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It was a stormy September night. Naruto was 5 years old. He was currently hidding in the forest of death. He found a whole to crawl through when he was being chased by some drunk villagers. Not being ninja and adults they were unable to go through the hole or over the wall surrounding the area.

Naruto sat panting listening to the storm raging over head and the villagers walking away cursing him. Naruto sighed and said "Why is it they do that to me. I have not done anything wrong."

A voice said "You right Naruto. It pains me to see you like this."

Naruto looked around and said "Whos there."

The voice said as a man mostly appeared in a white cloak with red flames and blond hair "I am your father Naruto. I know why this happened to you but I dont have time to tell you now. Listen carefully. I want you to talk to the Hokage and tell him to take you to my ship. Its time you learned about your past. He will know what to do. Remember son I love you." before he faded away.

Naruto sat there cold and slowly fell asleep.

When Naruto woke up he was in a hospital room. He looked over and saw the Hokage sitting in a chair asleep. Naruto coughed and the 3rd woke up.

The third smiled and said "It seem you got yourself in trouble Naruto."

Naruto said "old man, I know this is going to sound wierd but my father said for you to take me to his ship. Its time to learn about my past."

The third paled and said "So I guess he was right after all."

Naruto said "Who was he anyways. I think I have seen him before but I dont know where."

The third said "I will tell you later. For now rest and I shall get everything ready."

Naruto nodded and fell back asleep. The third sighed and thought I hope your ready Naruto.

When Naruto awoke agian he was on the ground surrounded by woods. The third was sitting by a fire cooking some fish. He turned to Naruto and said "I am glad you are awake. We are almost there but you will have to do the rest on your own. I am not allowed past this point."

Naruto took the fish the third offered and said "Where do I go and whats going on."

The third said "After you finish eating you will head to your left down that path of dead trees. You will come to a cave you must enter. A door will be there that has a seal on it. Cut your hand and put some blood on the seal. When the door open a wierd looking object will be inside. Walk inside and take a seat. When you do say begin journey. The ship will do the rest. I cant tell you more because I dont know."

Naruto nodded and said "What will happen to me."

The third said "I honestly dont know. You will find out when on your own. Im sorry to do this Naruto but I have to go. If I am gone any longer the village will know something is up. If and when you return come to my office but dont tell anyone but me or the Hokage who you are. I know this may sound stupid or something but your dad would say this to his closes friends when they would get ready to leave. May the force be with you." and then he left in a swirl of leafs.

Naruto quickly ate and walked down the path he was told about and soon found the cave. When he entered it he felt wierd. He walked into the cave that was lit up by some wierd lite and came to the door he was told about. He bit his thumb and wiped some blood in it and the door glowed red before falling off to the ground into a pile of rubble.

Naruto carefully walked over it and enterer a wide room. Inside was a circular looking object that was as big as a house with a ramp coming out of it. Think eban hawk and melinium falcon cross over. Naruto slowly walked up the ramp and when he stepped on the metal the object lit up. Naruto jumped back and the lights went off. He slowly walked back on it and when the lights came on he slowly walked on. Once he made it all the way on he walked toward what looked like a door and he heard a hissing sound behind him. He turned and saw the ramp came up and sealed itself away.

Naruto tried to push it to get out but found he was stuck. He thought now what.

Naruto finding he could not open it headed toward the door he saw earlier and when he got closer the door opened with a hiss sound. Naruto went into what looked like some kind of looked like some wierd front room. He was tired so he sat down on one of the wierd tall chairs.

A funky voice said "Where to."

Naruto jumped and looked around and said "Hello."

The voice said agian "Where to."

Naruto thought for a moment and remember what the third said and said "Begin journey."

The voice said "Confirmed. Prepare for liftoff. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4," Naruto quickly got into his seat and when the voice said "lift off" Naruto was thrown out of his chair by the entire room shaking and he flew back hitting his head agianst a wall knocking himself out.

Naruto awoke to find himself in front a huge cage and saw the word seal on a piece of paper on the cage. Behind the cage a giant fox with red eyes. Naruto was scared until the fox said "Well I will give that bastard this one. He sure new his seals."

Now Naruto being the great geniuos he is said "Huh."

The fox sighed and said "I guess it would help if I started from the begining. My name is Kyuubi no Kitsune. I am the nine tail demon lord and the gaurdian of the fire country. I have lived for over 10000 years. I am here now because your father sealed me into you the day you were born to stop me without killing me and we are in your mind. I attacked your village and tried to destroy it to get at your father. I was put under control of an evil man in a black cloak. I dont know who he is but he was able to control me like I was nothing. Are you with me so far."

Naruto said "I dont understand really."

Kyuubi sighed and said "Well I would talk to you some more but 2 weeks have already passed and we have company." and with that Naruto was pushed out of his mind.

When Naruto woke up he looked up and saw a woman in a black brown cloak sitting in a chair looking at him and he notice he was not on that metal thing anymore but in some house. The woman had brown hair and brown eyes and smiled at him and said "So I take it that it is time."

Naruto sat up and said "Who are you and where am I."

The woman sighed and said "Well as for where you are you are on the planet Karaereern. As for who I am Naruto, I would be Alisa your mother."

Naruto started backing away pointing his finger at her waving it and had the other one over his mouth trying not to say something he would regret.

Alisa seeing this sighed and said "Before you get upset let me tell you what has happened and what is going on now and why I was not there for you."

Naruto stop pointing and just nodded his head and Alisa said "I guess you could say it started nearly 200 years ago. A war was being waged. The galaxy was in termoil. Almost everyone was effected. The republic was loosing until the galactic gaurdians of peace started joining in to help the fighting end. These gaudians were called jedi. Now even with the jedi help the republic still lost alot of people and many jedi died. When the war ended peace tried to start agian but a group of jedi who were consumed by evil desire turned to the darkside of the force and started killing the regular jedi."

Naruto said "what is the force."

Alisa said "The force is an energy that binds all living things to it."

Naruto said "Like chakra."

Alisa said "No. Chakra is nothing compared to the Force. Chakra is made of natural energy. The Force is the power of all living energy put together. Anyways. These jedi that became consumed by evil desires were known as Sith. The jedi were nearly killed completely off. Finally the sith were stopped and the jedi that remained started rebuilding. Sadly there were not that many. Your great great grandfather and his brother were both jedi and came to your world to try to live a hermit life but after they saw the suffering started helping unite some people together. Now that was all and good and they even helped create the village you lived in but the problems of the galaxy were still out there.

Anyways they both started family which I am sad to say not many that I know of still remain. As far as I know only you and possibly one other is all that remains of them."

Naruto said "So I have other family."

Alisa said "I dont know. She might still be alive but I truly dont know. Anyways back to what I was saying. The jedi started rebuilding but some Sith still remained. They stayed hidden and when the time was right they started hunting Jedi agian. I was an Jedi Knight and I was confronted by one of the Sith. My master died saving me but she told my about where you family was and told me to go there for protection and to warn them of the threat that would come looked for them. I did and that is where I met your father. I was only 16 at the time and your father was 17. At first I was unsure of him but I felt a connection through the force with him and after some time we fell in love and got married in secret. Normally that would not be allowed but I was willing to give up being a jedi for him. I later learned that he was a decendant of the original jedi and I started teaching him about the force.

