History Repeats Itself

Prologue – In The Beginning

By Crow Skywalker


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Author's Notes – I started this fic sometime last year on my old laptop, and I recently got into Chrono Crusade again. Anyway, I ended up finishing the first chapter finally, and it ended up way longer than I expected. Oh well. I'm sure you guys aren't going to complain. Anyway, this is my first Chrono Crusade fanfic, so be gentle. Reviews are very welcome, and if you find any spelling mistakes, my apologies. I did go over it and fixed what I could find.

Summary - It's the year 2006. Rosette is alive and living on her own, until her brother goes missing and her world comes crashing down around her. Upon meeting a beautiful stranger, Rosette is thrust into the battle between good and evil.


It was a cold Fall night, the summer leaves turning different shades of yellow, orange and brown. Stray leaves littered the ground, and a gust of wind blew them into the air and across the dimly lit street. Most houses on the street were dark, many of the inhabitants haven gone to bed for the night. One building, however, still had its lights on, and there was movement inside.

"We're closing up!" A voice yelled from inside the kitchen of the small diner on the corner of the darkened street. He had raised his voice in hopes that the few stragglers whom were still in the diner at this late hour would hear him and take the hint. Peeking out, he saw them down the rest of their coffees and, after saying their good-byes, head towards the door. A soft jingle signaled that they had left. "Close up!"

A young woman, who looked no older than nineteen, came out from behind the counter and made her way to where the two men had been seated. She picked up their empty coffee cups and entered the kitchen after locking the door to the diner for the night.

"I thought they'd never leave," she sighed, turning on the water in the sink and letting it run until it was hot. After squirting some soap into the hot water, she proceeded to wash the dirty mugs.

The owner of the small diner, who was also the cook, grinned with a cigar between his teeth. "They wouldn't have if it weren't for me."

The girl frowned, rinsing the last of the dishes. "You know Ted, you really shouldn't be smoking that thing in here. If customers knew you smoked like a chimney back here, I don't think they'd come back."

Ted snorted, shifting the cigar to the other side of his mouth. "Rosette, do you really think I care if they don't?"

She grinned, brushing a strand of curly blonde hair out of her eyes. "Well you should! If they don't come back, then you aren't going to make any money."

Rosette was a nineteen year old university student, living on her own and working at the diner whenever she wasn't in school or studying. She lived just a few blocks down from the place, and had worked there for over a year to pay for school.

"I'm thinking about closing this place down anyway," was his reply. "I've told you this before."

"You say that almost every night," Rosette yawned loudly, looking at the clock above the kitchen door. It was two o'clock in the morning - she had to get up and go to school in a little over four hours. Her brother had once told her that she had to be crazy working such long shifts at night and getting up so early in the morning to go to school. She'd just replied that it was something she had to do.

"Well tonight I mean it!" He said gruffly, wiping his greasy hands in his not so clean apron. "I'm tired of this place! We don't even get much business."

"We get enough," Rosette said. She picked up her book bag, slinging it over one shoulder as she stared at the older man. If he closed down now, she didn't know what she would do. She was well paid for waitressing at the diner, tips were good, and she was close to her apartment.

"Not enough for my liking," the man frowned. He looked around the kitchen, seeing the mess that he still had to clean up. "This is gonna take a while." His eyes turned to her, "Are you walking home again tonight?"

Rosette nodded.

"Do you want a ride home?" He offered. "I can always come back and clean this shit up. I hate seeing you walk home so late at night."

"I'll be alright," she assured him. "I have pepper spray if anyone tries anything, and it's not like I've never gotten into a fight before." She smiled with a wink, holding up her fist, "I can bust anyone's face up with this baby."

"I believe you," Ted laughed, having been playfully smacked in the arm by the young girl before. She was no weakling - she packed a wallop. But still, he didn't feel quite right about letting her walk home alone at such a late hour. "Are you sure?"

"Positive." She nodded to the mess. "You have a long night ahead of you."

"Looks that way," he muttered.

"I'll see you tomorrow night, then?" She asked, shifting her book bag as she headed towards the back door. She flicked the off switch for the front lights before her hand went to the door knob.

"Yeah, I'll see you," was his reply, and she turned the knob and opened the door.

