Awww. I don't even know what I'm gonna write. Just gonna go with the flowwww...

I surely don't need to announce I don't own Klonoa. It's just plain obvious.


Why was I the one chosen to carry the burden of the people I meet and do my best to fix them?

What makes me so special that someone decided it was okay to interrupt my life and set out to become their saviour?

I don't know, but I'm so tired of it.

No, I will not take a knife to myself. I'm not Guntz or Lolo. I won't contemplate suicide or think of eternal darkness. I won't do any of that, I will just continue to sit here and wonder when I'll be sent out next, and to whom. Will I see my friends again, or will I be forced to meet up with someone new, just to part with them by force and sit through the depression and lonliness?

Whoever's doing this to me is a very cruel being. They must know only greed, they don't know what it's like to be truly lonely like this.

I just want to be with the people I know and love and actually feel whole, I want to feel like I'm actually someone. I used to be Klonoa of the Wind, but now I just plain don't know.

I don't know at all. It's too frustrating. It's all too depressing. I just want to be at home with my friends and family. I miss them terribly, without them I feel fucking empty.

Please, tormenting summoner. Take me back home. Pretend you have a mission for me, send me out to do it? Even if it means doing a mere thing like opening a pickle jar or two? Whatever it takes to get me back with Guntz and Lolo. They're the ones I miss most. I can never help but think about what's happening to them.

Have their lives improven, or gotten worse?


...Do they sit there in their rooms, feeling just as lonely as I? Well, at least they know where they are. At least they have the capability of going out and speaking with someone. I don't. I just sit here in this damned blackness until some other person decides to take me away and force me to be the every day hero. I'll make new friends and lose them, too.

Fate, you are the meanest thing to ever be bestowed upon me. I hate you for all that you're worth.

Forget it. Maybe I should just end it...maybe I should give in to life's torment and free myself from the suffering. But...wait. Didn't I just say I wouldn't think of suicide? Well, that was then, and this is now. I'm just thinking if I kill myself...I could stop hurting so much. Hell, I could even get the chance to see Guntz and Lolo again? I don't know. It's a nice thing to think about, though.

What if...instead of seeing the ones I love, I end up seeing the ones I hate instead? Such as that evil thing Joka...or the bastard Janga. I don't want to get caught up with either of them, I'd surely die at their hands if I was alone. That's generally two suicides in one setting, and then I'd end up going straight back to them and dying all over again...

...Alright, I'm not going to be that stupid...

I'm just going to hope and pray that the next time I'm off for a new adventure, that I get to see Guntz and Lolo once more.

So I guess I'll just close my eyes and dream once more, dream about the days of happiness when I'm surrounded with the lack of cares in the world, and not worry about the day when I'll be sent back here.

It is a very nice thing to dream about, after all.


Aight, see. I didn't know what I was gonna write. I thought it was just gonna be something kinda...longer and stuff. o.O Yeahhhhh. I'd say I'm gonna continue with this, but I'd just be lying to myself. :D