"Well isn't this just perfect, the youngest Charmed One has decided to join me. You see you are the last two that I need to kill before I can ever lasting freedom."

"Go to hell Barbas. My sisters will never let this happen." Phoebe held her eyes to Prue but let Barbas hear her anger

"Oh really. This isn't a dream Phoebe, this is real. Prue lies in your arms dead and Piper. Well I don't see her anywhere."

"No. Everything is alright. You are not real."

"I'm afraid I am. And so are your fears. Your fear of your sisters leaving you alone, your fear of them dying in your arms." He wanted to laugh. Everything he had planned was here and now.

Phoebe looked down at Prue, the paleness of her features scared her. She brushed the hair from her face and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. "Hang on Prue, you promised you'd never leave me."

He stood there just watching her. He was so close. He would get both their souls and the game would be over.

"Can I kill her too?"

"No. Her fear will kill her, and this time there is no one to wake her. For as we both know this is not a dream. And I know that Prue is badly hurt she too will die."

"But what about the other one."

"Her fear will get her as well. We let her go home with her sister. Their own fear of losing their big sister, their mother will kill them all." He smiled inwardly at the irony of everything he had done. But it was worth it al for now he would be free. "Come we should leave her alone with her fear. I'll pay them a visit later, so I can enjoy my victory."

Phoebe could feel her fear. She couldn't lose Prue, not like this. She tried to push it aside but she couldn't, she felt its weight on her heart. Her thoughts went out to Piper. Piper. I have to get home to Piper.

Phoebe carefully stood and lifted Prue off the ground. Wrapping Prues arm over her shoulder she half dragged her sister out of the cavern. "Hang on Prue, I'm gonna take you home. We can fix this." The tears ran freely down her face as she made her way through the darkened walls.

"Leo I'm telling you something is wrong."


"No Prue isn't answering her cell and neither is Phoebe. They said they would be back here in an hour. It's been two." Piper felt a fear pulling at her heart "Leo please try again." She whispered as she leaned in against his chest.

Placing his arms around her he closed his eyes and concentrated on the two missing Halliwells. After several minutes he opened his eyes. "Piper, I'm sorry."

"Leo I can't live without them."

"Stop talking like that Piper. They are fine. They will walk in that door any minute carrying with the seaweed they went to get."

Piper wasn't sure she had the same confidence as Leo did but she needed to hang onto something. But as she let Leo comfort her in the warmth of his arms she heard something. Quickly breaking from his grasp she ran to the front door. Seeing Prues car pull in the driveway she ran down the steps ready to hug and then scold both her sisters.

Reaching the last step she was surprised to see Phoebe driving.

"Oh God Piper. Prue she's." Phoebe couldn't even say it.


"He came I couldn't do anything I was so afraid."

"Ok, come on Leo can heal her, he's inside." Piper opened the door and the site of the blood covering her sister made her want to turn away, but she couldn't, she had to get Prue in the Manor.

"LEO!" Piper called out as Phoebe and her dragged Prue up the steps and into the Manor

"What happen?" he quickly bent down and held his hands over Prue hoping he wasn't to late.

Phoebe held Piper, as her tears washed down her face. She couldn't even speak, all she could do was watch as Leo's hand glowed over her big sister.

"Not so fast whitelighter." Barbas appeared in the blink of an eye right behind Leo, and with one swift movement he had hit Leo hard across the room. "I'm gonna enjoy watching you all die." He bent down and ran the back of his hand over Prues damp face.

"Get way from her." Piper yelled as she held Phoebe.

"Oh you can't help her Piper. You can't do anything but watch them both die, and that will kill you. Look at Phoebe. Even now her fear of losing Prue is running through her."

Piper looked down at Phoebe who was now on the floor crying for Prue to wake up. She could see the white streaks in her hair.

"Phoebe, she isn't going to die."