The first thing she noticed was the pitch-black darkness of the night as she closed the door behind her. In the alleyway that she was in, there were no lights, besides the light of the full moon overhead. The next thing was how cold it was, and she suddenly regretted not bringing a jacket before she'd went to work.

With a sigh, her hands moving up to her arms to keep them somewhat warm, she started walking down the alleyway towards the street, following the pale light of the street lamps. She was glad to get out of the alley once she reached the street - it was always her least favorite part of walking home at night. There were so many stories; so many bad things that happened in dark alleys. She tried not to think about it.

Letting a small breath out that he hadn't realized she'd been holding, Rosette looked up at the street lamp above her, seeing the moon just beyond its light. In the light, she could see her breath crystallizing in the cold night air.

"It's colder than I thought it was going to be," she muttered to herself.

A cat yowled somewhere behind her, startling her enough that she almost dropped her book bag. Looking back into the alley she saw a garbage can topple over with a loud bang and a cat darted out of the alley and disappeared before she could turn around to look for it.

Frowning into the darkness, she began walking again, picking up the pace. Her heels clicked on the cement sidewalk, echoing into the night. The streets were empty besides a few parked cars, and every house was dark, the inhabitants having long gone to bed.

Turning a corner, she walked off the sidewalk and across the street, making her way north along a smaller, one way street. She kept her eyes on her surroundings at all times, listening carefully, though there was only the night's silence.

Walking past an abandoned two-story building, her heart froze in her chest as she noticed something moving out of the corner of her eye. She stopped abruptly, her hand going for the pepper spray, when a pale hand moved into the moonlight.

"Can you spare any change?" A voice asked, and Rosette watched as the shaking hand lowered slightly and an elderly man dressed in old ragged clothes stepped out of the darkness of the alley.

Keeping her hand ready in case she needed the spray, she searched her pocket. Pulling out a twenty, she handed it to the homeless man, who eagerly took it, his eyes wide in disbelief.

"Use it to buy some warmer clothes," Rosette told him. "And maybe a blanket. It's only going to get colder from here on out. Okay?"

The man nodded. "Thank you, miss!"

She nodded in reply, continuing on her way, her apartment building becoming visible just a block away. It stood tall against the night sky, and if Rosette looked hard enough, she could see the light she had left on in her apartment on the twentieth floor.

Smiling at the thought of her warm bed waiting for her, she didn't notice someone walking towards her. Only when they passed her, their shoulder hitting her own as they walked by her, did Rosette look down in annoyance, her eyes narrowing.

"Hey, watch it!" She yelled at his back.

He stopped suddenly, and Rosette started to regret speaking out loud to him as he turned to face her. She bit her bottom lip, studying him in the moonlight. The first thing she noticed was that he was tall, and he hid a slim figure underneath the long trench coat that he wore.

"Sorry," he muttered, quickly turning away.

She watched his back as he started to disappear into the darkness, a strange feeling coming over her as she stared at him.

I feel like…I've seen him somewhere before, she frowned. She turned back towards her apartment building, unable to shake the feeling. With a shrug, she pushed it from her mind and walked up the front steps to the building, pushing open the glass doors and shutting the cold night out behind her.

With a tired sigh she started the journey up the flight of stairs that she had to walk to get to her apartment every day. There had been an elevator in the building at one point, but it had broken down months ago and, although the owner said he was going to have it fixed, it never had been.

These stairs are going to kill me some day, Rosette told herself as she walked up flight upon flight of stairs for what felt like forever. Finally she reached the twentieth floor and she let out a loud gasp of relief, her hand on her knee as she bent over huffing and puffing. "I'll never get used to those stairs!"

Her apartment was the third door down and, pulling the key out of her pocket, she started towards the door. It opened with a click, and Rosette stepped into her small apartment, closing and locking the door behind her.

It was a small place, the living room just big enough for a couch, a door leading to the kitchen off to the right, and on the left there was a door to the bathroom and a door to Rosette's bedroom. The apartment was only big enough for one person, and it wasn't Rosette's dream home, but for three hundred dollars a month, it was all she could afford.

Throwing her bag down next to the door and taking off her shoes, she immediately started stripping off her clothes, pulling her uniform up over her head and throwing it in the dirty laundry bag that sat on the floor. Her skirt went next, leaving her in just her bra and underwear.

