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With Rikku…

"OH!!!! I hope I'm not late!" cried the golden fox, trying her best to run in high-heels. "I would simply kill myself if I miss anything!"

Rikku dashed down the last sidewalk separating her from the Le Re's restaurant. A slight chill made itself known on this romantic night. I can't believe it's already Valentine's Day! Time passes so quickly here! The fox almost stumbled on the end of her red cocktail dress when she came to a halt outside the building. Red lights lit up the various signs and doors. Cut out hearts and arrows were pasted all over the glass walls.

I wonder if Silver, Blaze, Amy, and Sonic showed up yet… she wondered, stepping into the toasty restaurant. Sweet smells wrapped themselves around Rikku as she went over the past events.

When the guys had landed, she could tell that they were overjoyed. There was lots of, 'How'd you survive?' 'Are you okay?' 'We were worried,' junk. Blaze and Silver had actually hugged, while Knuckles and Julie had given each other a high five. Rikku had positioned herself so that she was the farthest away from Tails. Tails didn't seem to mind, as he positioned himself so that he was the farthest away from her. The most interesting reunion had been Sonic and Amy's.

Amy had kept her distance from the blue blur, standing besides Rikku and gossiping on how cute everyone looked together. Sonic, however, searched for her among the group. When his green eyes had locked with hers, he had immediately rushed over. Rikku had pushed Amy forward just as Sonic had gotten within distance. The pink hedgehog had tripped over her own two feet and had ended up in the arms of the blue hero.

From there, the two had locked gazes until Tails had shouted that they needed to leave.

Stupid Tails! Couldn't he see that they were having a moment?! Rikku slumped against the glass doors and looked herself over.

The bright, newly bought, red cocktail dress clung to her every curve. It wrapped around her right beneath her shoulders making her even more attractive. Her dark blue, strap-on, high-heeled dress sandals were covered in a light coat of snow. A deep blue, jeweled choker lined around her neck, covering some of her bare skin. On her tail, she decided on red and blue bracelets. Two bright blue, teardrop shaped earrings finished off her look.

For the sudden coldness, Rikku had managed to snag a very light, red, translucent coat. It hung loosely around her shoulders.

Running a hand through her hair, the fox made her way to the gold reception desk. She sighed with relief when she saw that the green fox from before was not present. Instead, a tall, black male otter was standing perfectly straight behind the desk. His nametag said Ottieloie.

"Hello," the female fox said in her most pleasant voice. "I believe that I have made a reservation for one under Rikku in the middle wing."

The otter nodded his head and looked down at a piece of white paper. "Ah! Yes, here is it!" he said with a heavy French accent. "Right this way Mademoiselle." Taking a menu from the side of the desk, Ottieloie led Rikku to the middle wing.

The fox made the mistake of glancing in the east wing on the way to the middle and froze. Oh no…. "Um… excuse me?" Rikku said, keeping up with the otter's pace. "Why isn't anyone in the east wing?"

Ottieloie stopped at an elegant table adorned with a white tablecloth and a set of roses. He pulled out a chair for Rikku as he answered her. "The east wing kitchen recently caught fire. No one knows what caused it, but we don't want to risk it."

Rikku felt her heart catch in her throat. "I see… so what about the reservations for the east wing?"

The black male placed the menu on the table along with a set of silverware. "We moved all of them into the west wing or middle wing."

The golden vixen nodded, even though her head was spinning. What if they set Amy and Sonic right in here with me!? My cover will be blown!!!!!!

"A waiter will be with you shortly, Mademoiselle." Without another word, the otter returned to his gold podium.

Rikku laid her head on the table. This is not going to go well… I'm telling you, this is going to a disaster! Calm down, Rikku. Let's go over what I know and what I've done…

1: Spent hundred of dollars of two cards for Amy and Blaze. Telling them about the restaurant and the secret admirer and junk like that. Made sure to fake the handwriting of Sonic and Silver.

2: Bought lots of flowers to go with the cards.

3: Sent anonymous e-mails to Silver and Sonic telling them what to say blah, blah, blah…

4: Beat up Tails for ruining Sonic and Amy's moment. Have yet to accomplish.

5: Made reservations for Sonic and Amy in the east wing under FR. Made reservations for Blaze and Silver in the west wing under VX.

6: The east kitchen burst into flames, causing everyone to be moved.

7: I'm guessing that Sonic or Amy has arrived. Let's check out the rooms before you go jumping off the deep end.

The female fox took a deep breath while getting out of her seat. Her shoes clicked on the tiled floor beneath the red rug as she made her way to the west wind entrance. A large archway on the east and west side allowed the wings to be grouped together. The east archway had caution tape all the way across it.