He became very skilled in the force and soon he was even better then I was at most things. He taught me about chakra and how to use it as well as a few jutsu. I soon became pregnant with you and we were happy. Sadly the sith that had attacked me a few years before had followed me to the planet and soon started hunting down anyone who might be a jedi. His name was Darth Kaos. He soon found me and would have killed me but your father was able to save me but sadly he escaped. When it was almost time for you to be born he used the force to turn the creature that I am not sure if you are aware of agianst Konaha in hopes that the creature would either kill or weaken your father enough so he could kill him and me."

Naruto said "You mean Kyuubi."

Alisa shook her head yes and said "How do you know of it."

Naruto said "When I was coming here I somehow met it and he told me about being controlled but did not know who he was. Just that he dressed in a black cloak."

Alisa sighed and said "Well at least you know so I can tell you everything. When the Kyuubi attacked Kaos attacked secretely and confronted me and nearly killed me causing me to go into labor early. Your father arrived and scared him off and took me to the hospital. He was sad because he was the Hokage and his people were dieing and he had to find a way to stop the attack. He learned of a sealing method to stop the creature and being a sealmaster himself created a different seal and sealed the Kyuubi into you. He willingly gave himself to the force and when he did the Shinigami allowed it since he still would die and was not strong enough to fight the force itself.

Anyways, while this was happening Kaos came back agian and tried to kill me while I was weakend but a shinobi saved my life at the last second and gave me a chance to escape. Kaos started following me and soon I made it to my ship and escaped before he killed me. I had no choice but to trust you to the village hoping Arashi plan would work and you would be seen as a hero. I can already tell by looking at some of you memmories that it has not been so and I am sorry for that. I had planned to come after you but I have only been able to loose Kaos in the past 6 months. I dont know how but I did. Anyways you father and I had made a plan after the first time Kaos attacked and we got a ship ready and this was the meeting spot to meet. We thought he would have to come and me and you would be safely hidden but you know what they say about the best laid plans."

Naruto sat in silence and sighed and said "I guess I can forgive you mother,,,"

Anything else he might have said stopped when he was engulfed in a hug. After he was released he said "So what happens now."

Alisa said "Well I am going to start training you in the ways of the force to be a jedi and also teach you everything I know about chakra. For now I want you to get some sleep we have a lot to do and I dont know how long it will take."

And so Naruto new life began.

Timeskip 7 years later.

The third Hokage was sitting in his office sighing as he was trying to figure out how to solve a problem with this years gennin class. He had enough people for all teams but 1. He needed one more to balance them out. He was brought out of his though by a nock on the door.

The third looked up and said "Enter."

The third watched as someone about 5'10 in a brown cloak walked into his office with the hood covering his head so he could not see his features. The third said "Can I help you."

The person said "I see the force is still strong in you old man."

The third blinked and blinked agian and said "Arashi."

The figure removed his hood and said "Close but not quite. It me Naruto. Im back."

The third walked around his desk and hugged Naruto and said "Welcome back so tell me what happened."

Naruto said "I dont know where to begin. I know about who my parents were. I met my mother..."

The third said "Alisa is still alive."

Naruto looked sad and said "Was. She died about 2 years ago defending me."

The third sighed and said "Im sorry. Do you want to tell me about it."

Naruto sighed and said "


Naruto and Alisa were on jiejirfje in the outer rim galaxy. Naruto had progressed amazingly in the past 5 years and he was even more powerful in the force then both his parents. He had already learned everything his mother could teach him and they were currently at one of the hidden jedi enclaves furthering his training. There was only 10 jedi at the enclave at any one time to limit the chance of another massacre happening. Naruto was meditating in the garden when the enclave was rocked by a giant explosion.

Naruto quickly got up and activated his standard lightsaber that he made to become a padawan. The blue blade shown of the care he took to make it. Suddenly a group of 30 men came in with 2 of them in black cloaks holding red lightsabers. The other men had blasters. They started shooting at anything that moved.

Naruto deflected all the shots that came at him and found cover. He saw several people die. Mostly from the attacking men. Naruto was looking for a way out when he saw the highest ranking jedi master there be struck down by one of the men in black cloaks. He saw his mother hiding behind some bolders from the attacks. Naruto looked around and saw some bolders that had been blasted from the wall by the random blaster fire. Naruto concentrated and used the force to pick up the bolders and launch them at the men killing several.

His mother also doing the same thing. She looked over at him and motioned toward the door to exit the enclave. Naruto nodded and started backing away. Alisa jumped up also and started blocking anything that came at her son. Suddenly one of the two men with lightsabers held up his hands and shot lightning out at her. She blocked it with her lightsaber but when the other one started hurling bolders at her she could not defend. She was hit in the leg and you could here the bone shatter.

Naruto ran back to help her and she looked at him and screamed "No, go, I love you son. Dont worry about me."

She then used the force to cave in the roof seperating them. Naruto screamed and tried to get to her but heard her screams and then felt her die in the force. He turned and left going to where his ship was hidden. Once he made it to his ship he left and once in hyperspace finally cried.

End flashback.

The third looked down and said "Do you know who they were."

Naruto said "Yes. They were sith. One of them was Darth Kaos. I met him and was able to escape thanks to kyuubi."

The third stiffened and said "So you know."

Naruto said "Yes I know about Kyuubi and I also know Darth Kaos was the one responsible for its attack."

The third said "So what have you done for the last two years."

Naruto said "Trained and ran from the sith."

The third said "So what do you plan to do now."

Naruto said "Well I figure I might as well defend what my family help create, see if my other relative is still alive and also bide my time until he returns so I can stop the sith."

the third thought for a moment and said "Do you know anything about your other family."

Naruto said "Only thing I know is that she is a female and that her grandfather and brother helped build this village. Other then that no."

The third thought for a moment and said "I think I might know who she is but I dont know where she is or if it is the same person. If it is then she is alive. Her family for the most part is secretive."

Naruto said "That would be understandably since they were jedis also, or at least some of them were."

The third said "So what do you know about being a ninja."

Naruto said "I know Kagebunshin, henge, a genjutsu to cover my wiskers, replacement, tree climbing, water walking and thats it besides how to throw shurikans and kunia. But I am ranked as a jedi knight. My skills in the force are better then both my parents."

The third said "Well that would put you at a gennin level ninja and it just so happens that I was having a problem with that you can help with. Now all I have to do is list you as a gennin and give you a headband and then meet at the accademy for team placement at room 201."

Naruto said "If it would be possible can we change my name for the official records until I can reach the stipulation for my family name and speaking of what exactly are they."

The third thought and said "The stipulations are you are getting married, your blood family returns and claims you, or you become chunnin. Since that taken care of, very well, you can change your name. That way you wont have to worry about the people thinking your kyuubi, what name would you like."

Naruto said "Since my mother death I have went by the name Ranger."

The third smiled and said "That should work. I will put you down as an orphan stating your parents were retired nins but because of thier enemies your last name will be kept secret."

Naruto nodded and asked "Where will I stay."

The third reached int a draw and said "You remember that ramen stand you use to love."

Naruto nodded and the third said "Across the street is apartment complex that had been built recently and I own a apartment for guest that you can have for 100 ryu a month. Here is also some money from your family account to get you anything you need." as he handed a wallet full of money.

Naruto took it and bowed and said "See you later old man and may the force be with you." as he left.

