Alright, here is the last chapter of Sex on the Beach! There really isn't any point to this chapter other than how funny it is. The ending of this chapter was the deciding factor in whether or not to write a sequel to "Long Walks on the Beach". When I thought of how I wanted the story to go, this just popped into my head and I just had to do it. I really hope you all find it as amusing as I did. Much love!

Disclaimer: Once again, I do not own any part of Fruits Baskets or it's characters…I just like to pretend I do.

Chapter 3

Three hours, two more romps, and a shower later the boys made their way downstairs to see the rest of their housemates arriving home.

"Yuki, are you okay?" Tohru asked, running up to them. "When it was time for lunch, Shigure and Ayame went looking for you. They said that you weren't feeling well and Haru had taken you back here." Both Yuki and Haru looked at the older men. "Are you alright now? Do you need to go back up to the upstairs to rest? I know! I'll make you some soup and bring it up to you!"

"No, I'm quite fine Miss Honda," Yuki said politely, hoping she would settle down. "Haru made sure I was taken care of. Don't worry about me."

After a few more minutes of reassuring Tohru that he wasn't ill, she left to go wash and put away the dishes left over from lunch. The rest of the house mates went their separate ways until it was time for dinner. The lovers went into the living room, followed by Shigure and Ayame. As they made themselves comfortable on the couch, not being obvious, Yuki caught the strange look his brother was giving him.

Shigure sat down on the loveseat. "Hey Aya, what was that drink you were telling me about the other day?" he asked, holding his arm out for the other male to join him. The long haired man sauntered over to his friend and lover, sitting next to him and draping his legs across Shigure's.

"Oh, you mean 'Sex on the Beach'?" he asked, a playful grin on his face as he looked over at the boys on the couch. They had gotten the attention of the young couple.

"Yes, that's the one."

"Oh it's great!" Ayame's smile spread wider and he winked at the two on the couch. "Isn't it ….little brother?"