The Set-Up

Here, I set the scene up. Descriptions of the characters, and a glance into what on earth they'll be doing. The next chapter will be the fight, so read on the next one if you're already a Hibernian, but check this one out first if you're a first-timer ;)

"Nay, the Champions reign supreme! Vampiirs are cowards who leech off strength, while Champions are the source of strength!" yelled the Champion in the courtyards of Tir Na Nog.

"Thus is your theory flawed, critin! As Champions are strong, so are Vampiirs, and thus will we overpower you all!", replied the Vampiir calmly, his power rested and sure.

"Are you two quite done bickering?" muttered an Eldritch nearby, "Why not duel to find out? Then I may finally craft in peace."

"Very well!" cried the Champion, "Now we shall see who is the greater of the two!"

Off to the side, a Blademaster and Hero eagerly awaited the outcome of the battle.

The Champion drew his claymore and held it before him, the dark blade absorbing both the light of the setting sun as well as the glow of the rising moon. His mail-shirt chinked, and his armour glinted in pure black, his cloak of a deep maroon spread out behind him like wings of a demon as he held his sword firmly in two-hands, holding it directly before him, its' blade a line of symmetry to his body. His name was Morah, the champion among Champions in Hibernia. Tanned, tall, and much of his face obscured by the helmet he bore, much of his power radiated from him unconsciously as he prepared to face the deadly foe

The Vampiir bowed and drew his rapier as he rose, flourishing it as he took his stance: His left-side facing Morah with his clawed hand, deformed by his training, left with only four claws for fingers. His right-arm bore the rapier that now was pointed at his enemy's throat. His rapier had a dark blue blade like that of the night-sky, and a hilt of magnificent gold to contrast. His armour was made of supple leather, yet it could withstand the most horrific of attacks, and would not yield to immobility, more of a second skin than anything else. His cloak swirled and flew about him, as if it had a mind of it's own. Vandaras the Vampiir, greatest of his kind, and spoken of in fear by the enemies of Hibernia.

The sun set. The Champion gripped his sword tighter, and the Vampiir smiled, his pale skin reflecting the moonlight.

Shadow Mastery: Exhausting Embrace!

Vandaras flicked his left-hand and sent an orb of green fire hurling at Morah, who dodged but was struck anyway by the heat-seeking orb. The orb did not harm him, but caused him to fatigue as it drew power from him, transferring it to Vandaras, who glowed with leeched power. And so battle was joined.

"Master! There are two men fighting out in the courtyard!" cired out the stable-boy as he rushed into the barn where his master was tending the mares.

"Calm yourself child, they cannot die. The Wardens and Druids will revive them if need be, or one may concede to the other, either way, it is simply a show for us to enjoy," the master smiled at the young boy with dusty blonde hair, "Ah… I suppose it is time for you to see two masters of battle at work. Come, I shall accompany you,"

And when they arrived, battle was already joined.

Morah flew at Vandaras, his lumbering claymore became as swift as a rapier, slicing the air and attempting to slice off the head of Vandaras. Vandaras dodged and spun his rapier behind him, the tip of the blade tracing intricate patterns through the air.

Piercing: Viper's Bite

The rapier was now held back-handed, and Vandaras stabbed it at the heart of Morah, which was saved by the layers of armour that he bore. Letting out an outraged cry, Morah spun and struck the back of Vandaras with the pummel of his sword, sending the Vampiir reeling.

Large Weapons: Annihilation

Morah gathered his power into the blade of his sword and held it high above his head, allowing it to absorb the energy from around them. The blade sent a pulse of dark power, knocking down several of the by-standees who had gathered to watch the duel. The blade roared down, the crowd gasped... Vandaras dodged the attack.
He leapt aside and Morah's blade crashed into the ground where he had been standing, the black hue surrounding the blade shooting into the ground, shattering the earth metres around, ground and dirt flying up into the air, projectiles of death to those untrained. The agile Vampiir leapt onto a giant platform of earth that had been thrown up and bore down on Morah, his left-claw glowing with a blood-red energy.

Shadow Mastery: Blazing Claw

The claw sliced off the helmet of the Champion and cut nothing more, as Morah rolled off to the side, swearing as he bashed through a chunk of earth that had risen from the ground. His brown hair fell to his shoulders, his face haggard and his black eyes wild with battle-rage. He was actually quite handsome had anyone bothered to look closer, but one does not often examine the face of one's opponent during battle, and so Vandaras did not notice this and he flew at Morah, his body in the air and parallel to the ground, his blade hurling toward his eyes…

"Master, what styles are these?" asked the boy as he stood on the side-lines, his eyes and mind on the battle, his voice to his master at his side.

"The one who wields the giant sword is a Champion, Morah, is famed for being a master at Large Weapons, as well as in Valor, the Champion's branch of magic. He is also well-trained in the art of parrying, which is very well his only defence," replied the master, his eyes captivated by the dance of death as well.

"And the pale one?"

"The pale one is Vandaras, the legendary Vampiir, one of the first who attained the highest level of power in his School. A master in the art of Piercing, which uses his rapier, Parrying, which is also his only defence, and Shadow Mastery, a branch of Vampiir magic that utilizes his claw."

As the battle progressed, the master pointed out the styles that both combatants were using and smiled in appreciation as the two battle-lords displayed the finest of their Way. This was the essence of battle, this was the duel of Hibernia between the mightiest in the land.