Rikku's hazel eyes scanned the entire middle wing. No Sonic or Amy. This caused the female to breath in some relief as she peeked around the west archway. I probably look like an idiot, sneaking over here and peeking over the edge.

Suddenly, Rikku's eyes spotted a blob of silver fur near the end of the room. She grinned when her eyes focused in on Silver sitting at an empty table. He was wearing a light blue tuxedo with a white rose in its pocket. The male also had a large bunch of white roses placed on his lap as he scanned the room, no doubt looking for whoever his 'secret admirer' was. He cleans up good…

Rikku forced herself to look for Sonic or Amy in the west wing. Searching each table, the fox was about to give up when she saw the otter enter the room. Following the black male was a familiar blue hedgehog.

Score! Sonic and Amy are in the west wing! My cover's not blown. She punched her fist into the air and brought it down, receiving strange glances from the couples around her.

"Uh… Don't mind me, continue with… whatever you were doing." The female gave a nervous laugh and returned her gaze back to the west wing.

At first she couldn't relocate Sonic, her eyes scanned the area, but there was no trace of him. Now where did he go? Her hazel eyes finally landed on the table right in front of the archway side where she was hiding. The female ducked behind a large plant when she saw the blue hero sitting at the table.

Great! They put him right in front of me!!! Simply fantastic! Why don't they just put the Chaotix here too?! The more the merrier!

Suddenly, the otter appeared again. This time he was leading a purple chameleon, a young yellow bee, and a large green crocodile. He seated the three two tables away from Sonic.

Rikku slapped herself in the head, silently cursing. I was kidding! I should really learn when to shut up!

With Sonic…

Sonic gently tapped his foot on the tiled floor in impatience. Like Silver, he was also wearing a tuxedo, only his was black with a red rose in the pocket. His mind buzzed with questions. Who sent me that e-mail? Who is going to show up? Why can't I get Amy out of my head? Why did my heart feel like it was going to explode when Amy had stumbled into my arms? Who is my secret admirer?

Wiping back his quills, Sonic scanned the room. The Chaotix were sitting just two tables away, but he doubted that they knew anything. Unfortunately, he didn't recognize any other faces. Sighing, the blue hedgehog drew his gaze to archway to wait for whomever it was to show up.

His mouth probably dropped to the ground at what he saw.

The French otter that had led him in before was now leading a gorgeous Amy towards his table. She was dressed in a pink faded dress. The top portion consisted of a white shirt that wrapped around her neck and then disappeared in the V-neck of the pink dress. It had black strings that tied together in a bodice style on top of the V-neck. Instead of regular sleeves, it had pink translucent long sleeves that ended at her wrists. It continued from the V-neck in a maroon color until it reached her waist. The skirt part of it was separated by a white bow that tied in the back. Then, the ruffled skirt continued until it reached her knees. The skirt was a reddish pink color. The ends of the skirt faded into a light pink. Her long elfin hair was decorated with sparkles and a white headband. Her jade green eyes seemed focused on the floor as the black otter led her.

Sonic thought that it was the most beautiful thing that he had seen her in. Amy's my secret admirer?

Amy looked up from the ground and found Sonic staring at her. She blushed and gave him a soft smile as the otter pulled out her chair. She gracefully sat down, giving the otter a small nod of thanks.

Sonic's my secret admirer? The female remembered back to about two days ago when she received a bunch of red roses and the special Valentine Day's card adorned in lots of glitter. That didn't seem like something Sonic would do…

The otter seemed to leave in a hurry as the two were left alone. An uncomfortable silence settled in. Amy fiddled with her sleeves while Sonic couldn't help glancing at her every few seconds. She really was a sight to be hold, except that she would keep looking down to avoid eye contact. His heart seemed to speed up just at the site of her.

Sonic rubbed the back of his neck. "Uh… you look nice."

Amy looked up, her beautiful jade green eyes meeting Sonic's for a moment. "T-Thank you. You… clean up good." He's complimenting me? Maybe he really has changed… just like Rikku said.

The blue hero gave a nervous grin as another eerie silence fell upon them. Say something! Don't just sit there like an idiot! TELL HER!!!!!!!! Tell her what? That she's been haunting my mind for the past five days? That she's the only one I can think about?

Before Sonic could say a word, Amy interrupted. "You know… back at the air ship… I wanted to thank you for coming to rescue us…. I heard from Tails that you were very… determined."

Sonic nodded. "Yeah… You're worth saving." Did I just say that?