"Sure she is Piper. Look at her Phoebe. Your big sister. Your mother. The one that protected you from anything that would hurt you. She's dying a slow painful death."

"SHUT UP!" Piper yelled at him as she tried to get Phoebe to calm down.

The grandfather clock struck once. He looked up and savoured each strike. Another one. Soon he would be free.

"You cant win this time Barbas." Leo said from across the room. "You need them dead by the stroke of midnight."

"The clock will only strike eleven whitelighter. They will not last another hour. They will be lucky to make it to the stroke of eleven.

Piper looked up at him and smiled. Their plan had worked, even if Prue was hurt, and Phoebe was near hysterics. She knew that they would both be fine once the last sound came from their old clock.

"You see that is where you are wrong Barbas. And this time stay dead." She said with confidence as she looked over at the clock on the mantel. It was the only clock in the house with the correct time.

Barbas followed her gaze and saw the mistake he had made. As he also felt the burning that started at his feet. Then the ever slow movement as the room started to spin fast and faster.

"No. No. NOOO!" was the last echoing word he spoke as he burst into a thousand little fireballs and then nothing.

"Leo, Prue quickly." Piper ordered as she pulled Phoebe close. Even with Barbas gone, both her sisters were at risk.

Phoebe felt her heart get tighter and tighter as she watched Piper deal with Barbas. But her fear was still there. She couldn't lose Prue. He was right. She was her mother, her protector. She kept her safe. She couldn't breath as her air way constricted.

"Hang on Phoebe. Don't you give up now." Piper said softly as she watched Phoebes hair get whiter.

Leo held his hands over Prue once again as the healing glow emanated from his hands.

Piper held on to Phoebe tight just holding and comforting her as she watched with hope as Leo healed Prue.

Warmth was the only thing she felt a she suddenly sat up right, taking in a deep breath. "Leo?"

"Hi." He said with a smile though moving out of the way letting Prue go to her sisters.

Wrapping her arms around Phoebe, "Phoebs honey I'm ok. I'm not going anywhere." She said rocking her baby sister in her arms as Piper enveloped the two of them.

--- ----

They sat on the couch one curled up with the other. Three sisters as one.

"So you think we got rid of him for good this time?" Phoeb asked from her position against Prue.

"I don't know Phoebs, but I think he'll think twice about the next Friday the 13th." Prue answered as she pulled her sister closer.

"Yeah, I mean how many more times do we have to vanquish his sorry ass before he gets it." Piper added as she rested her head on Prues lap.

The clock struck two as they sat together. The ticking of the clock the only thing that could be heard.

"I wonder one thing." Piper said from her place on Prues lap

"What's that honey?" Phoebe asked with curiosity.

"Why we each dreamt of one sister. And why that particular sister?"

"Well if I had to guess I would say you dreamed of Phoebe because she is the baby of the family. You've always stood up for her even with me." Prue answered

"And you dreamed of me because we were always close as kids growing up to adults." Piper understood now why the dreamed of who they had.

"And Phoebe dreamed of me because." Prue looked down at her little sister

"You're my mother. My protector. Barbas said that himself. Makes sense when you look at it that way." Phoebe joined in

"I guess he knows us better then we gave him credit for." Piper added.

"I guess so." Prue agreed

Phoebe snuggled up to Prue and felt her eyes getting heavy. Piper was not having any more luck herself resting on Prues lap. Prue ran her hand over each sister's head knowing that eventually they would fall asleep with that one motion repeating itself.

Leo came in from the kitchen and looked down at the three sleeping figures. Taking the blanket from the chair he gently laid it over all three. Turning out the lights he orbed out of the Manor leaving them safe once again. Saturday the 14th would bring them the good that Friday the 13th always seemed to hold the bad.

The End

There you all have it another little tale. I was actually looking at the calendar and was going to hold on to this one till next month. having a Friday teh 13th and all. But I had already uploaded so decdied what the hey post it now. Thnx for all my replies you guy are the best.

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