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A few months had passed and all three women had swollen stomachs. They had all married by now and they all had beautiful weddings. The woman spent most of their days together, seeing as they couldn't go into work. Bobby and Mike had paired up for the time being at the Major Case Squad. Even though Deakins was worried about the havoc they could and most likely would wreck they knew that soon enough their partners would be back and be able to settle them down. It also made it easier on him then trying to find two temporary partners, which they probably wouldn't get along with anyway. Elliot managed to slink out of getting a new partner by helping Munch and Fin with their cases.

Olivia was the first to deliver her and Elliot's baby. It was a boy. They named him Joey. Carolyn was to follow soon after with another boy named Tommy. Alex just behind Carolyn with a baby girl, Molly.

Somehow, between all of the people that they knew the girls managed to get a room together.

"How did we manage to get so lucky?" Olivia asked as she held Joey.

"I don't know." Elliot sighed.

Alex let out a soft chuckle. Bobby, Mike, Carolyn, Olivia, and Elliot looked over at her questioningly. "I was just thinking about how these three children are going to be inseparable." She smiled.

"Yeah, that is if Molly over there can keep up with these strong men over here." Mike said jokingly, playing with Tommy.

"Oh, I doubt that." Olivia said.

"Me too." Alex said. "Molly over here is just like her father… never tired."

"But, she has the personality of her mother. She will be able to run circles around those guys." Bobby smiled, looking at his wife.

"I resent that." Elliot said only half joking. "And I'm sure Joey does too."

"Well, we'll just have to wait and see what happens." Carolyn said smiling.


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