Amy blushed a deep red and looked to the ground. Is he… flirting with me? Don't just sit there like a dummy! Say something!!!!!!!! "… I also wanted to say how sorry I am about the alley incident. I shouldn't have gotten in the way…"

"You didn't get in the way. You were just trying to protect me and I thanked you by pushing you into the mud. If anyone's sorry, it should be me." Sonic thought back to the hurt he had seen in her eyes as Amy stomped away.

The pink beauty felt her heart flutter as Sonic reached underneath the table and gripped her hand that was placed on her knee. He's holding my hand!!!!! The spark that had been buried deep for so long finally came to life again, as she recalled all of her old feelings for him. "No, I shouldn't have been so stubborn; you were just trying to protect me… I'm sorry."

Sonic gave her hand a squeeze. "Stop saying that. You're worth protecting… and I love the fact that you're stubborn." He blinked. Did I just say love?

Did he just say love? Amy felt her heart beat faster and her face heat up. "I should be the one who is sorry. After that incident, I go and let myself get captured… You guys risked your lives to save me."

"Like I said, you're worth saving." He gripped her hand tighter. "Ames…" This time his eyes locked onto the ground. "Back there… when the air ship was exploding… I thought I'd lost you."

Sonic's grip on her hand fell and Amy found herself longing for him to keep a hold of it. All of her old feelings, the chasings, the death hugs, and the childish antics, came rushing back into her at full force. For the first time in years, she felt love for the blue hedgehog. No, no, no! He broke your heart remember? Can you count the number of times he ran away? You let go of your old feelings and tried just being friends. He still didn't like it. Listen to me, don't fall for him! A little voice inside of her screamed all of this, making her heart twist in confusion.


Amy snapped out of her trance and looked up at Sonic, who had truthfulness in his eyes that silenced the little voice.

"I know this is kind of a sudden… change. But, you know that old saying? You never know what you have until its gone? Well… I now know what that means…" he was struggling with the words when a female porcupine waiter came up to them.

"May I take your order?" she asked, pulling out a red pad out of her black pocket.

Sonic ordered an oven-roasted chicken with a side of a baked potato. He also got a diet coke. Amy got a house salad with iced tea and a sweet potato. The waiter hurried away to the next table while Sonic struggled to pick up where he left off.

Amy couldn't help but laugh at the male hedgehog's attempts to tell her. She already knew what he was going to say, though her ears and heart couldn't believe it. The female couldn't remember when she had last had this strange feeling. A slight crystal laugh came out of her mouth.

Sonic looked at her, raising one eyebrow and grinning at her beautiful laugh. "What's so funny?"

Amy shook her head, the low lighting casting on her sparkles and making them glitter. "Nothing."

A slow steady song suddenly began to play. The song seemed to sway and move accordingly. Amy flashed Sonic a smile as she watched other couples gather on the dance floor in the center. "You wanna dance?"

Sonic's cheeks turned into a tainted pink as he watched the other couples. "I'm not exactly the best dancer…."

"Oh! Come on!" Amy said, standing up and grabbing his arm. Without fighting back, the blue male let his companion drag him onto the dance floor, a slight grin forming across his lips.

A few minutes earlier, with Silver…

Silver steadily drummed his fingers on the table as he waited. His thoughts swam around in his head until he thought he was going to explode. Rikku told me to come here on Valentine's Day, but with whom? The last e-mail I got from her, I'm guessing it was from her, said that someone would be joining me, but who? Couldn't she at least tell me!?!

The sliver male sighed and dropped his gaze to the red rugged floor. I hope she's not trying to set me up with anyone…

All of sudden, a small 'Ahem' was heard from the other side of the table. Silver's gaze snapped up and his mouth literally fell to the floor. He must have been lost in his thoughts if he didn't notice Blaze approaching. Rikku set me up with Blaze?! Don't hear me complaining.

Blaze settled herself in the white chair that was pulled out by the otter. Ottieloie set two, brown leather covered menus in front of them and scurried away. The female cat ran one hand through her hair and gave a small smile at Silver. He's my secret admirer? Well, heck! You don't hear me complaining.

The silver hedgehog looked Blaze up and down. She looked absolutely gorgeous! The female had on a light purple dress that seemed to flow with her every movement. The dress only wrapped beneath her shoulders with a dark pink lining. Around her waist was a dark pink bow that tied in the back. The dress had a large slit in the right side; it went all the way to her knee. Although the dress seemed to flow the sleeves followed ever curve and line from right beneath her shoulder to her wrist. The ends of her violet hair were died a light pink. A dark magenta gem replaced the one on her forehead. Around her neck was a dark pink necklace.

Snapping out of his gaze, Silver remembered the white roses that he had bought and handed them over to Blaze.