Making her way towards the kitchen, she pulled the blinds shut in the living room so no one could see her walking around half naked. Once in the kitchen, she pulled open the fridge door and stooped down to get a better look at what was inside.

Last week's homemade spaghetti, she scrunched her nose up, lifting up the cover on the pot only to find a layer of fuzzy grey-green mold covering the top. Yuck! She let the cover fall back down with a clang, leaving the pot where it was as her eyes searched the rest of the fridge. Bruised apples, milk that went bad yesterday, and a bottle of ketchup…

The young girl sighed, really wishing that she had money to buy groceries. Finally, she picked up an apple and took a bite out of it, standing back up and letting the fridge door close. Walking by the small counter island in the middle of the kitchen, she stopped briefly to check the phone's caller ID to see if anyone had bothered to call.

Nope, she scrolled through the numbers. No one important, anyway.

Her next stop was the closet in the porch, where she kept her jackets and her old washer and dryer that gave her more problems then it was worth. Picking up the bag of dirty laundry, which she had collected throughout the week, she sorted through all the clothes - a pile of light clothes, a pile of dark clothes - before throwing it into the washing machine. Making sure her uniform was in there, she measured some soap and threw it in before shutting the cover and turning it on. The soft hum it made was loud in the quiet little apartment.

Entering her room - which consisted of her single bed against the wall, a small table with a lamp next to it, and a dresser on the opposite wall - she walked to her table, turned on the lamp, and she grabbed some flannel pajamas from her dresser and pulled them on. With a stretch and a yawn, she fell onto her bed, staring up at the ceiling before reaching for a book that she had recently been reading before going to bed every night. She was just about to open the book to the page that she'd been on last when she heard a noise coming from the kitchen.

Is that the phone ringing? She wondered, glancing at the clock on her nightstand. It's 3:00 in the morning…

Putting the book down, she got out of bed and hurried to the kitchen. Sure enough, the phone was ringing, and she grabbed it quickly before whoever was calling her this late in the night hung up.

"Hello?" She held it up to her ear.

There was no answer, though she could hear noises in the background. There was a crash, almost as if someone had toppled over something made of glass, and a lot of bumping around.

Figuring it was a prank of some sort, Rosette's eyes narrowed. "Who is this? Why are you calling at this hour? Do you even know what time it is?"

Again, there was no reply - though now she could hear the sounds of someone breathing hard. As someone cried out in pain and there was another loud crash, Rosette pulled the phone away from her ear slightly, her angry expression melting into one of concern.

"Hello?" She asked quietly, not expecting a reply.

"Rosette!" A voice shouted, and Rosette winced slightly at the loud voice in her ear.

"Who is this?" She asked the caller.

Panting, a heavy cough. Then, "Rosette, you've got to get over here! They're after-!"

Eyes widening, Rosette finally recognized the voice on the phone as her own brother's. Suddenly very worried, she demanded, "Joshua, what's going on? Is something wrong?"

"They're after me!" Her brother's voice sounded loud through the phone. "I can't-"

There was a click and then there was only silence. Rosette's eyes narrowed and she pulled the phone away from her ear and stared at it in confusion. Then, she let it fall from her fingers, not bothering to pick it up as it crashed to the floor behind her. The back of the phone hit the floor and broke off, skidding across her floor and coming to a stop near the door, but she ignored it.

Swiftly walking towards the front entrance of her apartment, her pace picked up to a jog as she grabbed her coat from where it hung. Her heart pounding wildly in her chest with worry, she didn't even bother to change out of her pajamas as she pulled her coat over her arms, opening the door as she did so.

Something's wrong…something's wrong! Her heart beat painfully in her chest and her mind raced. The call had disturbed her, despite the fact that she had no idea what was going on. All she knew was that someone was after Joshua, he was in trouble, and she was going to find him!

Not even making sure her door was locked behind her, she broke into a run down the hall, her coat flowing around her and revealing her flannel pajamas. Once she reached the stairs she practically raced down them, almost toppling over a few times before catching herself. Reaching the bottom step, she didn't pause to catch her breath.

Oh please…her mind raced, Joshua be alright!

It was still dark and cold outside, and Rosette panicked once she rushed out of the building and into the night air. Joshua lived about twelve blocks from where she lived, and if she were to run it would take too long. Looking up and down the street she spotted no one, and she mentally cursed.

