The StarClan Courtroom: Nightcloud's Case

(a/n): I don't like her, so I sicked my badger, Wrione, on her. She died. Now, she's in court! Judge Bluestar is back, with Feathertail and Cinderpelt making special appearances! Bayliff is Shrewpaw… yeah!

What the heck am I doing in StarClan court? WHAT DID I DO!?

"Order in the court!!!! Judge Bluestar preciding!"

"Thank you, Shrewpaw. Today, we are here to decide the fate of Nightcloud, who has commited a certain crime against our beloved Leafpool and Crowfeather! How does the defendant plead?"

"Innocent of unknown crime!" Nightcloud smirked. The jury gasped, swwoning dramatically. Suddenly, the double doors swung open and an enraged Feathertail ran through the rows of benches and surprised cats to the podium, where Shrewpaw swore her in. Taking her seat proudly, she turned to Bluestar.

"Why don't you inform her of the crime, Feathertail?" Bluetsar asked mockingly.

"You stole Crowfeather from Leafpool, making him forget me and her! You destroyed every hope I had of us being together someday in StarClan! You ruined everything!" Feathertail sobbed, and she curled her tail in front of her face like a fan to hide from the Court.

Nightcloud rose to her paws angrily, "You are the one who died and left him! Leafpool's a medicine cat!"

"I died saving him! Without me, you'd have no kit! You repay me by causing him to forget his loyalty to me!?"

"He forgot it on his own! He loves me more thian he ever loved you!"

The StarClan Courtroom yowled in disagreement. After restoring order, Bluestar called Cinderpelt to the stand.

"She was reincarnated, though!"

"How can this be!?"

Cinderpelt swore in and began her speech, "Leafpool was never the same after leaving Crowfeather for the Clan. She hoped that maybe they could still see each other. Maybe they could have both lives. Until you stole it from her! She's a shell!"

"I think that's enough! Jury??" Bluestar turned to the five jury members, a very small amount considering the normal size of the jury.


"You will spend an eternity playing ice hockey AS A CAT with buff body builders and will never see Crowfeather or Breezepaw again! You will also watch Crowfeather fall in love with Leafpool all over again!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Damn. I knew I should've went for Onestar…"