The cat's muzzle tainted a light pink as she smelt them. He really does know what romance is all about. "Thank you," she muttered, taking a whiff of the sweet smelling roses.

"I-I'm sorry if they're not your favorite… the flower shop was kind of crowded when I went there."

The cat shook her head as she placed one of the roses securely behind her ear. A small smile crossed her lips. "They're beautiful."

The male silently sighed in relief. He had wanted to get a bouquet of jasmine for her, but the shop was all out by the time Silver had arrived.

A tight silence befell the two as they waited to order. Blaze constantly arranged the roses and Silver fixed his suit in nervousness. By chance of hope, a female porcupine waiter finally came over to their table. She took the black pen from behind her quills and drew her pad. "What'll it be?"

Silver ordered the pasta with only butter and a glass of water along with a sweet potato. Blaze got a small light salad with a glass of water and a vegetarian fruit cup. The male was a little shocked by her order and told her so as the waiter hurried to the next table.

Slightly blushing, Blaze said, "With all of the Valentine Day's chocolate around here, I'm trying to resist as much as possible. Which means, that I have to try and eat healthy foods if I cave." She lightly laughed at the end and Silver smiled.

She's got a beautiful laugh… "I wouldn't be too worried if I were you… You're stronger than that."

"You really think so?"

"I know so."

Blaze grinned and took a sip of the water that had just arrived. "Thanks… I didn't feel all that strong when Amy was kidnapped…" Her golden gaze averted to the floor and her voice dropped.

"It wasn't your fault… There really wasn't anything you could do-"

"There was plenty I could have done!" Blaze snapped, looking up. "She was kidnapped after we went to the mall. Amy insisted on walking home alone and I let her! I didn't think twice that she wouldn't make it! And in the end, it was Rikku who noticed that something was wrong! Rikku helped build the ships that got us there while I just sat and cried. Even Julie-Su, who was in the hospital, came when she heard!" Her eyes filled with tears and she looked at the ground again, her body lightly shaking.

"Blaze…"Silver said in a gentle tone. "You couldn't predict this, no one could. Sonic and Rikku were beating themselves up because they thought it was their fault. If it was anybody's fault, it was Eggman's."

The female gave a forced smile as Silver gazed gently at her. The girls had been filled in on the whole story at the hospital by Shadow and Rouge. "That still doesn't change the fact that I let Amy get kidnapped…"

"Blaze! Quit blaming yourself! Nobody had any idea that Amy was going to get kidnapped! Just like we didn't have any idea that we would have to leave you girls behind…" Silver's voice choked at the last sentence.

Blaze tore her gaze away from him and to the floor.

Silver continued, regaining his voice. "Blaze… I thought I'd lost you, we all did. I would have given anything to go back and redo that day… just to save you. Even if it meant risking my life."

The lavender cat looked up and met his gaze, a little shocked at his confession. "I thought that we were just friends… partners, you know?"

She blushed slightly as he reached across the table and took her hand. "Blaze… just friends, partners even, are the last things I want us to be. That's what I've been trying to tell you for the past week and a half."

The cat's thoughts entered a hazy state. Blaze felt like she was drifting on a cloud; happiness never known to her finding its way into her closed heart that Silver had snatched the day they met. Little did she know, she was fully grinning and beaming happiness glowed from within.

Blaze felt his hand squeeze tighter on hers, bringing her back to reality. His thumb gently caressing the top of her hand as a slight blush crept onto his cheeks. Hallelujah, he said it! Well don't just sit there like a fool's fool! Say it! He got up the courage to tell you; the least you could do is give him an answer.

The words that she wanted to say were suddenly drowned out. Her thoughts seemed to turn to mush. Her brain seemed to fully shut down and her thoughts returned to their hazy state.

Silver continued to wait for an answer. He noticed that Blaze was smiling, which must have been a good sign. His heart hammered against his rib cage so loudly, that the male was sure everyone could hear it. Why wasn't she answering? Did I say something wrong? Does she feel the same way? Is she smiling because she thinks this is a joke?

Soft music began to fill the room and echo off of the walls. Blaze, snapping out of her hazy state, and Silver's ears pricked towards the dance floor where couples were already gathering. The huge red rug that covered the entire room didn't cover the area of the dance floor. Instead, polished marble cloaked a thirty feet square that was cut out of the rug. The floor was right in front of a stage where musicians were beginning to play. The stage was in the dead center of the middle wing, with speakers surrounding it on all sides.

Silver turned his golden gaze back on Blaze, who was watching the dance floor with extreme interest. "Would you like to dance?" he asked, extending his other hand.