The third smiled and wrote down ranger for team 7 and thought to himself things are going to get interesting around here

Naruto got a bite to eat at the ramen stand and went to look at his new apartment. Once he made it in he saw it was actually pretty nice and took a shower before laying down to get some sleep.

The next morning Naruto got up early and relised he was going to have to get some new cloths. He started looking around town and soon felt a disturbance in the force and found a shop that looked promising. The wolf claw weapon shop.

He went in and started looking around and soon found a shurikan and kunia holster. Standard black ninja outfits. Sealing scrolls, Shurikans and kunia, and first aid kits. Naruto walked to the register and a girl about his age with brown hair with brown eyes was behind the counter. She smiled at him and said "Welcome to the Wolfclaw weapon shop. Did you find everything ok."

Naruto said "yes I did. I was wondering could you tell me where the accademy is. I am suppose to meet my team there today."

The girl smiled and said "Yes, all you do is go three blocks up and you will see Yamanko flowershop. When you do turn right and go down the street. You cant miss it."

Naruto quickly paid and went to a dressing room before changing. When he came back out he had his new cloths and gear on but he also had his brown cloak on. He walked to the counter and said "Thanks agian miss..."

The girl said "Tenten. My family does not have a surname. And you are."

Naruto smiled and said "I go by Ranger, and it was nice to meet you tenten." as he left.

Tenten could not help but think What an intersting guy.

Naruto quickly found the accademy and was about to enter when a ABNU with the letters NE on his mask appear and said "Halt, State you name and reason here."

Naruto waved his hand and said "You dont need to know why I am her."

The ABNU said "I dont need to know why you are here."

Naruto then said "Sorry about the trouble, go about your business."

The ABNU said "Sorry to trouble you, you may go." and left in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto sighed and thought weak minded fools. as he entered the accademy.

Naruto made it to room 201 and sat in the back of class. So far he was the only one there. Slowly the room started to fill up. Almost noone notice him and the ones who did never said anything to him. Finally a man walked in with a scar across his face and brown hair.

The man said "Settledown class."

Almost everyone said "Yes Irukasensie."

The man now identified as Iruka said "Ok teams are as follows...Team 7 Sasuke, Sakura, and Ranger..."

Just then a blond girl stood up and said "Iruka, why does forehead get to be with Sasuke and who the hell is Ranger."

Iruka said "Ino, The hokage made the list and I asume the person at the top of the stairs in the corner would be Ranger."

Naruto just nodded his head but all anyone saw was his cloak move up and down. Ino crossed her arms and threw herself back into her seat.

Iruka sighed and said "Team 8 is Hinata, Shino, and Kiba. Team 9 is still active so Team 10 will be Choji, Shikamaru, and Ino."

The pink hair girl who squelled when she heard her name with Sasuke said "Take that Ino pig"

Naruto sighed and thought Why do I have all the luck with idiots.

In the Hokage office the hokage and all the Junnin watched the events and Asuma said "Whats up with that cloaked boy, Ranger."

Kakashi sighed and said "He does not look like much to me. Sigh. I guess I have to take what I get to get the last Uchiha."

The Hokage started to chuckle and then turned into full blown laughter and everyone looked at him. He finally stopped and said "Kakashi, I would watch myself around Ranger. If he used his full skill he could probably give me a run for my money. He may not have many jutsu but he has some other skills that will suprise you."

Kakashi said "What do you mean."

The third said "You will see. Goodluck."

Everyone started to leave wondering what he ment.

Back at the Accademy the sensie started to come pick up the students one by one until only team 7 was left.

3 hours later of Sakura trying to get Sasuke attention and Naruto meditating. Finally a man with silver hair and his hiate covering one eye walked in and said "My first impression is, I dont like you. Meet on the roof." as he disappeared.

The three student went to the roof and the man said "ok lets do introduction."

Sakura said "You first sensie."

The man sighed and said "Names Kakashi, I have likes and dislikes and my dreams for the future are none of your business. You next pinky."

Sakura said "My name is Sakura not pinky, I like...my dreams...and my dislike is Ino." she looked at Sasuke."

Kakashi said "You next." pointing to Sasuke."

Sasuke said "My name is Sasuke, I dont have a dream just an ambition, To kill a certian man and revive my clan."

Kakashi said "Ok you next."

Naruto said "My name is Ranger, my dream is to protect what my family help start and meet my only living relative and to stop a certian group."

Kakashi said "Ok, meet at the memorial stone tomorrow at 5 am for a test and dont be late, and oh dont eat or you will throw up. Cya."

Kakashi disapeared in a puff of smoke, Sasuke got up and started to walk away with Sakura following. Naruto sighed and lept off the side of the building using the force to slow his fall. He then startred to walk through town.

As he was walking through town he heard someone screaming coming from a bbq resturant. Naruto went to investigate.

When he got inside he saw two men wearing green spandex hugging and saying



gai sensie


He sighed and started to leave but he saw the girl from the weapon shop earlier sitting at a table by them and a boy with white eyes getting up and leaving. Naruto decided to be friendly walked over and said "Hi agian."

Tenten looked up and said "Hi, did you find the accademy ok."

Naruto said "Yes I did and I wanted to tell you thanks."

Tenten said "No problem."

Naruto said "So do you have plans for today."

Tenten said "Not really, why."

Naruto said "I only got back to town yesterday evening and I have been gone for along time and I was wondering if you would not mind showing me around and let me take you out to eat later."

Tenten looked over at her sensie and he was still hugging lee and said "Sure, why not." as she got up and started to leave with Naruto following her.

When they got outside she said "So what would you like to see first."

Naruto said "Its up to you. Everything is different and I enjoy having company when walking."

Tenten blushed and started walking left and said "So you said you just got back to town, where have you been."

Naruto said "I went on a journey and met my mother. She told me about my family and also about my history and trained me in my family ways. She also told me why she was not around for me."

Tenten said "Im sorry."

Naruto said "Dont be, if she would not have left me to people she trusted I probably would have been killed by the people who tried to kill my family."

Tenten said "So where is she."

Naruto sighed and said "She was killed a little over two years ago by the people who are after my family."

Tenten said "So what did you train in." wanting to change subjects.

Naruto smiled as they had walked outside the main part of the village and where in a medow and said "I was trained in the force" and a red rose came floating over from the flowers and Naruto had it float in front of Tenten and she grabbed it.

She turned to him and said "How did you do that."

Naruto said "That was the force."

Tenten said "What is the force."

Naruto turned to her and said "It is a life energy that connects all living things together."

Tenten said "I dont understand."

Naruto said "I said the same thing when my mother told me about it. Basically its like chakra but more powerful and abundant. Chakra in natural energy made by things. The force is created from the living energy of all life not just inside of one object but in trees, plants, the water, the sky, other people even this planet and others."

Tenten said "Must be exciting."

Naruto said "It is as long as you stay away from the darkside."

Tenten said "The darkside."

Naruto sighed and said "Fear leads to anger, Anger leads to hate, Hate is the power of the Darkside. Basically there is a balance in the universe, good and evil.

In the force there is also a balance. Those who protect and use the force for good are jedis, Those who would use the force for evil or greed are sith. The sith are consumed by thier own greed and ambitions to do what they want. They only care about power and themselfs."

Tenten said "So what are you."

