Okay... characters not mine. Thank you to for looking up the big word below. Ugh... enjoy!

Prolixity: To be extended to great, unnecessary, or tedious length; long and wordy.


Dating Greg, Nick had learned, was a very, very rewarding experience. The man was just as strong as he was, understood the insane hours that came with his job, of course, took pride in his work, got along with Maverick - his rather possessive yellow lab, and had even managed to win over his family. Oh, and he was great in bed, too.

However, it did have a downside.

Greg had this odd tendency to ramble on whenever he was nervous. Or hyper. Or bored. Or horny. Simply put, he rambled a lot.

"-- crime scene took seven hours to process and we got absolutely nothing other than a shoeprint and a couple carpet fibers to go on. They look like they came from some hideous green monstrosity that was rolled up in the basement, but I'm still waiting on the results from trace. I really hope they give me something to go on or else I'll be here forever and I really wanna get out of this annoying jumpsuit and take a shower before I have to present that evidence from the Stevens case in court --"

Sometimes his rants had to do with work. And usually had to do with a combination of both bored and nervous blathering. These were often the most tolerable.

"-- day I turned twenty-one Papa Olaf took me to some bar and got me totally and completely, 100 percent smashed on some Norwegian beer I swear to this day I will never ever drink again. I think it was a lesson to keep me from ever drinking anything again. But, then again he took me drinking every year on my birthday for the next 5 years so… maybe he was just amusing himself that first year. But, who knows what--"

Other times, he'd get started on some story about his family and get so off-topic Nick had no idea what had started the conversation in the first place. He'd take the discussion in so many circles that it quickly became extremely redundant and all the Texan really wanted to do was shoot himself.

"-- come to New York with me in a few months when I go to see my parents. I mean, if you want to? We could definitely convince Grissom to give us the time off. It'd be awesome to show you around up there, introduce you to my old friends, if any of them are still around. You know, one time, my friend Josh and I decided to go ice-sledding. Sheer brilliance that was. We jumped on sleds with someone holding onto us. My sled flipped and I gashed out the side of my head. It took me ten minutes and two more trips down the hill for me to realize I was bleeding. You've never been, right? Oh, it's amazing, you know, there's so much --"

And others all Nick really wanted to do was kiss him simply to shut him up. Not that he didn't love Greg's voice, because he did. But, really, it was kind of a hindrance when Nick was trying to get into his pants…

"-- Fuck, Nicky… Love you so much. Fuck me harder, Nicky, baby. God… so good, so good. Fuck… --"

But, sometimes, he doesn't mind so much about Greg's rambling.