When Your Heart Speaks


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Prologue –

Tulsa, Oklahoma 1957

Moving day, I could remember it so clearly. My home, my friends, and my family I thought I was never going to see again. Even though I was eleven, Tulsa meant everything to me. I was born here and loved every inch of it; especially my neighborhood.

But the greatest part that I was going to miss was my friends.

The guys.

I remember having so much fun with them; getting into so much trouble everyday. We were just kids seeing what mischief we could cook up. Hah, mom never really liked me hanging out with them. What did she know? They were all my best friends.

Back then, my nickname was "Little Red" because I always used to wear a red bandana over my jet black hair. I was known for being a Tomboy; I was never too fond of all that girly junk. I always wanted to do what the other guys were doing! The day my mom told me we were moving was terrible. I asked her if she would let me stay here. But no matter what, she said that everyone had to go. With that, all of us was off to Semerah, Pennsylvania.