Naruto said "I am a jedi like my parents before me."

Tenten said "So why are you telling me all this and dont tell me its because you just wanted to. I am a ninja and been trained to look underneath the underneath and I know people dont open up like this without a reason."

Naruto chuckled and said "Your right. This morning when I entered your family shop I sinced something in the force. I have not felt someone who was strong in the force since my mother passed away and you remind me of her."

Tenten said "So..."

Naruto said "I have not really open up around anyone since my mother passed away and I can tell I can trust you. I need someone here who I can trust. Sure I have the old man."

Tenten said "Who is the old man."

Naruto said "The Hokage, He always let me call him the old man."

Tenten chuckled at that and said "I got to be around when you call him that."

Naruto smiled and said "I am sure you will get a chance."

Tenten said "So who did you get for teammates."

Naruto sighed and said "I got Sasuke who has a stick up his ass, Sakura who is obsessed with Sasuke and our Sensie is a lazy goofball who sent a Kagebunshin to meet us today. His name is Kakashi."

Tenten gasped and started to laugh. Naruto said "what."

Tenten said "your sensie and mine are considered eternal rivals. Gaisensei is always talking about Kakashi."

Naruto said "Well then when he does something stupid I can tell you and you wont think its wierd."

Tenten put her hands on her hips and said "And what makes you think I am willing to listen to you."

Naruto said "Simple. If you did not like the idea I can tell you would have already walked off."

Tenten sighed and said "I guess your right so what did you mean when you said I was strong in the force."

Naruto said "I can show you but you would have to trust me."

Tenten thought for a minute and said "Sure why not."

Naruto sat down in a meditation position and said "Sit like I am and relax." He waited then said "good, Now close your eyes and instead of meditating on your body start listening to the world around you and dont really listen to the sound try and feel the sounds and the energy around you. At first you should not see or feel anything but..."

Tenten gasped and said "What the..."

Naruto looked up and said "What."

Tenten said "I was doing what you said but all of a suden a bright flash happened and I could then start seeing blurs of bright colors even though I had my eyes closed."

Naruto started chuckling and said "Congrats, you just took your first step into a larger world. That bright color you saw was the force. With practice you will be able to see and feel everything around you even without meditating."

Tenten was amazed and said "What else could I learn."

Naruto thought for a moment and said "I wont lie to you. If you decide to learn anything more from the force you will learn many things, some that will make you question your beliefs and you will also be tempted by evil. Also you would have to worry about the sith."

Tenten thought for a moment and said "I think I would like that master."

Naruto held up his hand and said "I am not a master myself. I had only recieved the rank of knight. Only a few ever make it to master."

Tenten said "tell me about the jedi."

Naruto said "The jedi have been the gaurdian of peace and justice of the galaxy for years. Nearly 200 years ago there was a great war and most of them died or consumed by the darkside of the force. They became the sith and started hunting the jedi. Today not many survive."

Tenten said "Why do you talk about planets and galaxy like you do."

Naruto chuckled and said "Do you believe that this world is the only one in the galaxy that has life."

Tenten said "I guess I never really thought about it."

Naruto said "Dont worry about it, I can tell you that there are more then I can count and many different species."

Tenten said "how do you know."

Naruto said "I have seen some of them."

Tenten started laughing and said "You had me there."

Naruto said "Believe what you want."

Tenten said "you were serious."

Naruto sighed and looked at the sky and said "We can talk about it later. Its getting late and I have to get up early for a test."

Tenten got up and said "You are a mystery, you know that."

Naruto said "All shall be revieled in time." as they both started walking back toward town.

It was not long till they made it to the weapon shop and Tenten said "Well this is were I live."

Naruto looked at it and said "Well at least I know where to come find you."

Tenten said "When will I see you agian."

Naruto thought for a moment and said "How about we meet on top of the Hokage monument at 4pm tomorrow."

Tenten said "Sure as long as I dont have a mission."

Naruto grabbed her hand and kissed it and said "May the Force be with you." and turned to leave not noticing the blush on Tentens face.

Naruto walked into his apartment and sighed before thinking what am I doing.

He then went to get ready for bed after a shower and went to sleep.

The next day Naruto walked into the training ground Kakashi told them to meet and saw his teammates already there but no Kakashi. He went and sat agianst a tree and started meditating.

Three hours later Kakashi arrived and said "Yo."

Sakura screamed "Your late."

Kakashi sweatdropped and said "Anyways. You have two hours to get these two bells from me or you all fail. The one who does not get the bell fails and goes back to the accademy."

Sakura said "There are only two bells sensie."

Naruto said "You already fail the test Sakura."

Everyone looked at him and Sakura said "What do you mean."

Naruto said "The bells are meaningless. The test is about teamwork."

Kakashi sweatdropped and Sakura said "You dont know what your talking about."

Naruto said "Sasuke, will you work with me."

Sasuke said "Why would I, you would hold me back."

Naruto said "What about you Sakura."

Sakura said "I dont need your help. Sasuke will get a bell for me."

Naruto looked at Kakashi and held out his hand and both bells flew at him and he handed them to both Sasuke and Sakura and said "Your choice Kakashi. I will be back tomorrow at 7. If we pass meet here then. If not, I tried." and he walked off.

Sasuke was brooding wanting to know how he did that and Sakura was screaming that her and Sasuke did it.

Kakashi looked at the retreating figure sweatdropping and turned to the other two students and said "Hes right you both failed but since he passed and gave you the bells I guess you pass."

Sasuke said "What are you talking about."

Kakashi said "This was a team test. He knew what it was and you both failed but because he passed both parts I am passing you. Meet here tomorrow at 7. I have other things to do." and he left in a swirl of leaves.

Sasuke was brooding and started to leave. Sakura not even thinking about what Kakashi said was hounding him for a date.

Naruto went and was eating at the ramen stand by his apartment when he felt someone coming that he was getting to know pretty well. He turned and saw Tenten walking toward him. He turned and she walked up and sat beside him and said "So how was your test."

Naruto said "I dont know, I passed but my two teammates were idiots and failed to see what the test really was. I gave them the bells and said I would meet at the same spot tomorrow at 7. What about you."

Tenten had ordered her food and said "Gai sensie cancelled training when him and lee where working on some stupid moved and lee hurt himself."

Naruto said "So what do you have planned for the rest of the day."

Tenten said "I have to work at my family shop at 11 today but I was going to work on my weapon training until then after I ate."

Naruto said "Want any help."

Tenten said "Sure."

As Naruto and Tenten walked to the training ground tenten said "So what weapons do you use besides the force."

Naruto said "I can use kunia and shurikens but I prefer my lightsaber."

Tenten asked "lightsaber."

Naruto said "It is the weapon of a jedi. Each jedi must make thier own once they are ready to become a padawan."

Tenten asked "Whats a padawan."

Naruto said "Jedi are ranked from highest to lowest as follows. Jedi master, Jedi knight, padawan, and youngling. Right now you are consider a youngling until you make your own lightsaber."

Tenten said "So how do you go about making one."

Naruto said "First you must find a crystal that is in harmany with you. Then you must make a container and a powersorce. Then you use the force and embed the crystal with the powersorce in the container you choose. Each lightsaber is unique to the individual. When you get better you can use one lightsaber, two lightsabers, or dual lightsabers."

Tenten asked "What is yours."