"Where are all the city cabs when you need one?" She muttered bitterly, giving in and starting the journey. "Oh Joshua…wait for me, I'm coming!"

She ran three blocks before she saw any sign of life. While running past the slum part of town a man stepped out of the shadows, cigarette in his mouth. In the moonlight, she saw the glint in his eyes as she passed him.

"What's the hurry, baby?" He laughed, his voice a bit slurred. Rosette wondered if he was a leftover drunk from when the nearby bars had shut down at three o'clock. It didn't matter who he was or what he was saying to her though, because she ignored him.

He was having none of that. Reaching out, he grabbed her by the arm and swung her around to face him. Her eyes narrowed, her breaths coming out in uneven gasps as she watched him look her up and down. "Nice outfit you got there, beautiful. How much would it cost to get you to take those pretty pj's off to show me what you're hiding underneath?"

With a look of disgust, she pulled back her free arm and slammed her fist into his nose. He instantly let go of her, his hands moving to his face where blood the color of the dark sky could be seen running down his face from his broken nose.

"You bitch!" He yelled.

Rosette was running again, her heart pounding more than ever. It almost stopped as she saw a pair of headlights coming in her direction, and she quickly ran out onto the street, her arms waving in the air to flag the vehicle down. Behind her, the man grunted from the pain but did not give chase after her having seen the car headlights.

"Stop!" Rosette cried. "Please stop!"

As the vehicle neared she felt relief wash over her in waves. It was a taxi cab, and it immediately stopped to let her in. She dove into the vehicle, reaching into her pocket and pulled out a wad of cash that she didn't even bother to count. "I need to get to 226 Flarity Street and I need to get there NOW," she told the cab driver.

Sensing her urgency and eyeing the cash that she had deposited in his lap, he hit the gas and sped towards their destination. Being the only one of the streets, and knowing that few cops were out at such a late hour, he floored it with little concern of being caught speeding.

In the passenger seat, Rosette bit her lip and looked out the window nervously. Dark buildings flashed by them, tall and monstrous in the dark. Noticing her reflection in the window, Rosette realized now that she was in the warmth of the taxi, she had been freezing outside. With little clothing on she had been quite exposed to the cold frosty Fall air.

The taxi driver seemed to read her mind. "Awfully cold to be running around in that attire," she chuckled, looking at her from the corner of his eye. Rosette frowned, not bothering to reply as she pulled her coat more securely around her.

They were only a block away now and Rosette could almost feel her heart in her throat. She wondered if her brother was okay, if he had been robbed, or maybe someone was trying to kill…

No, she scolded herself. I can't think the worst! I just can't! Joshua is okay…I'll get there and everything will be fine!

And then they pulled to a stop.

Rosette reached for the handle, opening the door and getting out without a word. Behind her, the taxi man lowered his head to look out the door at her and asked greedily, "So all this cash is mine, right? I can keep the change?"

Rosette ignored him, shutting the door behind her. The taxi pulled away as she stared up at the dark building that her brother lived in. Once again in darkness, she jogged up the steps and tried to open the main door. It was locked.

"Shit!" She cursed, tugging on the handle a couple more times. It didn't budge. The night watchman must have locked it for the night. Seeing an intercom off to the side of the door, she quickly pressed the button to buzz the security. "Hey! Anyone there?"

There was no answer for a moment and then, "Whom am I speaking to?"

The voice was masculine and a bit hard to understand through the static, but Rosette picked it out just fine. "I need to get into this building!"

"Miss, do you have a code?"

Rosette shook her head, but then realized he may not have been able to see her. "No, sir," she replied.

"Then I cannot allow you access to the building."

"Please!" She begged.

"Sorry, miss, but it's the rules. After 12AM you must have a code that lets us know you live in this apartment building. We can't be lettin' every poor soul who wanders by during after hours into the building."

"But my brother lives here!" She pleaded. "His name is Joshua Christopher!" She suddenly remembered something and began searching her pockets. When she found what she was looking for she searched the area frantically. "Do you have a camera out here? I have ID that I can show you!" She held up her ID, unsure if he could see what she was doing.

"Miss-" He began, but Rosette cut him off.