The female averted her gaze from the dance floor to look at Silver. A small, sweet smile spread across both of their lips. "I'm not a very good dancer," she mumbled, looking down at her white roses.

"Neither am I."

"…. A-Al-Alright…" Blaze said taking his other hand and setting the white roses down on the table. Silver gently lifted her out of her chair and extended his right elbow. Blaze, slightly blushing, wrapped her arm around his elbow and laid her head on his shoulder. Her heart seemed to pound right out of her chest.

In a second, the two were starting towards the dance floor, hand in hand.

Meanwhile, with Julie-Su and Knuckles…

The night sky stretched itself out above the two echidnas as they casually walked on the soft green grass. The bright set of white radiance that glittered across the sky couldn't be seen in the city because of all of the nightlights.

Julie stuffed her hands into her jean pockets to keep them warm. Her brown and purple sneakers crunched on the grass along with Knuckles' brown and green ones. Amy had gratefully the female borrow her new purple tank top with the red rose on it. She had also insisted that Julie take the long-sleeved brown jacket that only came up to her chest. The purple ends of her dreadlocks had been recently dyed and styled in their usual position. The rest of her hair was pulled into a side ponytail with a tan piece of cloth. She was lost in all of the sights that this part of had to offer.

Knuckles looked down at the grass. His tan cargo pants bagged at the end of his sneakers, almost tripping him more than once. For the fourth time, he wished that he had worn something warmer than a green tank top. Get over your nervousness, Knuckles. You're the one that invited her on a stroll around the Mystic Ruins and you know that. You aren't going to just walk around in silence for the next hour or so.

A sudden wind whipped past their dreadlocks and rustled at the new buds on the tree above them. Julie had been so lost in her observations that the new noise somewhat startled her. Her body relaxed as she realized it was just the wind, and hoped Knuckles didn't notice her jump.

The red echidna did notice, however. His deep purple eyes turned to her as they neared the large waterfall that he had been tempted to show Julie. "You okay?"

The female gave a nervous smile. "Yeah… just got a little startled, that's all… So, where are we going?"

Knuckles tore his gaze from her and looked at their bearings. "We're almost there, just right through this cave…" The two stopped at a large cave entrance craved in the side of the mountain. The grass was long left behind as a dirt path ran straight through. It was slightly elevated, so the two had to jump onto a set of rocks leading up to get there.

Julie landed near Knuckles as she jumped off of the second rock and entered the cave. The cave had a very high roof and didn't feel humid and stuffy. It felt exactly like the outside, only a tad warmer. Knuckles sighed in relief with the arrival of the heat and began walking forward.

"How'd you kind this place?" the pink and purple echidna asked, following her companion deeper into the cave.

Knuckles shrugged and made a sharp left in the cave. "I live on Angel Island and I have a lot of free time, so I explore these caves around here."

"Slacking on your duty, huh?" Julie teased, climbing over a pile of fallen rocks.

"I haven't been slacking… The Master Emerald is still on the island, ain't it?"

"I guess…"

"See? As long as the Master Emerald is safe, I've performed my duty. You couldn't find a better guardian."

Julie let a laugh pass through her mouth. Just as Knuckles had said that, the male had tripped over a rock and landed flat on his face. "Walk much?"

The male lifted himself off of the ground and gave Julie a fake angry glare with a smile on his face. "Laugh it up now." Dang, she's got a gorgeous laugh.

"Okay, I'm sorry…" Julie admitted with a roll of her eyes.

"Don't sound too honest now," Knuckled joked, continuing the path through the cave.

"Don't worry, I won't."

A silence suddenly settled between them as they made a right and entered a vast ice cave. The floors, walls, and ceiling were coated in a thick layer of blue ice. Several icicles were hanging from the ceiling and floors. The ones on the floors looked like a gathering on frozen rocks, their ends pointing upward.

"We're almost there," Knuckles commented, breaking Julie out of her gazing. The male walked forward more confidently and took a sharp right around a set of floor stalagmites.

Julie tried to follow, but the ground was slippery then expected. Just one foot sliding out from underneath her was all it took to bring her crashing down. A slight jingle of the icicles banging against one another from the impact made Julie groan. Her side felt like it was exploding with pain as she tried to stand on her feet again.

The echidna dared a glance of her side. The shirt was slightly ripped, Amy's gonna kill me!, but other than that, there was no blood… just a big lovely purple colored bruise.

Thankfully, Knuckles rushed to the scene just then. His amethyst eyes widened as he saw Julie struggling to her feet. "Are you okay?"

Julie darted her eyes in his direction and gave faint smile and nod. "Yeah… just fell that's all."