Naruto said "Right now I have a single but I am planning on going to a dual."

Tenten said "So Ranger, I have been wondering is that your real name."

Naruto was in silence for a few moments and said "No. Its the name I started using after my mother was killed. I actually have two other names. One is my true name that I have only had for a few hours and one is the name I was given to protect me from my fathers enemies both here in this village and in others."

Tenten said "Can I know your real name."

Naruto said "I promise you that you will be the first to know it when I can use it."

Tenten nodded and they arrived at the training ground her team uses. They both walked several feet apart and tenten unsealed a sword and Naruto pulled his cloak back to one side and stuck out his hand and a silver cylinder flew to his hand and when it hit it activates with a hiss and Tenten jumped back and looked on with awe and said "Raijin."

Naruto said "Do what."

Tenten blinked and said "Sorry, Its just that your lightsaber looks like something I saw in a history book for are village. The second Hokage had a weapon like that but it was a yellow blade instead of blue. Is something wrong."

Naruto was smiling and said "Do you know if the second hokage had a brother and if any of there decendants are still alive."

Tenten said "Um yeah, the first was his brother, they both led the people here and helped make this village and they have one decendant still alive. My idol Tsunade of the legendary three, why."

Naruto said "I just was remembering what my mother said and when I told the hokage about it he said he thought he new who my relative is but he could not be for sure."

Tenten said "So you could be related to the first and second Hokage."

Naruto said "Maybe but I wont jump to conclusions. It does fit with what I have been told though."

Tenten said "Hold up, if you could be related to them then does that mean they were jedi."

Naruto sighed and deactivated his lightsaber before taking a meditative position and said "Remember when I told you how there was a war and then afterwards fallen jedi that became sith started to hunt the jedi. Well the jedi hid for a while and and my great great grandfather and his brother both hid on this planet. They were just going to live a hermits life and coexist with the force for the rest of thier lives but they saw people suffering and decided to help them. I was told they help the people make this village. I was also told about 20 years ago my father who was a decendant of thiers met my mother when she was running from some sith after her master was killed. She was just a little older then I am now and she met my father. She married him and was going to quit being a jedi but taught my father about the force after she discovered his liniage. Sadly the sith that killed her master came here to this planet and tried to kill her but he was stopped by my father so he..."

Tenten saw how Naruto stopped and said "Whats wrong."

Naruto sighed and said "I think I should stop my story for now. The rest of the story only I know and the third know some of it but not all so I think I should stop before I say something I shouldnt."

Tenten saw the sadness in his eyes and said "I understand and if you need to talk to anyone I am here."

Naruto smiled and said "Thanks Tenchan." and raised his eyebrows as he realised what he said.

Tenten blushed and said "its chan now huh."

Naruto said "Im sorry, I hope I did not offend you."

Tenten started laughing and said "Its ok this time but you cant call me chan until I can call you kun on your real name."

Naruto said "Fair enough. So do you want to learn some more about the force."

Tenten said "I would love to."

Naruto said "Ok, You remember how you were able to get a glance of the force yesterday."

Tenten nodded and he said "Ok, I want you to try that agian but stay calm and relaxed and listen to me as I walk around you and try to see me in the force."

He got up when she sealed her sword and got into a medative position. Naruto started circling her and said "A jedis strength flows from the force. It binds us and flows through us and all living things. When you are at true peace with yourself and the force you shall see the world in a new way. Relax and let the world flow through you..."

As Naruto was talking tenten was meditating and then saw the flash agian but did not get excited. Slowly the world around her went from multiple bright colors to more real colors. She saw the energy in the ground and the sky and everything around her. She saw Naruto walk into her view and saw a bright blue and white energy flowing out of him but also saw a red and white energy flowing from him but it was different from him. She decided to focus on that red energy since there was no red anywhere else and then she jumped back when a face appeared in the energy.

Tenten screamed and backed away and looked at Naruto who ran to her side and said "Whats wrong." in a concerned voice.

Tenten said "I saw the energy like last time and then I saw you and saw you had blue and white energy but you also had a red energy so I looked at the red energy and I saw a face and it scared me."

Naruto sighed and said "So you saw him huh."

Tenten looked confused and said "him who."

Naruto sighed and said "I suppose I should tell you the rest of my story now since you saw it so you wont be scared of me but I think we should goto the Hokages office first."

Tenten nodded and slowly got up looking at Naruto out of the corner of her eye. They quickly made it to the Hokages office and the two gaurds at the door said "I am sorry the hokage is busy and cant be disturbed anymore today."

Naruto waved his hand and said "He will make an exception for us."

Tenten looked at Naruto and both gaurds said "Im sure he will make and exception for you." and open the door.

When Naruto and Tenten walked in and the gaurds closed the door the hokage quickly hid his icha icha book and said "Na.. I mean Ranger, what can I do for the two of you."

Tenten said "How did you do that."

Naruto said "The force can have a strong influence on the weak minded."

The third said "What did you do know."

Naruto said "I used the force to convince the two gaurds to let us see you for a private talk."

The third sighed and said "If it was anyone else I would probably be concerned so what brings you here today with Tenten."

Naruto said "The force lead me to Tenten and she is strong in it and I have started to teach her about it but when she was learning to see and feel the force she sort of saw traces of my guest so I thought that before I finished my story we should come here."

The third sighed and said "Tenten, I want you to know right now that what you here is considered an S-class secret. Do you understand."

Tenten nodded and Naruto said "Well where did I leave off."

Tenten said "You told me about how you dad stoped the sith from killing your mom."

The third said "Oh yes I remember that. Continue."

Naruto said "Well my mom was pregnant with me and they were scared for my safety so they started making preperation. When it was almost time for me to be born the sith that attacked my mother used the force like I did earlier on those gaurds, speaking of oldman, whats with the ABNU with the letter NE on there mask."

The third blinked and said "Those are ROOT ABNU why."

Naruto said "When I went to the accademy one of them was starting to get hostile wanting to know who I was and everything and I made him forget me."

The third said "Be careful around them. I dont control them and the guy that does apposes me on everything, especially when it came to you. He wanted you to be made a secret weapon."

Naruto sighed and said "I understand, anyways, the sith used the force to make the gaurdian of the firecountry attack our village. Now here is a question for you tenten. Do you know who the gaurdian of firecountry is."

Tenten thought for a moment and said "No I dont, why."

Naruto said "Not many do now. It is the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

Tenten gasped and said "So the sith was the one responsible for the Kyuubis attack. I feel sorry for him now, dieing under someones control."

The third coughed and said "Not exactly."

Tenten said "What do you mean."

Naruto said "My father did not kill the Kyuubi since he knew the truth so to stop it he sealed the Kyuubi instead into me."

Tenten said "So that red energy I saw was the Kyuubi and...wait a minute your father. I thought the forth Hokage was the one who stopped Kyuubi."

The third said "Perhaps it would be alright if you told her your real name as long as she does not tell anyone it."

Naruto said "The name you gave me or my real name."

The third said "Both if you want."

Naruto turned to Tenten and bowed and said "Allow me to introduce the real me Naruto Kazama, the son of Arashi Kazama jedi knight and forth hokage and Alisa Uzumaki Kazama jedi knight. To protect me from my fathers enemies the third here changed my name to Naruto Uzumaki, my mothers maiden name."

