James Norrington rowed the long boat into the cave and noticed immediately that all of the other boats from the pirates seemed to still be there. He wondered if perhaps Jack Sparrow had failed to convince the pirates to follow through with his plan to attack the Dauntless. He jumped out of the boat as soon as he was close enough to the shore and dragged the boat up the pebbled beach to prevent it from floating away. He glanced around at what looked like mostly stone wall until he spied a pathway that led further into the cave. As he ventured further into the cave, he could hear the sound of swords clanging against each other. He drew his sword and stepped carefully towards the fighting, prepared to leap into action at a moment's notice. As the scene unfolded in front of him, he was taken by surprise. The number of pirates was a lot less than he had been expecting. It looked as though only three others had stayed behind with their captain. He could only wonder where the others were. They just seemed to have disappeared. There was something foreboding in that idea, but he didn't have too much time to think about it as Turner and Sparrow had started fighting with the pirates who were still in the cave.

Norrington moved swiftly into the fray and clashed swords with one of the pirates that was about to take off William Turner's head. Sparrow, for his part, was battling one on one with the cursed captain, Barbossa. The pair seemed evenly matched as they moved together, battling with swords and words.

Back on the Dauntless, Lieutenant Groves assisted Elizabeth up the side ladder on the ship and onto the deck. She glanced around at the crew as they prepared for battle, hauling cannonballs around and aiming the cannons. They barely noticed the two arriving in their midsts and those that did were quickly back to their work at one look from Lieutenant Groves. Elizabeth felt that it was better that way, as she did not want to cause an uproar or distract the men from what needed to be done. She looked around in an attempt to find her father in the madness of battle preparation. She spotted him by the doors of the captain's cabin, speaking with Admiral Middleton. She hesitated as she looked at the two of them in conversation. She wasn't sure she wanted the Admiral to know she was safe just yet. Something told her that once he knew that, they would be heading back to Port Royal, leaving the rest behind.

Knowing she had no other choice at that point, Elizabeth walked towards the two men quietly as to not garner any attention from the crew. Lieutenant Groves followed behind her protectively and watched over her as his friend would have asked him to.

"Father," Elizabeth announced her presence softly, hoping only to arouse his attention, though she felt that was unlikely. As she suspected, both men looked at her immediately after she spoke.

"Elizabeth!" Her father exclaimed as he pulled her into a hug. The sound of great relief was evident in his voice. He let her go to give her a good look-over, making sure that she was not harmed. "How did you get here? We thought the pirates still had you."

"It was Captain Norrington. He freed me and some others that were locked aboard the pirate ship," Elizabeth explained.

"Well, now that you are safe, it is best that we call the men back and take you home," Admiral Middleton chimed in, clearly wanting to leave the whole situation behind. He didn't seem overly pleased that she had just shown up on the ship. She was sure he wanted to be given the credit for saving her after Norrington had disobeyed orders.

"No, you can't. Captain Norrington and William Turner are still in the cave. We have to rescue them. They did everything the could to get me back. We can't leave them here." Elizabeth was very firm in her tone of voice, standing her ground in front of the Admiral. It was not proper for a young lady to do so, but she felt the conviction so strongly that she would not let it pass.

She could see that her father would take her side as he was grateful to the two men for rescuing his only daughter. "I think it is clear that the best course of action is to see this plan through. I'm sure that you will agree Admiral that the capture or death of known pirates would be in the best interest of the crown, as well as the safe return of two subjects of the crown."

Admiral Middleton did not look pleased, but recognized that Governor Swann would not back down for his daughter's sake. He also couldn't deny that the governor was right about the pirate threat. They were to carry on with the plan as it was set out and Admiral Middleton ordered Lieutenant Groves to show the two to the Captain's Cabin, a safe place and out of the way of the crew.

Elizabeth followed along behind Lieutenant Groves as he showed them the way. Deep down, Elizabeth wished that she could help the men she owed her life to, but without any sort of training or knowledge of fighting, she knew she would only be in the way, not that they would allow her to help. Lieutenant Groves opened the door to the cabin, allowing Elizabeth and Governor Swann through. Elizabeth walked in first and took a seat at the desk while her father chose a chair off to the side. There wasn't much left for the two of them to do at this point except wait out the battle. The door was shut behind them while the ship's crew went about preparing for the battle ahead.

It was only moments after the two settled in that the warning bell on the deck started ringing. Elizabeth got up quickly from the chair behind the desk and ran over to the doors that separated the office from the deck. She could see soldiers and pirates fighting amongst each other. She locked the door to prevent anyone from entering and hoped that no one would come crashing through the glass and wood. She moved back from the doors and joined her father in a far corner of the cabin, hoping that they would not draw the attention of the pirates aboard the ship. Elizabeth had had enough of pirates and just wanted to go home. The sound of clanging swords and pistol shots continued to ring through the air, sounding loudly even through the walls of the cabin. Governor Swann hid behind the chair he had been sitting in earlier while Elizabeth crouched down behind him. She had all the faith in the world in the Royal British Navy, but it didn't stop her from being appropriately terrified.