Knuckles rushed to her side in an instant. Julie was surprised that he could travel that fast on such a slippery surface. "I'm sorry," he said, placing one arm gingerly around her waist so not to hurt her. "I should have warned you that these floors are really slippery near the entrance. After that, salt was spread all over the rest of the ice, so it shouldn't be so bad. You're not bleeding, are you?"

Julie shook her head, touched by his concern. "Just a lovely colored bruise."

"Alright… let's get you away from here. Hold on…" Julie was about to ask what he meant by hold on, when she was suddenly flipped into the air. Knuckles effortlessly settled one arm around her shoulder and the other one under her knees. Wow, she's really light. The female wrapped her arms around his neck and settled her head on his shoulder. Neither complained about the position.

Five minutes later…

"It's just around this corner," the male said, still carrying Julie, bridal style.

"I can walk now, the ice around here isn't that slippery…" Julie said. She was actually enjoying the position but didn't want to strain Knuckles.

The red echidna shook his head, making a final left. "You're not that heavy and I think you have enough bruises for now… Here we are…"

Julie-Su turned her deep violet gaze from Knuckles to the scene before them and gasped in surprise.

It. Was. Beautiful. No words could describe the simplicity of the area around them. Luscious greens waved their way through the across the edges of the icy ground. Patches of dirt could be seen through the flora covering the ground. Thick vines curved their way along the walls and ended at the ceiling, which was solid stone and no longer ice. Rare flowers bloomed along the edges of the flowing lake in the center. The lake shimmered with elegance and tiny fish popped their way through here and then. The most breathtaking sight was the waterfall. Streams of the radiant water fell from seemingly nowhere and cascaded into the lake. There was no small cave that the water ran through or even an opening. It just seemed to fall from the air and never stopped. Yet, the lake never seemed to overflow.

"This is… this is…" she stuttered unable to find the words to describe the scene as Knuckles gently lowered her to the ground. Julie slightly winced as her feet came in contact with the ground, causing a sting of pain in her side for only a brief moment. "How did you find this place?"

Knuckles watched as Julie spun around and gazed in awe. "Like I said, I explore the caves…. This use to be the Master Emerald altar…"

Julie turned to look back at him with a bit of sympathy. Angel Island was nothing compared to this. "So… that's how all of these plants are able to survive?"


Knuckles moved to stand next to her as the female lowered her hand into the waterfall. The water caressed Julie's sore palm and instantly relaxed her. Taking her hand out of the waterfall, she lowered herself down to the ground so that she could see the brightly colored fish. "This place is amazing," she flickered her gaze back to Knuckles. "Thank you for showing me this."

The male rubbed the back of his neck and looked around the place as Julie's attention returned to the fish. Out of all the beauty in this place, he thought, nothing could ever compare to you, Jules. Squatting down, the red echidna gazed at the fish with Julie by his side.

With Rikku…

The fox crossed her arms and nodded her head in satisfaction as she watched the two couples twirl around to the dance. A warm glow emitted from her heart and warmed her to the core.

Sonic and Amy were off to the west side. Sonic was gracefully stepping along to the beat. Both of his hands were tightly secured around her waist, sometimes lightly caressing her waist. Both of Amy's hands were wrapped around Sonic's neck. Their foreheads were together and they were talking in low whispers.

Silver and Blaze were off at the east side of the dance floor. Silver had one hand around her waist and the other one was a little higher around her waist. Blaze lightly draped one of her arms around his shoulder and other was placed on his elbow. Their faces were close, but did not have contact with one another.

The fox had left fifty bucks on each of their tables, paying for the meal and a dessert. At her own table that she had abandoned, the female had simply left a twenty to cover the reservations and give the waitress/waiter a nice tip.

Rikku sighed lightly. As she watched, a female bat with a guitar suddenly walked onto the stage. She had cream-colored fur and wore a dark purple tank top with a pair of blue jeans. She took the center microphone and sat on the wooden stool. The female started strumming her guitar along with the others. Soon her calm, country voice drifted through the audience.

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart
Without saying a word you can light up the dark

Amy looked lovingly at Sonic. "You know, I was kind of suspicious when you sent that card and flowers… but I'm glad I came."

"What? What are you talking about? I didn't send any flowers… or a card for that matter. You sent me an e-mail saying to come here," Sonic said, confused but still swaying to the beat.

"What? I did not send any e-mail… If you didn't send the flowers and I didn't send then who-" Her jade green eyes scanned the room, expecting to find whoever did this. A small grin appeared on her lips when she saw a golden vixen dressed in a red cocktail dress. Sonic was still looking about when Amy gestured at the figure.