Tenten though for a moment and said "I heard that name a few years ago...Oh I remember, some villagers were talking about how happy they were you were gone. I thought they were a bunch of asses."

The third chuckled and said "Yes, Naruto had a bad childhood because people thought he was the demon instead of a little boy. That was one of the reasons I have allowed Naruto here to go by the name Ranger. Now I want you to keep quite about everything you heard today."

Tenten said "I will, I do got one question though, Is Naruto related to Tsunada-sama."

The third stiffened and said "Why do you ask."

Naruto said "When Tenten saw my lightsaber she said it reminded her of a history book picture of the seconds Raijin. If Raijin is a lightsaber then there is a chance that they are my ancestors."

The third said "That is who I am guessing it is but I cant tell without a blood test. I wish I could tell you yes or no now Naruto."

Naruto said "Its ok. One thing being a jedi makes you is patiant."

The third said "That reminds me congrats on passing your test. Kakashi came in here demanding to know how you did that little stunt durring the bell test. I told him he would have to ask you. I should warn you though that Kakashi was your dads student and also your godfather."

Naruto said "Really."

The third sighed and said "I made alot of mistakes in taking care of you Naruto and for that I am sorry. Anyway I told Kakashi you died durring the attack but I can swallow my pride and tell him the truth if you want."

Naruto thought for a moment and said "Not yet. I have one person I half to tell and ask for his advice before my secrets get out."

The third said "Who might that be."

Naruto said "Mom called him Erosannin, she said he was dads sensie."

The third chuckled and said "Jaraiya, I will try and get ahold of him for you. Now I am guessing Tenten here is goint to be your apprentice am I correct."

Naruto said "If she still wants to that is. I have already told her about almost everything about me and I have also told her about the sith. If she still want to I will train her."

The third said "Very well, I just request that when you train to use the force you use training ground 18 behind the Hokage mountian about a mile. There are seals in that area that makes it where if anyone come into the area the user know. All you have to do is put a drop of blood on this scroll and you both will be the licensed users for those ground. They were your mom and dads grounds so I know they are safe."

Naruto nodded and bit his thumb and dropped a cupple of drops of blood and then turned to Tenten.

Tenten blushed and said "When we are training does that mean I can call you Naruto-kun."

Naruto chuckled and said "As long as we are on the training grounds Ten-chan."

She walked over and pulled a kunia out and cut her finger dropped a few drops of blood on the scrool and started to reach for her first aid kit when Naruto grabbed her hand and held his other one above it closing his eyes and it started to glow green and then her wound healed.

The third said "Medical jutsu."

Naruto said "No, force healing, I dont think I have th chakra control for medical jutsus."

The third said "I should warn you now you have already gotten a dangerous stalker."

Naruto said "What do you mean."

The third said "While you were gone the Uchiha clan was nearly killed off by one of thier own. As of right now only two live. The one who killed the rest Itachi and his younger brother..."

Naruto said "Sasuke."

The third said "Sasuke is metally disturbed. I would have had him put away for mental reasons but the council would not allow it."

Naruto said "Is there anyone on the council not an idiot."

The third said "The Naras, Aburame, Yamankos, Akimichi, and Hyuuga clan leaders."

Tenten said "The Hyuuga clan head Hiashe I have heard is cruel."

The third sighed and said "I will tell you both a secret that only me and Hiashe knows so listen up. After the cloud incedent that cost Nejis dads life, Hiashe wanted revenge agianst the Hyuuga council for forcing that to happen. He came to me in secret and has been my spy on the council and the clans for years now. I know that you may come to not like what he has had to do to his daughters and neji but the Hyuuga council tried to eliminate him and brand both his daughters with thier family curseseal. I ask that you both try to not hold ill feelings for him because he is doing all he can until Hinata gets her confidence and claims her spot as clan head and elimates the council and that seal permenately."

Naruto sighed and said "I will old man. But if he acts in a way I dont like in front of me I may have to say something. It is my duty as a jedi to help those in need."

Tenten said "I guess I can understand but my teammate is training to get at the main branch and I am afraid if he ever gets a chance he will take it out on Hinata."

The third said "I will see what I can do to make sure he does not get a chance. If that is all you are both dismissed."

Naruto nodded and said "You ready."

Tenten said "Not yet" and grabbed Naruto and kissed him before saying "I am now, Naruto-kun."

Naruto chuckled and said "Dont you think we are moving a little fast."

Tenten said "For some reason I feel I have known you forever."

Naruto said "Me too." as they left not hearing the perverted giggle coming from behind them.

When they made it outside Tenten said "So what now Ranger."

Naruto said "It sounds strange being called that from you from earlier."

Tenten looked up at the sky and said "Crap, I was suppose to be at the shop an hour ago."

Naruto said "I will come with you and explain how you were with me at the Hokages office requesting a training ground so you can help me with weapon training."

Tenten said as they started walking "You dont half to do that."

Naruto said "Are we a couple now."

Tenten looked at him and said "I suppose we are. Funny, if you would have asked me a few days ago who I thought I liked I would have said Neji."

Naruto said "So is it my ravaging good looks that got you to like me."

Tenten said "No, though thats a plus, it was your eyes."

Naruto said "My eyes."

Tenten said "Yes, your eyes had a magic about them and I dont mean the force. It was like I could see into your soul and I liked the peace and confidence I saw in them."

Naruto said "Thank you. You want to know why I started falling for you."

Tenten said "My strong connection to the force."

Naruto said "No, Its how at ease I feel around you. I feel I can tell you anything and you would be there to listen to it and tell me the truth about how you think of it. Though you do have a nice set of legs and beautiful hair."

They arrived at the weapon shop and walked in and a man behind the counter said "Oh there you are Tenten, I was getting worried something happened...Oh who is this." he said looking at Naruto.

Naruto said "Hello sir, sorry for making Tenten late but we were at the Hokages office requesting a private training ground so Tenten here can help me with my kenjutsu."

The man looked at him and Tenten and said "If you were working on kenjutsu dont you need a sword."

Naruto said "I have something just as good as a sword and we have not actually started training yet. We were only getting a training ground since new teams were started today we did not know which grounds were open."

The man said "Well, the names dustin and I am currious, can I see your weapon. If its as good as a sword I might need to make some."

Naruto looked at tenten and said "If you insist but I doubt you will be able to make them." he then pulled out his lightsaber without activating it and handed it to the man.

Dustin took it and paled and said "Where did you get this."

Naruto said "I made it, why."

Dustin looked at Naruto and said "Tell me your name boy."

Naruto said "I go by Ranger."

Dustin said "What is your real name."

Naruto said "I dont know what you are talking about."

Dustin moved and pushed Naruto agianst the door and said "Are you a Kazama"

The Naruto who he was holding went up in a puff of smoke and the lightsaber in his hands flew behind him and the real naruto said "You seem to know these weapons, tell me how."

Tenten said "Dad, whats going on here and why did you attack him."

Dustin turned and saw Naruto holding the lightsaber still turned off and said "I cant believe you are alive boy."

Tenten went "Huh."

Dustin said "Sorry about that kid or should I say Naruto."

Naruto expression and said "Why do you call me that."

Dustin said "I am probably one of the only people in this village who actually knows who you are. I know both your mother and father and who they were."

Naruto said "And they were." not revealing he knew the truth.

