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"With or without cream?" inquired the waitress to the silver hedgehog before her.

"With," Silver answered as he held up his coffee mug for a refill.

While the blonde waitress was filling up his mug, she asked, "It sure had gotten chilly here in New York. It usually always gets chilly around Valentine's Day."

Silver was in a daze, but he managed to say, "Yeah." He noticed that her nameplate said 'Molly'.

"Have you got anyone special in mind to celebrate the lover's day with?" Molly persisted. This waitress sure was becoming annoying.

Silver let out a depressed sigh. "No, not yet. But… I have someone in mind."

"Well the best of luck to you," the waitress said encouragingly before she set his mug down and left.

When she was out of site, Silver let out another deep sigh. The silver hedgehog was sitting in his favorite outdoor café. A white fence surrounded the several tables laid out. He wore nothing but a brown and red scarf.

Silver didn't have anyone to celebrate Valentine's Day with. True, he did have someone in mind, but…

…. It was Amy Rose.

Amy had secretly been haunting his dreams ever since Blaze and he came back to this time. The hedgehog had grown a lot. Her once short pink quills had transformed into long, straight human/elfin like hair. Her hair always curled at the ends around her waist. The silly red dress was exchanged for jeans and a matching shirt. The hedgehog had also found the guts to get her ears pierced, twice.

Her new look turned many heads to her. Especially Silver's. The one thing that she hadn't grown out of was her crush on a certain blue hero. Rikku Fox, Amy's new best friend, had been trying to bring her out of this for some time. The fox was also the only one, besides Blaze, who knew Silver was harboring a crush on Amy. When he had confided in her, she had said that they would make a cute couple.

Silver had tried everything to get Amy to notice him. He had started lifting weights to get more masculine. All that did, was cause him to have a fan club, Amy was not included. Silver had improved his speed by going to a track and running around in until he collapsed. He could now keep up with Sonic for more than an hour. Amy seemed to notice Sonic more. His psychic powers had improved. Amy still ignored him. He had even once tried to play the jealously card. He had talked Blaze into pretending to be his girlfriend. When they told Amy about it, she said congratulations and then they had to 'break up.'

The lonely hedgehog lazily stirred his coffee with his psychic powers, not taking one sip. As he took the heated mug of coffee in his hands, a peppy voice almost made him drop it.

"Mind if I sit here?"

Silver whirled around in his seat to find none other than Rikku Fox staring at him with one eye. The other eye was closed, in what looked like to be thoughtfulness. She always did this when she was thinking.

She was also bundled up for the winter. A magenta colored coat with a black scarf kept her warm. Instead of the black shirt and leggings she usually wore, she traded them in for a pair of black jeans. Her hands were also covered in magenta gloves with pink fur at the ends. A pair of black boots with white fur around the edge and down the middle completed her look.

"Sure… "he said glumly.

Pulling out one of the white chairs with the pink cushions, she turned it backwards and draped her arms over the back. Opening her other hazel eye, she asked, "Why so glum?" When he didn't answer she guessed, "No luck with Amy?"

Silver nodded his head in depression.

Rikku stared at him, intently. "Well, you can't give up," she finally said. "She'll eventually notice you!"

Silver found his anger rising at the situation. "Rikku! Don't you get it!!! She's never going to notice me!!! She's to busy drooling over that… that…that… FAKER!!!!" Silver buried his head on the table with his arms.

People looked up in alarm at his outburst, then to the female fox for an explanation. She gave a nervous laugh and then turned her attention back to Silver.

Surprisingly, Rikku didn't leave. She stayed quit for a few minutes. When Silver heard a waiter/waitress walk by, he heard her yell, "Waiter!!! Two hot chocolates and three marshmallows on the side!!!!"

The hedgehog heard the waiter quickly dash away and return. His ears pricked up when he heard to clunks and the exchange of money.

Unlike him, Rikku was popular everywhere. She use to be known as Tails' girlfriend, but they broke up for unknown reasons that neither of them were talking about. Now, she was known as the 'hottie's' best friend. Amy and Rikku did everything together.

"Sit up and stop looking so glum," perked Rikku. Silver heard her pick up her hot chocolate. "If Amy won't notice you, there are plenty of other fish in the sea. And besides… we both know that Sonic had no feelings for Amy, what so ever."

This news slightly brightened Silver's mood. Taking his head out of his arms, he grabbed the other cup of hot chocolate. Scooping up the marshmallows, he plunked them in, one by one. The hedgehog also noticed that there were several powdered donuts in the middle of the table. Rikku must have ordered them.

Silver selected one of the biggest donuts and dipped it into his hot chocolate. Taking a sip of his drink and a bite of the donut, he said, "I guess you're right. But… I want Amy."

Rikku beamed at him as she took a taste of her hot chocolate. "I know. So that's why I'm going to help you win her over!"

Silver gave a little chuckle at the fox's optimism. "You've been trying to do that for four years. Amy's seventeen now. She won't be swayed so easily."

Rikku closed her left hazel eye again. "True," she said thoughtfully. Opening her eye again, she added, "But I've tried only the direct approach. Now, it's time for the indirect!!!"

Silver blinked at her clueless.

"You'll see," sighed Rikku. Getting her peppiness back, she drew a piece of wrinkled up paper from her pocket. Her delicate hand slid it across the table at Silver.

The male hedgehog unwrinkled the paper, shooting a glance at her, clueless.

The female gave another sigh. Snatching the paper from his hand, she pointed the curvy letters that blended together. "Just come here on February 12th at 8o'clock. Just make sure that you go to the east wing."

Silver was about to ask why, but Rikku pulled her sleeve up and glanced at her watch, cutting him off. "I've gotta meat Amy at the mall soon." Standing up, the fox grabbed her drink as well as a few donuts. "See ya later! And remember! East wing!" With one final wave, she opened the white gate and dashed in the direction of the mall.

Silver shook his head. "That fox becomes stranger and stranger," he thought. Leaving a tip on the table, he seized the remaining donuts and his hot chocolate. Going out the gate, Silver headed towards the track to desperately try to impress Amy Rose.

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