Try as I may I could never explain,
What I hear when you don't say a thing

Sonic grinned. "Why that little-"

"Matchmaker," finished a female voice behind him.

The two hedgehogs wheeled around to find Blaze and Silver swaying to the music behind them.

"She didn't!" Amy exclaimed, looking from the cat to the silver male.

"She did," Blaze said, nodding her head. "He knew." She gestured with her head up at Silver.

"You did!" Sonic chuckled, as he swayed with Amy. "And you didn't tell us?"

Silver shrugged but continued to dance with Blaze. "I only knew that she was trying to set me up; I had no idea that she was also trying to do you guys too."

"I made Silver spill and when we saw you guys, we put two and two together," Blaze explained.

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes sayin' you'll never leave me

"Well, remind us to…" Amy began turning back to Sonic.

Sonic grinned placing his forehead on hers. "…Thank her."

"Same for us," sighed Blaze resting her head on Silver's chest and grinning towards Rikku.

Sonic and Amy briefly flashed her two 'thank you' smiles before placing their foreheads back together. Silver simply nodded his head with a smile, knowing that she could see all of them from her perch near the entrance.

With Rikku…

The golden fox did see all of them. Their happiness seemed to warm her heart even more. She knew that they figured it out, but frankly, she didn't care. As long as they were happy, that's all that mattered.

Wrapping her slim coat around her shoulders Rikku gave a brief smile before starting towards the door. This smile, though, was special. There was no flashy diamond smile or a happy grin… it was more than that. The corners of her mouth just turned upward into a true genuine smile.

The touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fall
You say it best when you say nothing at all

Rikku walked out into the cold as the music from inside could be heard through the doors. The freezing air hit her as she slowly walked to the railing just a few feet from the restaurant. She leaned her body over the railing as the fresh sea rolled on beneath her. The salt tainted air whipped at her hair.

Her thoughts drifted to all of the past events. It was funny. Through all of this, her and Tails had been broken up and neither one of them had made in effort to get back together. It looks like Blaze and Amy will have to settle for double dates instead of triple dates…


Rikku spun around on her heels at the sudden voice. Her body relaxed as she saw that it was only Tails… yet her heart seemed to twist into knots. "Hi Tails."

The male fox walked up to the railing and leaned on it besides her. Rikku noted on how silly she must look compared to him. While she had on a silk cocktails dress, Tails had on a plain white T-shirt with a few oil stains and a brown jacket with blue jeans. His hairs seemed slightly messed up and his eyes looked somewhat distressed.

All day long I can hear people talking out loud
But when you hold me near, you drown out the crowd

"Something wrong?" Rikku asked, as she leaned back on the railing, her bang whipping in her face.

Tails took a side-glance at her and noticed how beautiful she looked in the dress. His throat suddenly felt closed and dry. Come on, Tails. You practiced this all day in the mirror. Just do what you did in the mirror.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" he asked, gazing up at the night sky with the thousands of white fireflies. You're stupid! Get on with what you wanted to tell her! You didn't come all this way to just look at the stars!

"I suppose…" Rikku said, looking up at the sky too. "But not as beautiful as the view from the air ship last week."

"Yeah," the male agreed, thinking back to the beautiful sunset.

"So… Did you just come here to gaze at the stars or was there a reason?" Rikku asked, still gazing at the sky.

Tails looked down at the ground as he felt Rikku shift her gaze to him. It's now or never… and it sure as heck isn't gonna be never. "Well… I wanted to tell you the true reason why I was so busy those past couple of months… when we were dating…"

The last words came out choked and eerie silence settled between them. They knew that the other was thinking about all of the good times back then. When their hearts had been connected.

Old Mr. Webster could never define
What's being said between your heart and mine

Tails nervously gulped as he reached into his back pocket and fingered the silver and gold ring. DO IT!

Rikku was looking the other way as small tears of sadness found their way onto her white muzzle. Back then… it had been so easy. They always enjoyed each other's company and they did almost everything together… They had acted like a couple.

She felt Tails' hand slowly rest on her shoulder as he leaned in. Rikku didn't pull away like usual, but let him rest his head against her shoulder as he slipped something cold into her hand. He gently wrapped her fingers around the object, but wouldn't let her see it. As soon as the object was in her hand, he drew away.

Rikku drew her hand forward and opened her fingers. A gasp escaped her throat as new tears trickled down her cheeks. In her hand was a small silver ring with traces of gold made into it. A small ruby was placed in the center as the gold surrounded it.

