Yo! to the people who love Lavi:) I got this idea as I was going to sleep so you can thank My Chemical Romance and snickers for the story. WARNING! there are possible spoilers for those of you who haven't read up to chapter 121 in the manga!!!!! I Love Lavi!

I Do not own DGM or Lavi or Lenalee or Allen of Komui but I do own this idea lol

D. Gray-man: An Unfinished Poem

I listened as my footsteps echoed in the dark hallway. Trusting my memories of HQ to find my way through the shadows. This was the first night since we had been home that I couldn't sleep. Allen and I had recovered quickly enough but Lavi's wounds still troubled him. Komui-niichan had made a big fuss of hugging and smothering me until Lavi and Allen had convinced him that I was still alive.

I quietly sought to find the Library, hoping to find Lavi still awake. As I turned a corner, I saw Bookman sitting, pouring over a thick volume by the dim light of a candle. He looked up as I stepped into the room.

"Is Lavi-" He cut me off quickly.

"He was exhausted so I told him to catch some sleep, he might still be up though." I nodded and took his remark as a polite way of saying "go away".

Trying to be quiet, I crept toward Lavi's room. His door was cracked, letting a small stream of flickering light into the hall. I knocked quietly on the door but got no response.

"Lavi?" I whispered quite loudly. Still, no response. Pushing on the knob, the door creaked. "You still awake?" Glancing around the room, Lavi was nowhere to be seen. Books, stacks upon stacks of books covered every visible place possible, even some on his bed. Papers and pens lay strewn across the books. Two narrow paths split the sea of clutter, one lead to the bed, the other went behind the door, which couldn't be opened very far. Following the second path, I decided to see what was behind the door. Lavi sat at a desk, his head bowed and a pen still in his hand. Coming closer, I noticed that he was asleep, his hair damp with sweat and his fingers twitching ever so slightly. A cup of quickly cooling tea sat just a few inches from the edge of the desk. I wondered if I shoud let him sleep like that, he would wake up very stiff in the morning.

"Lavi," I whispered, shaking his shoulder gently. He jerked up, startling me. I took a step back and tripped over a pile of books, falling over to knock over other stacks.

"Lenalee?" he asked breathlessly. I blushed and picked myself up, peeling books and papers from my arms and legs.

"I'm really sorry about that." I was laughing now, hoping he wouldn't get mad. To my surprise, he chuckled and bent down to pick up my mess.

"Don't worry about it. Why are you here anyway?" I was almost too quick to answer his question.

"I-I just couldn't sleep and Bookman said you might still be up, so I went looking for you and you were asleep like that and..." I felt myself turning red.

"It's really alright Lenalee, I wanted to finish this anyway." He winced as he got up, steadying himself with the back of his chair. "Shit."

"Are you okay,Lavi?" I asked as he sat down again. His arm was clamped over the wound he had recived a few days ago.

"Yeah, it's already been five days since we got back," he said through gitted teeth.

"Yes, but you were unconcious or bedridden or both until just yesterday," I objected. He glared coldly at me.

"Thanks for reminding me." I blushed again, maybe I'll stay that colour forever.

"Sorry," I muttered.

"Sorry? You think I'm not sorry?! I've been up for two days and my entire life just sprints downhill without me!" His speech made me angry.

"Yes! Sorry! Sorry for caring! You jerk! Do you know how worried we've all been, how worried I've been?! Stop wallowing in self-pity and snap out of it!" I screamed angrily. Then, I pathetically burst into tears. Lavi started laughing hysterically, the first real smile I'd seen on his face for weeks. "What's so funny?!" I sniffed, still trying to sound angry. Lavi was now laughing so hard that he doubled over and started choking.

Finally, he started to breathe less noisely, his face was pale and drawn, that smile still lingering on his lips.

"Dammit Lavi! What's so funny?!" I pounded a fist on his desk, making the cup of tea bounce onto the floor. "Shit!" I could see Lavi turning purple from holding back laughter. I picked up the cup and mopped up the tea with a rag he handed me.

"I've never seen you like that," he explained, walking slowly to sit on his bed. I could see that he was in pain and exhausted. Tears ran down my cheeks without my consent and I sat down next to him. "You sure are full of fire," he said quietly, brushing the tears from my face. His hand was cold, freezing, and I shivered. I took his hand in both of mine, trying to warm it. Why was he so pale? I yawned

"You look tired," I said. "We should bothe get some sleep." Lavi nodded and squeezed my hand. I slid off of his bed and walked to the door, then I turned. "Hey, promise me something," I asked more that said. He nodded. "Finish that poem please?" Lavi turned almost as red as his hair.

"You read that?!" I heard him yell through the closed door.

I Love that last line! you get to find out what was on the poem later on, I still have yet to write it! Chapter II coming soon!!!!!!