"I think something's wrong with my brother! I just want to check on him!" She cried desperately.

For a moment there was no reply, and then suddenly it seemed the night watchman gave in. There was a beep and a small flashing red light on the door, signaling that it was now open.

"Thank you! She called, entering the building.

Unlike her own apartment building, the one Joshua lived in was much nicer. It was well taken care of, freshly painted and renovated. Most of all, the elevator worked just fine. Impatiently pushing the button a couple times, Rosette waited less than a minute before the doors opened and she stepped inside.

Floor 6, she remembered, pressing the button. She silently prayed, looking up at the bright elevator light, that Joshua was unharmed. She didn't know what she would do if she lost her brother.

With a ding the door opened and she stepped out onto Joshua's floor. Taking a left, she ran until she found Joshua's apartment number. With her breath caught in her throat, she slowly reached out and turned the door knob. The door was unlocked, and she let it swing open with a squeak.

The apartment was pitch black.

With unsteady legs she took a step into the apartment, her arm reaching out and her fingers brushing against a nearby light switch. She flicked it up. She flicked it down. Nothing. For whatever reason, there seemed to be no power in Joshua's apartment.

Gathering her courage and taking a deep, steady breath, she allowed herself to walk further into the room. The only light that could be seen was the dim moonlight filtering in through open curtains in the living room. It was enough light to show Rosette that there had been a struggle - a lot of her brother's things were broken on the floor, and his living room table and his couch were tipped over.

Rosette silently brought her hand up to her mouth to muffle a sob. What happened here? Where is Joshua? Panic overtaking her, Rosette ran to the kitchen, her eyes searching frantically.

It was empty. There was almost no mess in the kitchen, except for a pot of coffee that looked like it had been just made not too long ago. A clean cup sat on the counter next to it, and a couple of cookies were placed on the edge of the counter. It looked like Joshua had been awake for a late night snack before whatever had happened, happened.

"Joshua!" She finally called out, her voice strained with emotions in the dark apartment. She was half afraid that whoever had been in the apartment was still there. It didn't matter to her now - she had to find her brother.

Moving through the kitchen in the dark, she ended up in the hallway that lead to Joshua's bedroom. She made sure to check the bathroom as she went - it was empty - and she fumbled down the hallway in the darkness. The moonlight did not touch the hallway, or the bedroom. Blinds were shut tightly so that not one drop of light could be seen.

"Joshua! Are you here?" She hissed, eyes wide in the darkness as she stood in the entrance of the bedroom. She could see nothing, and she was about to reach for the lighter that she kept in her pocket in hopes of getting some light when a noise from the living room made her heart stop and caused her to spin around on the spot.

There had been a crunch of glass in the living room. Someone was still in the house.

Breaking into a run, she made her way back the way she had come. When she reached the kitchen she grabbed the only weapon she could find - a knife from the rack that Joshua kept for cooking. With the knife in hand, she exited the kitchen, now standing at the apartment entrance with a full view of the living room.

And she was not alone.

As her eyes adjusted to the light of the moon, she saw two figures standing next to the large, now open, window. The curtains fluttered in the night breeze, causing shadows to race across the floor. Her heart stopped as both figures stopped and looked in her direction, and she realized one of them held a limp body in their arms.

In the moonlight, Rosette could see that the figure that held the body - which she was quite sure was Joshua - was tall, and had long, flowing hair. What was strange about it was, it was the color of silver, and in the light, it almost looked white. The other strange thing that Rosette noticed about him was that he had long, pointed ears, and what looked like strange markings on his face. He wore strange armor-like clothing, and on his back he carried two large black wings.

"What have you done to Joshua?" Rosette bit out, her eyes traveling to the unconscious boy in his arms. She ignored his companion for the moment, more concerned if her brother was alive or dead.

"Ah, Miss Christopher," The man who was not really a man, smiled. "Strange seeing you here."

"Give…give me back my brother!" Rosette's eyes narrowed and she held up the knife, shakily holding on to it with both hands. In the moonlight it glinted, but the man - no, monster - before her didn't seem too concerned about the sharp utensil.

He chuckled, his hair swaying around his face, and, ignoring Rosette's protests, he made his way to the large open window. With one leg on the windowsill and his large wings open, he turned his head to her and smiled, two fangs glinting in the light. "Seems history really does repeat itself, huh?"

