I Thought You Loved Me
by Summer_Dragonfly(Jennie)

Note: I don't own Harry or Hermione or any characters in "Harry Potter".
This is a fic in letter form that Hermione writes to Harry.

Dearest Harry,

I cannot believe I am writing this. After so long I have gathered up all my
courage to sit down with this quill and parchment and write this to you. You
are probably laughing at this ridiculous letter now, but please read it all
before you make up your mind. I spent the most time in this letter, and I want
you to know that it is the hardest thing I have ever written on parchment.

I thought you loved me, Harry. I really thought you did. But now I see that I
was utterly wrong. I thought you said you would love me until the end of time,
Harry, and that was what you promised me. If you thought that I love you, you
are right. I have always loved you, and always will. You have claimed a piece
of my heart that I never thought could be claimed. I thought you loved me.

When you went away to fight You-Know-Who, I was heart-broken. I never thought
I'd see you again. I didn't care that you had not defeated You-Know-Who when
you returned. All I cared about was that you returned to me, that I was with
you again. I thought you would be glad to be with me, too. But I was wrong
yet again. I thought you loved me.

And then on that sad, sad, gloomy day at Hogwarts, my thoughts were proven to be
all false. Do you remember? Charms. I walked through everyone to get to you,
walking to Charms with you, like we always did together. But then---where were
you? In bed with HER. I don't blame either you, or Cho Chang. I blamed myself.
I still blame myself. I blame myself for not being a good enough girlfriend
for you. I blame myself for giving you such boredom as a girlfriend that you had
to seek somewhere else for a better girl. I thought I wasn't good enough for

And I'm not. I'm not good enough. I'm sure Cho is. How is she? Ron told me you
two were getting married. Congratulations. Forgive me if this letter is a little
wet, because my tears are flowing right now, beyond words. Even though we had
broken up, Harry, I always thought we could be friends. No. I was wrong yet
again. You started walking with Cho and her friends to Charms. Always. Me and Ron
were left in the shadows.

I'm glad you and Ron are in contact again. Even though you don't care about
me enough to search for me. I guess I'm the Snitch even a great Seeker like you
can't catch. Ron told me he loved me last week, but I don't love him back. Do you
know why, Harry? Because I am in love with YOU. I always will be. And I thought
you were in love with me, too.

I know. I know you probably stopped reading this letter half way through, because
you don't love me, even as a friend, to read it through. All through seventh year I
suffered, Harry. I suffered. As if seeing you with Cho wasn't enough, Viktor ended
things with me, too. I only got together with him to make you jealous, but I wonder
why I was ever so selfish to do that. I never loved Viktor, because I always loved
you, from the bottom of my heart. Why didn't you love me back?

That question still floats in my mind. I'm signing off now, I hope you and Cho are
okay. I'm starting at the Department of Magical Games and Sports tomorrow, because
Quidditch is the only thing that can get me nearest to you, now. Cho, I know you
don't love Harry. And forgive me, but, Harry deserves more than the two of us both.
He deserves much better than me or you. Good bye, Harry Potter, and I hope you know that
I will always love you from the bottom of my heart. I just wish that you would love
me, too.

I will love you always,

Hermione Granger