Dustin said "A pair of knights as I can tell you are."

Naruto said "I suppose then you know the truth then."

Dustin said "Yes I do and I also have something for you from your father. I will be back in a moment." and he left the room.

Tenten looked at Naruto and saw the confusion on his face and said "So what now."

Naruto said "I dont know."

A few minutes later dustin returned and had a scroll and said "I was told that when I saw you with a lightsaber to give this to you. I dont know what it says or is but here you go." as he handed the scroll to Naruto.

Tenten said "Dad, how do you know his parents."

Dustin said "I was a witness at thier wedding, I was one of his dads best friends away from his position."

Tenten said "So you knew him away from the tower."

Dustin said "It seems that you know more then I thought tenten."

Naruto said as he was reading the scroll "she knows everything including the truth of kyuubi."

Dustin chuckled and as he saw the second scroll Naruto unsealed and said "looks like the yellow flash shall return."

Naruto looked up and said "huh."

Dustin burst out laughing and said "I recognise the seals on that scroll because I made it. Inside are the Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique) kunias. Thats the technique that got your dad his nickname the yellow flash. Now why dont you tell me the truth about why you were late because I know if he is a knight his kenjutsu skills are better then yours."

Naruto said "I asked her to be my apprentice."

Dustin said "Ah, I see. Well I dont have a problem with that as long as it does not interfere with her job here or her team training and missions. I do want you to be careful tenten and listen carefully to him."

Tenten said "I will dad."

Dustin said "Good, now that thats settled I am going to lunch and get some rest. The store is yours tenten and it was nice meeting you Ranger."

Naruto bowed and said "It was a pleasure sir."

Dustin chuckled and left and Tenten turned and grabbed Naruto and said "I love you. Cya later."

Naruto kissed her and said "Cya later tenhime." as he left not noticing the blush on her face.

Naruto went to the training grounds the Hokage told him about and open the scroll and read it agian.


If you are reading this then you have returned with or without your mother and I died along the way. For that I am sorry. Inside this scroll are the kunias for one of the two jutsu that made me famous. This is the Hiraishin no Jutsu kunias. To use them all you have to do is drop a drop of blood on each kunia and when you want to use them charge some chakra into them and the seals on the kunia do the rest. But you must learn the right amount of chakra, To much or to little and it wont work. My enemies have tried everything to figure out the secret of this jutsu but the answer is so simple that they overlook the obvious. I have left two scrolls sealed in this one. One explains the seals for the jutsu and the other are the kunias themselfs. Anyways son I want you to know that I love you and I hope you have a happy life and may the force be with you, always.

your dad

Arashi Kazama

Yondiame Hokage of Konaha

Naruto unsealed the second scroll and saw the seals on it. He then created 10 clones and said "Take this scroll and learn this seal. I want you each to try and copy it and when you got it memorised dispell except for one who will bring the scroll back to me then dispell."

The clones took the scroll and went to the other side of the clearing. Naruto started working on the jutsu.

The next day when Naruto got back to the memmorial stone both Sasuke and Sakura were there. Just as Naruto arrived Kakashi appeared and said "Good, I am glad to see you are all here. Today we are going to do a team mission I have already picked up. Follow me."

Kakashi lead them to a stream near the edge of town and said "The mission is to go into the water and remove any and all garbage you see in the river. Be careful because the current can get swift and the rocks are slippery." He then handed them three gurny sacks to put the trash in. Sasuke and Sakura both started walking in the water. Naruto though started walking on the water.

Kakashi looked at him and said "I see you already know this, do you also know tree climbing."

Naruto said "Yes." as he continued to use the force to pick up any trash as he walked on top of the river.

Sasuke looked at him and said "How are you doing that. I demand you tell me."

Naruto said "A, I dont answer to you and B this is a chakra control excersice."

Sakura said "Dont talk to Sasuke like that."

Naruto sighed and sat down ontop of the water in a meditative position and closed his eyes. Suddenly his and his teammates bags flew into the air. Sasuke and Sakura were both picked up and carried to shore by nothing. Kakashi was watching this in awe and then slowly the trash in the river started to slowly rise starting just a little up stream from Naruto all the way to the waterfall a hundred yards down stream and flew into the sacks. When it was done the three sacks floated to his teammates and then sat on the ground. Naruto then opened his eyes and stood up before walking to shore.

Sasuke looked at him and said "Fight me."

Naruto walked by him and said "Mission complete. Is that all for the day."

Kakashi nodded and Naruto started to walk away. Suddenly he stepped to the side and ignited his lightsaber faster then anyone could see and sliced a kunia in half that was flying where he once stood. He turned to Sasuke and said "dont let your anger get to you. Anger leads to the darkside." and started walking away.

If anyone would have looked at Kakashi then they would have seen his one eye as big as it can get and he was as pale as a ghost thinking Arashi sensie

Naruto walked toward the training grounds he practised at the day before. Around noon tenten showed up and Naruto said "Ready to begin."

Tenten walked over and kissed him and said "I am know." and so thier training began.

At the same time another meeting of the minds was happening at the hokages office.

"I am sorry Kakashi, I cant tell you. If you want to know you will have to ask him." the third said.

Kakashi said "Why cant you tell me if he is related to sensie."

The third said "All I can tell you is that some thing you have been told are lies. I have to wait until something happens before I can tell you the truth. I am sorry."

Kakashi sighed and said "Fine." and left in a swirl of leaves.

And that was how the first three weeks for Naruto went. Kakashi actually arrived on time a couple of times hoping to get the answer to his question and Naruto showing new skills. Sasuke getting more jelous and Sakura asking Sasuke on dates. Naruto would speed up the mission with help of Kagebunshins or the force and trained tenten whenever he could. He also worked on his fathers jutsu that he left but is still having trouble with it. Tenten was progressing greatly and was preparing to move to a new rank and become an official padawan. She was working on making her first lightsaber.

Today when everyone got to thier official meeting spot Kakashi said "Meet at the Hokages office." and left in a swirl of leaves.

When team 7 made it to the hokages office the third said "bring him in."

A old man with a bottle of Sake said "Is this all you got me. Huh, I doubt they could even protect me. I am Tazana the master bridge builder of wave country,"

Kakashi said "I can assure you my team is skilled en..."

He was interupted by naruto who said "What are you hiding sir."

The old man said "I dont know what your talking about kid."

Naruto said "Your lying, I can see it." he then waved his hands and said "Tell us the truth."

The old man looked at them then his eyes glossed over and he said "Ok, I admit it, I lied, I only paid for a c-rank mission because thats all the money my village had to pay. A little over a year ago a man named Gato came to wave and used his merc and money to start taking over. He is afraid of my bridge because he will loose control of wave. I have no doubt he will try to kill me and probably hired ninja since he is so rich. I am sorry."

The third sat quitely and said "Na...Ranger go get team Gai and have them come here. Kakashi I am sending them with you."

Kakashi paled and said "Do you think that is neccessary."

The third said "This mission is at least a B maybe A rank mission. I dont want to take the chance of something happening to any of you."

When Naruto left Tazana rubbed his head and said "What happened. I feel like I got a hangover."

The third said "I am glad you told us the truth about this mission and we are sending an extra team with you to help.

Sasuke said "How did the dobe do that. Are you teaching him privately Kakashi."