"Read the inscription inside," Tails whispered into her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

The female twirled the ring around in her hand until she could read the small words by the light of street lamps. She found new tears finding their way down her face as she read the small words.

To Rikku, the only one I'll ever love…

"Oh, Tailsy," she whispered, wiping away the tears. Within a second, she had pivoted on her heels and had the male in a hug. "You are so stupid!" she sobbed onto his shoulder.

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes sayin' you'll never leave me

Tails wrapped his arms around her waist and her shoulder. "Shhhh," he whispered into her ear as she cried. What did I do wrong?

"Don't' you shush me!" Rikku ordered, still crying as she wrapped her arms more comfortably around his shoulders, one hand still clutching the ring. The female fox buried her face onto his shoulder. "Don't you get it?"

"Get what?" Tails asked, now thoroughly confused.

Rikku pulled away from so that they could see each other's faces. "You don't need some stupid ring to let me know that you love me. You could have told me at any time or place with anything and it would have been enough for me. But no! You had to go and make me wait practically two months just for some stupid ring!" New tears swam from her hazel eyes as she buried her face in the male fox's shoulder again.

Tails gently stroked her back. "I wanted something to make it official and memorable. I just wanted to show you how much I cared."

"You did, you idiot! All the times that you risked your life and just putting up with me showed that you cared… Heck I even know people who care about me and can't put up with me for that long! I'm not that hard to please… not like Sharon," Rikku said, trying to laugh through her tears at the last part.

Tails gripped the female's body tighter as she sobbed and whispered in her ear. "Sharon's not important. She ran off with Trevor and I couldn't be happier. As for the people who can't put up with you… They don't know what they're missing."

The touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fall
You say it best when you say nothing at all

"Oh Tails…" Rikku whispered pulling her head back to met his gaze.

Hazel met light blue as their lips pulled closer and closer together until the space between them was no more. Fireworks erupted in both of their heads as they kissed. Rikku leaned into the kiss and closed her eyes as she felt her old feelings surface. Tails pulled Rikku's body closer to him as he felt his old love return to him once more.

Only thirty seconds into the kiss did they pull apart but did not let each other go. Rikku flashed him one of her diamond smiles as one of the orange fox's tails entwined with her gold one. She felt all of her doubts cave in as she gazed into Tails' light blue gaze.

After all those years of dating the wrong guy, I finally found the one. He's nice, smart, a little stupid, but nothing I can't fix.

She pulled her right hand away from his neck and unclasped the fingers to reveal the silver ring. Rikku looked up and beamed at Tails.

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes sayin' you'll never leave me

Tails smiled back at Rikku as he took the ring from her. I know I've finally found the one. She's perfect for someone like me. She's smart, drop dead gorgeous, a little on the sassy side but that what makes this relationship entertaining. Rikku turned her hand over as Tails neatly slipped his gift on her ring finger.

The female examined how the ring glistened in the dim light. The ruby red gem in the center drew the most attention. "Thank you… I have to admit, you have great taste."

"I learned from the best," Tails whispered, pulling Rikku closer.

Rikku grinned and wrapped her right hand around his neck. "I suppose you did."

Without any other words, the two foxes passionately kissed again. This time, however, fireworks actually did go off. Rikku and Tails tore their lips apart and turned to face the ocean. A dazzle of colors lit up the night sky and reflected off of the dark ocean.

Couples and other people nearby stopped and watched the surprising display. Red sparkles showered down on the ocean as Tails turned to Rikku, his arms still around her waist and one of his tails entwined with hers. "Do you wanna question why fireworks are going off at this moment?"

The touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fall

Rikku's glorious hazel eyes turned to look at the male fox. "Let's worry about it tomorrow. Everyone's just as surprised as us and I'm sure that there will be an explanation."

"You're probably right," Tails said turning back to the ocean just as a large blue firework exploded. He lifted one of his hands and gently massaged Rikku's neck. "So this means that we're a couple again, right?"

The golden vixen raised one eyebrow at him and moved her hands to his chest. "Oh just shut up," Rikku said, pulling him in for another kiss.

Tails wrapped one his hands firmly around her waist and the other in her hair as they kissed. Rikku had both her hands around his neck in an instance. Her heart fluttered in joy. The last note of the song that was still playing inside the restaurant was strummed.

You say it best when you say nothing at all

He really needs to learn when to shut up and kiss me.

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Credits (Imagine Hannah Montana's One in a million playing in the background)


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Songs (Complete property of whoever sang/wrote them):

"I'm With You" By: Avril Lavigne

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"You say it Best (When You say Nothing at all)" By: Alison Krauss

"One in a million" (Imagine it while you are reading the credits) By: Hannah Montana


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