to meet violet ones before Haru leaned forward and captured his lips. The latter moaned as the kiss deepend and he felt his boyfriend take complete control of the situation. Pulling back to breathe, Yuki gasped: "It's such a turn on when you do that Haru."

The ox felt a jolt of energy go down his spine at the rat's words. "Really?"

Yuki nodded and winked at him, sending another shock through his body. Feeling a certain part of him start to react, Haru lifted his boyfriend out of the water and made a run for the shore. Yuki laughed as the younger boy stumbled his way through the sand, landing both of them haphazardly onto their blanket. Haru crawled his way up the silver haired boy's body and quickly attacked his lips.

The older boy laughed between each kiss, but soon surrendered to the boy ontop of him. Haru's firm hands began to adventure their way down Yuki's body. The violet eyed young man moaned when one hand made its way down his swim trunks, massaging his half erect member.

Haru smirked and started kissing along Yuki's jaw. "Yuki," he breathed in the other's ear.

"Yes?" Yuki gasped. His breathing grew labored the more Haru stroked him. He thrust up into the hand gripping him. The rat boy could feel a heat growing in his stomach and knew his end was near.

"I want you so much right now," Haru growled yanking his hand from the other's trunks. The mixture of his boyfriend's words and the lack of pleasure confused Yuki. Looking down his body at where Haru moved, his eyes grew large.

"What are you doing?" he asked frantically, watching as Haru finished untying the string and pulled the swim shorts off in one movement.


"I want to taste you," the ox boy said. He trailed soft kisses down Yuki's tomach, stopping before he reached the raging hard on infront of him. "Will you let me?"

Haru's warm breath blowing against his member made it hard to resist, on top of the fact that he wanted his boyfriend to do this. The silver head nodded. The next thing he knew, he was fully engulfed by Haru's hot mouth.

Yuki tossed his head from side to side, gasping for breath. Haru grinned as he watched his lover thrash around. The cries and moans he was giving off made the ox boy's already hard member twitch, knowing that he was the reason Yuki was acting that way. The younger boy gently ran his hands up and down the other's thighs, briefly touching more intimate areas from time to time.

"Mmmhh...oh...Haru...yes" Yuki moaned, burying his hands in his lover's white and black hair. He had never experienced such pleasure before. The things that Haru was doing to him made it feel like every nerve was on fire. The violet eyed boy was desperate for release, trying to receive more pleasure from the mouth enveloping him.

Haru held down Yuki's slender hips as he thrust upward into his mouth. Bobbing his head up and down faster, Haru ran his tongue along the underside of his lover's length. The rat boy gasped, his toes curling as an entoxicating tingle ran up his body. Yuki came with a loud cry, his grip on the other's hair tightening. Haru let him ride out his orgasm. He welcomed all of Yuki's essence that filled his mouth, drinking down every drop.

The older boy laid there in his after glow, trying to recover his breathing. Haru brushed hair out of his eyes and kissed him softly.

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too," Yuki replied running his hands along Haru's back. The black eyed boy groaned, his erection reminding him of his current situation. After a few seconds, the rat boy spoke again.



"Let's go back to our room."