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Chapter XI (Lenalee's POV)

I found Allen in his room. Timcanpy flitted about, trying to land on his shoulder. Allen brushed aside the golem as I opened his door. Surprise flickered across Allen's features, making me sad that I couldn't do anything to make him feel better, I didn't love him.

"Hi, Allen." It was an akward start but he picked it up.

"How is Lavi?" I wanted to hear spite or jealousy in his voice but he sounded genuinely worried. "I haven't seen him lately." I wondered if that ment he hadn't seen me either.

"He was asleep when I left, Bookman wanted me to leave." I wanted to say I was sorry, to bring up what was going on between us, but I wasn't sorry. "Allen, listen." He looked at me, into my eyes. "About Lavi and I...we..." I wanted him to accept it quietly, without being harsh, he wasn't a harsh person.

"You're in love with him Lenalee. It's not something you can help." He sighed before going on. "You're lucky to have found a light in this darkness that surrounds us all. I am happy for you but I am upset. I really thought you returned my feelings." I could see that he didn't want to talk anymore, this was painful for him. His eyes were bright with unshed tears and it made me feel bad that I had done this to him. He held strong though, refusing to let himself wallow, which is more than I can say for myself. If Lavi suddenly left, like he had tried to do, I would have shut myself to the world.

"I still want to be friends if that's alright with you, I hope it's not asking too much." I was nervous that he would say 'no'. I still wanted to smile at him, and eat lunch with the boys, go on missions with the both of them, spend endless hours talking about everything and nothing. Both of them were important to me, one was the love of my life, the other a strong shoulder to lean on if things got rough.

"Lenalee, it's not asking anything of me to be your friend, we've been friends since we met. Nothing is going to change that, maybe the way it felt, but not the friendship itself." I wanted to hug him. I was so happy that he could even look at me after what I had done. "Why don't we go to Lavi's room, I've been meaning to see him." I felt him relax as I nodded and took his hand. I knew that this made him uncomfortable, but friends hold hands right?

As we strolled into the medical ward we both heard talking. Voices that were familliar but eluding. Allen immediatly walked faster. I hurried to catch up as he opened the door.

"Lavi!" The scene was horrid. Blood covered the walls and floor, smearing on my arms as I reached out to steady myself. Lavi was laying on the floor, motionless. Slashes on his arm and face bled sluggishly, while the wound on his chest poured crimson liquid. I looked helplessly at Allen. He had ripped off his shirt, trying vainly to staunch the flow of blood. "No! Don't take him away!" I could feel the persons tugging at my boy, pulling him under. I floundered for his hand, finding it cold. "You can't have him!" I saw the teeth buried in his skin, dragging him into oblivion. Allen shouted then;

"Dammit Lavi! If you truly love her then don't leave her!" I was so shocked that my sobbing stopped completely. "I couldn't bear to see her like that if you left!" What he was saying was hurting me. I didn't want Allen to see me if Lavi left. Both Allen and I were unaware of the staring audience.

"Please...don't take him away." The fangs shuddered as I begged. "I love him, you can't do this." The monsters sank back into the shadows, leaving my boy to his own fate. "Lavi! You can't do this to me! I didn't fall in love just to loose you!" I was yelling at him now, the only threat was himslef. If he let go, I didn't want to think about that. No colour returned to his face, but his breath slowly came. "Thank God..." Relief didn't come to me just yet though. Lavi was still loosing alot of blood. I stiffled a gasp as his eye flickered open.

"You're my angel, you know that?" I grabbed the hand that he held out. "I couldn't leave you even if I tried. You wouldn't let me." I shushed him, he didn't need to talk right now. Blood slid down his chin in scarlet lines. "Don't let me..." I knew what he meant, don't let him be pulled away, don't let him be lost, don't let him die.

"Hush, you know I won't." He let himself slide back into unconciousness. "I won't." No one else heard me repeat the last line. Komui and Bookman were stripping off the torn shirt and binding the wounds, trying to keep him with us. Only I could really do that, it scared me, what if I couldn't do that? Allen was wiping off my hands with a towel, his touch gentle but firm. I snapped back into the present situation, pulling away from Allen to help the others carry my boy into a different room.

Night came quickly as I sat and watched Lavi sleep. He was stuck with two different IV's, one for fluids and stuff I didn't know, the other one was full of dark blood. Lucky for him, Komui had the same blood type (a/n: seriously they do, I won't go in to rh positive and negative but they are both O). His face flickered in different emotions as if he were dreaming. I felt his hand warming up as rubbed it, but his complexion stayed ghost-like. Allen had come in frequently to watch Lavi's condition continue to be a mystery. He hadn't waken up again, but sometimes he would whisper things, talking to me I think. I couldn't help but think about what he had told me, I was his angel. It made me glad to know that he still loved me. The heat of fever hadn't left his face and he was so pale that the flush to his cheeks stood out starkly in the moonlight. I had doused the lamps for fear of waking him up. He frowned in his sleep, waking up slowly.

"Morning sleeping beauty." I couldn't help but laugh at his face. "You had me scared for awhile." That was a lie, I was still scared. "You'll be fine once you get some blood back in you." That too was a lie, I had no way of knowing if he would pull through this. I wanted him to say something, to let me believe that he was still with me. I was interrupted by a nurse who gently took out the IV that was supplying blood. It worried me that they had taken it out so soon but I guess they knew what they were doing. She left without a word, which was exactly what I would have done in her position. I jumped as Lavi's free hand found mine. It was hot to touch but he acted as though he was cold.

"Not quite Prince Charming are you?" His reply would have been funny had he not been forcing whispers out between ragged breaths.

"Hush, don't talk." I let him take my hands and place them on his face. I shuddered as I realized how high his temperature must have been. "Just get some rest." I couldn't believe that Rhode was the one who had done this to him.

"Thank you." I wondered what he was talking about. "For earlier." I had an answer but I didn't know what I had done. "I couldn't have done that without you." I still had no idea what he was talking about.

"What did I do?" I could see he was completely out of it but I wanted to know what had happened in that room. "What happened back there? Lavi?" He was murmuring softly and I had to lean down to hear.

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