And then he was gone.

Rosette felt the need to rush forward, to see where they went, but she reminded herself that she was not alone, that there was still another monster in the room with her. Her eyes narrowed and her expression turned quite deadly as she looked at the silver man's companion, who seemed quite intent on staring at her.

Until now, Rosette could not quite make out his features, but it seemed he had shifted out of the dark shadows and more into the light. He was tall, just like the other monster had been, and held the same strange marking and ears. Large black wings were folded behind his back, and he had long, dark violet hair that hung into his handsome face and almost covered his glowing yellow eyes.

Rosette turned the knife on him, glaring at him in hatred.

He blinked, looking almost confused for a second.

"Where has he taken him?" Rosette bit out, her teeth clenched in anger. When the stranger said nothing and continued to stare at her, she demanded, "Tell me!"

He took a step forward, then another. Rosette stumbled backwards, losing the knife. She cursed herself for being so clumsy, and her eyes didn't leave the stranger's face not once. Now that he had stepped fully into the light, she found she could not look away.

He was standing in front of her within seconds, his tall form blocking the moon. Slowly, with a curious gaze, he reached a hand out and moved her chin upwards so that she was forced to stare into his eyes. He gently moved her head slightly to the left, then slightly to the right. Finally he asked, "Why is it that you look so familiar to me?"

Rosette was wondering the same thing, but decided against opening her mouth to this - this demon.

He studied her for another moment, both of them staring at each other silently, though Rosette's gaze was a bit more defiant, her eyes still narrowed at him. Why she was letting the monster touch her like he was, she had no idea. He had helped in the kidnapping of her brother, after all - what she should have been doing was lashing out at him with all her might.

She was about to open her mouth when she saw him leaning in, and her eyes widened and her heart started to pound hard in her chest as she suddenly pictured him kissing her in her mind. It looked like that was his intention until there was a click behind them and his head snapped up, his eyes narrowing at something behind her.

"Back away from her slowly," a masculine voice stated, and the monster let go of Rosette. "Good, now-"

Before he could finish whatever he was about to say, the demon had moved so fast that Rosette was sure she had blinked and he had disappeared. Only the curtains fluttering from where he had exited told that he had truly raced across the room and exited out the window. Rosette stared for a moment, falling to her knees.

"Are you okay?" The voice behind her asked, and the man moved so that he was standing beside her. He held a gun in his hand, now lowered, but he was looking warily around the room. Rosette recognized him as the man she had bumped into earlier that night on the street. He was still wearing the same long trench coat, but now it was obvious he wore it to conceal the weapons he kept on him.

Realizing she hadn't replied yet, she found herself nodding. Then, her heart sped up as she remembered her brother. "They took Joshua!" Her eyes widened and she looked almost hysterical as she grabbed hold of his long coat. "They took him!"

The man kneeled down, placing a hand on Rosette's shoulder in a way that he hoped was somewhat comforting. "It's okay," he replied, his eyes still flickering around the room, "We'll find him. Until then, I have somewhere safe for you to stay. Come, child."

He held his hand out to her and she took it. She was lost in her own thoughts, her gaze on the floor and her blonde hair covering her face in the darkness. From next to her it registered that the trench coat man had just introduced himself as Father Ewan Remington, and he was asking her about her own name.

Brushing the hair out of her eyes, she looked up at him with a grim expression, her bright blue eyes catching his own, and suddenly she found him staring at her very oddly. Despite the odd look, she forced her mouth to move, "My name is…"

"Rosette Christopher." He finished for her, and her eyes widened slightly. "You're Rosette Christopher…meaning the brother you spoke of…"

"Joshua," She supplied for him, grabbing hold of the front of his jacket. "His name's Joshua, and we have to find him."

Ewan Remington ran a shaky hand through his hair as he stared at the girl in front of him in awe, not sure what to say to her or what to do. She was supposed to be dead, not standing there in front of him looking very much alive. She's died so long ago…why was she there now? He had no answer to his question, nor the time to ask her. He did know, though, that he needed to get her somewhere safe, and quick. Then he would be able to ask her the questions that now clouded his mind.

"Come with me," he instructed, and he took her by the arm.

To be Continued…