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It was a fine Tuesday morning in the Major Case Squad. It was a day where the only thing needed to be done was paperwork. The office was buzzing with partners talking to themselves.

The Captain then opened then opened his door and bellowed "Eames! Logan! Barek! My office, now!"

The three of them looked up from their paperwork very puzzled. Bobby Goren looked up at his partner Alex Eames and gave her a questioning look as to say What could he possibly want with you three and not me? Alex shrugged in a reply and followed Mike Logan and Carolyn Barek into Jimmy Deakins's office.

When they all had filed in Deakins said "Close the door, please."

The three detectives looked at each other wondering what he could possibly want. After a moment Mike went over to close the door. Alex and Carolyn both took a seat. Mike positioned himself inbetween them. They all looked at their captain sitting at his desk.

"Now, to start, you guys are not in trouble." Deakins started. Everyone then let out a breath that they didn't know they were holding.

"Well then, what is it Cap?" Mike asked.

Deakins then paused for a moment. It seemed like he was trying to figure out how to say something. He then started, "It's about Bobby. He isn't himself lately." Alex then looked down at her hands in her lap. Deakins pretended not to notice and went on. "After his mom died he has been even more reserved than he was… Alex…" After a moment Alex then realized that he was waiting for her to acknowledge him. She then looked up. "He's only been talking to you. What's going on?"

Alex didn't know what to say. She thought about it for a moment and then against her better judgment started to explain."He… he feels lost… he's afraid… he said that I'm the… only one left that really… cares about him. He… really appreciates you two…" She gestured to Mike and Carolyn. "But he said that… it wasn't really… the same thing as what we have… friendship I mean."

Everyone was silent.

After a moment it was Carolyn who broke the silence. "I wish he knew how many people really care about him."

"We should try and do something for him." Mike suggested.

Deakins face lit up. "Mike…that is actually a really good idea." He then stopped and it looked to the detectives like he was contemplating something in his head. "We should do something for the big guy, show him he isn't alone."

Alex was quick to reply. "Captain, you know how he doesn't like to be put in the limelight."

Carolyn bounced back just as fast with an answer. "True, but it's not really limelight… necessarily… more of a lime glow."

Alex shot one of her famous death glares.

Mike ignored Alex's look of hate and went on with the idea. "True, that big lug deserves a break. He never stops going. He only took one day off for himself after… you know."

Alex let out a sigh. "I know that. I'm probably the one who thinks he deserves something special the most out of anyone…. He has gotten… different with me. I can't really explain it… nicer I suppose… if that is possible." She smiled a small smile and then continued. "I think he is afraid that if he says something wrong I'll drop him as a partner like a hot potato, which of course I would never do…" Her voice dropped very suddenly. "Especially now…" Then just as fast as it went down, her voice was back to normal. "He thinks that if he does anything to upset me then he will be by himself… I just don't know what we could possibly do for him."

Deakins phone then started to ring. In a hurry he said. "Well, how about we lull it over for a bit. We'll have another little chat soon. Eames, I'm sure that Bobby is just about having a heart attack not knowing what we're talking about. I'm sure that you can think of something to tell him… go ahead."

Deakins then gestured for them all to leave. He picked up the phone as the three detectives walked to the door. After a moment he hung up the phone and said, "Logan, Barek, hold on. I have a question for you."

Mike and Carolyn turned around. Deakins said quietly, "Close the door again, please."

Mike and Carolyn looked at each other as if asking what he could want with the door closed. After shrugging it off Mike closed the door again.

Deakins smile and said, "Sit, please." They sat. "Now, I want you to know, that what I'm about to say isn't from Captain to Detectives. It's from friend to friends." He took a very long pause. He started to say something and then stopped. He then started again slowly, "Do you think that Bobby and Alex are… romantically involved?"

Mike and Carolyn's jaws dropped simultaneously. Mike managed to stutter out, "Uh…. Cap?… uh… wow…?"

Carolyn almost had recuperated and said, "Uhm… may we ask why you're asking…?"

Deakins let out a small smile. "Well, I don't know… you guys always spend lots of time together with them. I was just wondering if you noticed anything… different." He paused for a moment. "I sure have." He chuckled to himself. "Look at them." He then pointed out to their desks. "When they sit at their desks. You can defiantly see that something is going on." Carolyn then turned around to watch and see if what he was saying was true. She had a knack for these types of things. "I don't know if they are together, or if they are both being overly sensitive because-"

Carolyn then cut him off abruptly, "No to your last question, and yes to the first, well… almost."

Mike was very confused. "What? Uh… care to elaborate…?"

Carolyn sighed and went on to say matter-of-factly, "When one is working the other stares at them, then when they look up, they look away. They are both doing it. It's like when you were in high school. It's really cute, actually. Then, they touch each other… differently than they used to, and much more. Alex is trying to tell herself that he just needs stability in his life. Bobby is trying to cling on to something that isn't going anywhere. Awwe. They like each other and they're too afraid to tell because if they told each other then it would ruin their partnership… they've seen too many crash and burns."

Mike was stunned. After the shell shock of it he managed to get out, "You can tell… that… from what? Fifteen seconds?!"

Carolyn gave an impish grin. "Women's intuition." She added.

Deakins was enjoying the show, but he wanted some answers. "Haha, okay you two enough of that. What do you think we should do?"

"Well, I don't think that they'll act on these impulses, or even tell each other until they're given a little" Carolyn motioned with her hands, "push."

Mike jokingly said, "Wow… I don't know if I can take much more of this…"

Deakins was looking adamantly at Carolyn. "Nonono, I think you're right Carolyn. They would never want to jeopardize their partnership, it means too much to both of them. Let's wait… just a bit… and see what happens."