The third said "Ranger has a special skill that he can use. Even Kakashi does not know how he does that."

Just then Naruto walked in and Team Gai right behind them. The third looked at them and said "How did you all get here so fast."

Naruto said "I told Gai that Kakashi wanted to test his power of youth on a joint mission."

The third chuckled and Kakashi paled and said "You know I am starting to hate you."

Naruto said "Dont worry, I will grow on you."

The third said "This is a joint mission to protect the client Tazana. You leave in one hour at the south gate. Dismissed."

Naruto turned and said "So have you finished it yet."

Tenten said "All I have left is the final stage." as they walked out the door ignoring everyone else.

Naruto said "Well bring it along and you probably can finish it on the way. Consider it part of your levitation training."

Tenten nodded and leaned over and kissed him on the lips. Naruto returned it and it became more passionate. Kakashi had to quickly change his mask for blood coming out of it. Sakura was gaping, Sasuke was thinking that it was a waste of time. Neji was thinking that it was fated to happen and Gai and lee were screaming about the power of youth.

When they broke apart Tenten said "When I finish it your going to help me train right."

Naruto said "What kind of teacher would I be if I did not help my apprentice young padawan."

Sasuke looked on with maniacle eyes as everyone went to pack.

When they made it to the South gate everyone was waiting on Kakashi. Naruto walked over to Tenten and said "Why dont you start now while we wait."

Tenten nodded and unsealed a scroll and sat down in a meditative position. Naruto started walking around her and said "Remember, let the force flow through you and be at peace with yourself and the universe around you."

Everyone was looking at them like they were crazy. Suddenly a black cylinder started to float into the air. Then one by one the other items started floating. Each getting into position and slowly started lining up. As they got closer they moved slowly getting into perfect alignment and then went inside the casing. Tenten opened her eyes and reached out her hand and as she grabbed it a yellow blade shot out of the end with a snap hiss.

Everyone was in awe and Naruto reached into his cloak and tossed a scroll and said "That is yours now padawan."

Tenten unsealed it and a brown cloak like Narutos was inside.

Sasuke stomped over and said "I demand to know how you do that."

Naruto said "Like I told you before. I dont answer to you."

Sasuke turned to tenten and said "FIne then you tell me."

Tenten said "Sorry, I am a padawan apprentice and I am not ready to teach. There can only be two at a time anyways, a master and an apprentice."

Sasuke became enraged and pulled back on a group of shurikans and launched it at Naruto and Tenten. Both activated thier lightsabers and destroyed them all. Tenten was stunned and said "How did I do that."

Naruto said "You were still at peace and let the force guide you."

Tenten said "How did I see what he was going to do before he did it."

Naruto said "The force can show you the future the past and the present but you should know that when it shows you the future it is not always right. The future is always in motion."

Kakashi appeared just then and saw both Naruto and Tenten with lightsabers and sweatdropped and said "Ok, what did I miss."

Naruto said "Mr. High and mighty attacked us agian with shurikans this time. We destroyed them. Nothing much."

Kakashi nodded and Gai said "Ok youthful students, lets begin our journey and if we can not protect Tazana I shall walk all the way to wave and back 6 time on my hands without stoping."

Lee said "And if Gai sensie can not do that then I will do it for him."

They both started hugging agian and Naruto turned to tenten and said "Dont let it get to you. Release your anger."

Tenten said "But cant I just."

Naruto sighed and said "Sorry. You know the rules."

Tenten sighed and said "Yes master."

Naruto said "What did I tell you about calling me master."

Tenten said "Well its the only way I can make sure I wont call you something else."

The two teams started to leave and Gai said "Neji, I want you to start checking for any signs of trouble every couple of minutes."

Neji nodded and Tenten paled as something hit her and said "Ranger, can I speak to you a second."

Everyone saw how she was nervous so Naruto walked over to her and she put her hand to his ear and whispered "Can your guest chakra be seen by someone who can see chakra."

Naruto thought for a moment and said "I dont see why not, why."

Tenten pointed to Neji with her head and said "His family can."

Naruto nodded and said "We will cross that bridge when we get there."

The group traveled for several hours when Naruto sinced something ahead and notice Kakashi, Gai, Neji, and Tenten had also sinced it for different reasons. They continued on and saw two puddles in the road. Kakashi was reading his book and Naruto got an idea and said "Sensie, I swear when I find out who rights those books of yours I am going to do this to him." and stuck his hands out in front of him and lightning shot out of his hands and struck both puddles in the road. The genjutsu dissapeared and both men who were still being hit by the lightning were on the ground rolling in pain.

Naruto stopped and looked around as everyone else was sweatdropping. Naruto said "What."

Kakashi said "Thats it, tell me who taught you all this stuff."

Naruto looked right at him with the most neutral face and said "My mother Alisa."

Kakashi thought for a moment and then paled pointing a finger at Naruto and Naruto said "Dont say anything now, We will talk in private later, right now we have two guys who are suffering from electricution." as he turned to both of them and walked over to them.

The taller one used his clawed hand to slash Naruto arm as he walked over and the nin said "You may have hurt us but I killed you. Are weapons are poisoned and there is no cure."

Naruto chuckled and looked at his arm as said "That would work if I was not immune to all poisons." as his arm started to heal in front of everyone with green red and blue energy around where he was cut and the poison being pushed out the wounds that were healing.

Naruto thought Thanks Kyu.

Kyuubi said "My pleasure kit. Remember our deal, I look after you until we stop that man who ruined both our lives."

Naruto thought I could never forget.

Naruto blinked and Kakashi said "Are you alright, you zoned out there for a moment."

Naruto said "Yeah. I was just balancing out my energy after healing the wounds. Nothing to worry about."

Kakashi said "Right, you think you can do that hand thing you did to Tazana on these guys."

Naruto said "No, It only works on the weak minded and these guys have mental blockers set up so I could not."

Sasuke said "What was that lightning jutsu you used. I did not see any handsigns."

Naruto said "There are none thats why."

Sakura trying to get some browny points said "Well then tell Sasuke how to do it."

Naruto said "If we were on any other planet I would sell you to a Hutt."

Sakura said "Whats a Hutt."

Naruto said "A gaint slug that smells and thinks insults are complements."

Tenten said "Like Tsunades summons."

Naruto said "No, I will show you one someday. I owe one a favor anyways and I dont like owing favors. Especially to a guy who gets his kicks out of shooting people out of his ship in escape pods at a sun."

Neji said "You know you are not making any sence right."

Naruto said "When you have seen what I have and been where I have then you can tell me about making sence."

Kakashi who turned to deal with the two nins sighed and said "Well we wont get no answers out of them now."

Sasuke smirked thinking he could make his teammate feel guilty said "Good job dobe, You killed them."

Naruto looked at them and said "Well if I did oh well, were ninja and we are trained to kill, but if you would look closer you would see they poisoned themselfs with thier own weapons."

Sasuke looked and became pissed agian and said "hmph."

Kakashi said "These were chunnins, the next nins will probably be jounin. Do you all want to continue or turn back."

Naruto said "Im going, it is the duty of a jedi knight to help bring justice to the galaxy."

Sasuke said "You know you are full of yourself. One minute you claim to be a ninja then you claim to be a jedi, what ever that is. I think you are full of hot air."

Gai said "Its settle we will continue for the power of the springtime of youth.