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Other Half

I sigh holding the hand of my koi. He didn't deserve this. He doesn't deserve this pain. None of us do. The God's are cruel and take sick pleasure in torturing us. Why us? I don't know. I guess were just fun to 'play' with. Hearing a pain filled groan I look down and notice my koi, fidgeting in his sleep trying to escape the hurt. This wouldn't have happened if Malik would just have backed away. Done the sensible thing and let the gang leader think he had won.

The gang leader attacked Malik, almost killed him, until Bakura stepped in. He was so busy defending the deranged dark he didn't notice one of the members draw a gun. He didn't notice him raise the weapon. The click of a gun. The fire of a bullet. He didn't notice until it was too late. Until Ryou had saved his life by sacrificing himself. The light had darted in front of his dark determined to save his life. Bakura froze seeing his lights lifeless body fall to ground. He didn't want to believe it happened. Wanted it to be all a dream..a nightmare. His eyes flared with anger and revenge. Mustering up all the shadow magic he could call from the realm of shadows, he banished the gang to all eternity in suffering.

It still wasn't enough though. Not enough to save poor Ryou..or..or Bakura. He felt himself begin to weaken gradually. He kept it well hidden from me. Claimed he was just ill from the shock of his lights death. It was easy to believe..he wouldn't eat, hardly slept..

A few weeks later he couldn't keep it up anymore. It happened yesterday. Bakura had taken my hand and pulled me down onto the bed. I studied him, confused because of his strange behaviour..
"You know I love you, right?" He stated seriously looking me in the eye. Boy did he look gaunt.

"Yes..of course I do..and I love you too.."
" sorry."
"Sorry for what? What are you talking about?"

He gave me a small smile. "Hug me." He instructed. So I did. "Tell me you love me..please." Frowning I did. "..kiss me.." Very confused I leaned towards him and kissed him lovingly. He broke the kiss the smile remaining on his face. A whisper escaped his lips as his eyes started to close. " last kiss…thank you." It was that moment I knew.

I knew he was dieing..why? I don't know. Gracefully he collapsed into my arms, fists clinging onto my shirt loosely. Using the last bit of his energy to make me hold him one more time. All he had to do was ask. Now I am sat at the side of him stroking his hair. Waiting. Waiting for death to claim my fallen angel. You see..dark can not exists without light and light can not exist without darkness. They balance each other out. Complete the soul. One can not live with half a soul. The light or darkness would consume them and destroy the darkness is now doing to Bakura.

"Y..ya..yami.." Bakura groans his eyes fluttering open slightly.

"Shh't speak.." I bite my lip as I talk, tears threatening to overwhelm me.

"Please..please..I..I can't take this pain. I am sick of being here. me.." Bakura looked at me with pain filled eyes. In those eyes I could see him begging. It hurt me to see my once mighty, oh so proud koi reduced to this..I nod slowly and get up, leaving the room and walking into the bathroom. Clenching my jaw I search through the medicine cupboard. Reaching for Bakura's many poisons, I sigh steadily and take hold of a tablet. A large dosage of arsenic. I don't know why he keeps these. It's a mystery. But that is one of the things I love about him.

My legs take me back into the bedroom. I don't want to..I don't want to lose him. I can't..Sitting down next to him on the bed, tears fall from eyes. I can't keep them back. He looks up at me again. "Don't..please..don't cry..I love you..Just.." I put a finger against his lips to silence him, I know what he has to say. I kiss him for the last time and break it slowly, slipping the tablet into his mouth.

"I love you.." Bakura says reassuringly, swallowing the tablet. I watch as his life slowly slips away. He jerks as his heart stops. His eyelids close. That's it..hes gone..I..I killed him.

I have lost him forever. Because of Malik..because of his stupidity! I will never kiss him again. Feel his heart, when he cuddles me. I'll never hear him say I love you again. It was over so quickly. But why did it seem so long? I know it was a matter of seconds..but it seemed like an eternity..An eternity of emptiness. I lose control and drop onto Bakura's body. Sobbing uncontrollably. He was my other half. My koi. Now he's gone and with him so has a part of me. I will never live again. I am dead without him. When ones soul mate dies when it is not their time, their soul dies along with them. I have no soul. I am empty. Broken.

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