When Naruto made it to the valley of the end he had to agree to one thing. The statues did look alot like Korriban. He looked across the valley and saw a single figure standing with his black cloak covering his head. He was standing on the Shodiames head and Naruto was standing on the Nidaimes head.

The figure removed his cloak and Naruto saw the face of Darth Kaos. Kaos said "its good to see you agian Jedi."

Naruto snorted and said "Lets get this over with. I have diaper duty today."

Kaos sweatdropped and said "Arent you afraid of losing."

Naruto snorted and said "I wont."

Kaos smirked and said "Shall we." and started to do handseals. Naruto looked suprise and said "I did not expect you to use Ninjutsu."

Kaos still doing handseals said "Do you think I would visit this planet and not learn from it."

Kaos Katon: Ryuka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique)

Nar Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu (Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique)

Kaos Raiton: multistrike

Nar Doton: Doryuheki (Earth Release: Earth Release Wall)

Kaos Kamaitachi no Jutsu (Cutting Whirlwind Technique)

Nar Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)

Kaos Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu (Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique)

Nar Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Kotan (Wood Release Secret Technique: Birth of Dense Woodland)

and a wall of trees blocked the water from hitting naruto. Naruto looked across at Koas who was clapping and said "Well done jedi. Now lets see what side of the force truly is stronger." and pulled out two red lightsaber

Naruto reached into his cloak and pulled out a wooden handle. Kaos looked at it in wonder and said "I see you designed a new lightsaber."

Naruto said "You will see." and activated the lightsaber only for a green blade to come out the end."

The two jumped off of thier respective heads an ran down the walls into the valley below. They stopped on each side of the river and Naruto smirked.

Koas sees this and said "Whats so funny."

Naruto said "You just walked into my trap. Behold the power of not only a jedi but a Hokage." and started doing handseals and after 15 handseals said "Secret Sealing Arts: Protection of the light." and shot a lightning bolt at each of the heads on the side of the valley. A white light flooded the valley and a wall of green and white energy shot out between the two statues and created a huge cube that both Naruto and Kaos was in the middle of.

Koas said "No matter. When I kill you I will destroy those statues and get out of this trap."

Naruto pulled out 2 scroll and bit his thumb and said "This is something my wife tought me. Soshoryu (Twin Rising Dragons)" and shot into the air as both scrolls followed him into the air and started to spin around him and out popped Hiraishin kunias faster then you could count and Naruto launched them all over the new bonderies he had started. As he landed he was falling he said "Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Multiple Shadow Clone Technique)" and 1000 clones appeared.

As soon as they all landed the next thing Kaos saw was flashes of yellow all over the place. He just started to swing both lightsabers as fast as he could destroying every clone that appeared. After 30 seconds of this he was starting to sweat and had yet to see the actual Naruto.

Kaos soon had enough and of this and dropped his lightsabers and shot lightning out of his hands swinging in every direction as fast as he could. Suddenly Naruto appeared and had the green blade activated and intercepted the lightning that was coming for him. Koas not seeing anymore flashes of yellow light or any other clones continued using the force lightning and also used the force to pick up his lightsabers and they floated in the air.

Kaos said "Time to show you the move my master taught me and I later used to kill him." and both lightsabers ignited and started to float toward Naruto spinning in a full circle arch getting faster and faster until they were blurs and got closer to naruto.

Naruto had the look of fear on his face. He kept his lightsaber up and when the two lightsabers were almost on him he dropped his lightsaber and allowed the lightning to hit him at the exact moment the two lightsabers should have decapitated him.

Kaos was smirking until Naruto went up in a puff of smoke and he felt a pair of hands grab him from under the ground and pull him in. Naruto appeared in front of his head and summoned the wooden lightsaber to him and ignited it only to have to block the still two floating lightsabers flying at him.

Naruto jumped back away from Koas giving him a chance to get out of the ground. He then pulled out a third lightsaber and joined the attack on Naruto. the three blades got in a triangle around him and then Naruto was stabbed in the back on both sides by the two floating lightsabers. Naruto screamed out in pain and fell to his knees dropping his lightsaber.

Kaos deactivated his lightsaber and walked to Naruto and said "You fought well Jedi. I shall let your child live so someday he can challenge me but the rest shall die."

Naruto coughed and spit out some blood and had his hands behind his back and said "I am sorry."

Kaos said "For what."

Naruto said "...This. Rasengan" and jumped to his feet and smashed a Rasengan in both sides of Kaos chest sending him flying agianst a bolder.

Kaos looked at Naruto who had his lightsaber active and said "But how. I saw you get stabbed by my lightsabers."

Naruto said "I found out something durring my time training. I learned about something that drains lightsabers of thier powers and shorts the metal parts of them out."

Kaos said "Thier is no such thing."

Naruto said "That is where you are wrong. It is cortosis. My ancestors had some installed in his lightsaber. I found the remains of it in thier temple and used it in my own lightsaber construction. That is why my lightsaber is made out of wood. The cortosis in it makes any lightsaber I battle weaker and shorts them out. When you lowered your guard I saw my opening. When your two lightsabers stabbed me they had the same strength as a remote."

Koas chuckled and said "You would have made a fine sith with that deception."

Naruto said "No. I am a great ninja. Now goodbye." and slashed Koas across the neck decapitating him. He then picked up all the lightsabers on the ground and used a Katon jutsu on Koas body.

Naruto sighed and walked to the statue of the Nidaime and stabbed the right foot of the nidame and said "Only a clutz would cut his own toe with his own lightsaber great great uncle." and the shield came down. Naruto walked up the side of the valley and Hiraishined back to his home. He walked into the back yard and took the crystal out of his lightsaber and placed it on the shodiame agian and walked into the underground temple.

He walked to the shelf and placed the lightsaber handle on the alter beside the dual one he got from the sith, the three he got from Koas, the raijin and tentens. He turned and walked to the exit and looked at the two holograms of his ancesters only to see his mother and father holding each others hands in the middle and said "The force is strong in my family. For now I shall put it away and live the life of peace with my family. If the time comes the force shall guide my family to this place agian and teach them what they know. Goodbye." and walked outside the temple and removed the crystal.

He walked back inside the house and sneaked into his bedroom to see his wife soundly asleep. He looked over at the crib and smiled as he saw a small toy floating in the air above the crib and his son reaching for it. Naruto walked over to the crib and grabbed his son and thought "The force is strong in my family."

the end