James engaged swords with one of the pirates that had stayed behind with their leader. The battle seemed never ending but he could at least say he was in good company as both Sparrow and Turner knew how to wield a blade. The three of them engaged the men, with Jack Sparrow taking on their captain, Barbossa. It was hard to keep track of where everyone was at any one moment. James made sure he was well aware of where the three pirates he and Turner were dealing with were at any one time. James locked his sword with one of them, keeping the ruffian at bay while moving around the small cave. Turner and Norrington switched the pirates they were fighting as Turner looked for a way to disarm the three men. Had James not seen it for himself, he never would have believed the ghost stories that had been told about the ghost ship, The Black Pearl and its crew of the damned. As they moved around the cave, shafts of moonlight spilled in through holes in the ceiling, revealing the gruesome sight of the undead.

James had lost track of where Turner was as they fought, now dealing with the three pirate crew members on his own. One of the pirates tossed a grenade at James. He caught it and was about to throw it back when Turner come rushing from the side with some sort of decorative pole, impaling the three pirates all together. While they stood in the moonlight, James shoved the grenade into middle pirate's ribcage before the two of them shoved the three pirates into the dark. The middle pirate tried to reach for the grenade, but with his flesh restored in the darkness, it was stuck inside of him. James and Turner moved quickly behind a rock as the grenade exploded, wiping out the three pirates they had been fighting. James wasn't sure how he would explain to anyone what had happened in the cave. He wasn't sure that anyone would believe him had they not seen it for themselves.

A shot rang out, echoing through the cave. The two men stopped what they were doing and looked over to where Sparrow and Barbossa had been locked in battle. Sparrow stood with his pistol aimed at Barbossa's chest, still smoking. Barboss clutched at where he had been shot, looking disbelieving at Sparrow, blood pouring out of his wound, before he fell back onto a pile of gold coins and other treasure that had been gathered in the pirate cave. The green apple he had been holding tumbled from his hand and dropped into the shallow water of the cave stream. The silence was almost deafening in the aftermath of the battle, until Sparrow started rooting around in the gathered treasure, placing a crown on top of his head and draping strings of pearls around his shoulders. James nodded slightly to Turner to have him get one of the boats ready for departure. The battle was over, Elizabeth was safe and it was time to return to Port Royal.

A sudden cheering broke out along the deck of the Dauntless, echoing through the captain's cabin. Governor Swann crept up to the door before let himself out of the captain's cabin once he was sure it was safe with Elizabeth close behind. The crew of the Royal Navy ship were cheering as the pirates surrendered, being out-numbered by the crew. She couldn't say she understood what had happened. It seemed as though in one moment, they were throwing themselves at the Navy as if they could not die, then the next moment, they were surrendering to the overwhelming forces. A handful of bodies, a mixture of Navy men and pirates, laid on the deck dead or dying. Elizabeth looked away, not wanting to see the grotesque sight. They had won. Now all that mattered to her was getting Norrington back onto the ship and going home. This was the last time she ever wanted to see a pirate in her life.

Elizabeth moved over to the railing and looked out towards the cave, hoping to spot an incoming long boat with Captain Norrington as one of the passengers. The night was very dark as the clouds covered the moon, making it difficult to see, but she stayed where she was, waiting for their return.

William Turner, Jack Sparrow and James Norrington sat in a long boat as Turner rowed them slowly towards the Dauntless. They had been prepared to return Jack to his ship but found that his crew had been true to their word and had taken off with The Black Pearl. Sparrow stared out at the sea glumly, a gold crown sitting lopsided on his head, knowing full well what was now in store for him. He would have to face his crimes and likely to be sent to the gallows for the crime of being a pirate. There was no escape for him this time. The two men felt a slight sympathy for the man who had likely just saved all of their lives. James had to admit that he had no idea what was in store for himself, knowing what he had done to ensure Elizabeth's safe return. He couldn't imagine that he would be able to keep his commission in the Royal Navy after his acts of subordination and treason. He could only hope that Governor Swann's gratitude would be enough to save him from the fate that Sparrow had to look forward to. Though, for all he knew, the three of them were rowing themselves to their deaths. William Turner was in just as much trouble as Norrington, having gone against the crown, engaging in piracy, in a chance to bring back the governor's daughter safely. James couldn't say what other motives Turner may have had in joining the voyage, but he had helped bring the young woman back to the safety of her father.

As the ship got closer and closer, the feeling of dread began to grow in the pit of Norrington's stomach. There was no turning back now, not that he would if he had the choice. He had done everything for Elizabeth and that he would not regret for one moment.

The long boat pulled up next to the ship and midshipmen sent down ropes to pull the boat back up onto the ship. Once it was secure, Norrington made his way up the ladder first, leaving Turner and Sparrow to follow behind him. As he stepped onto the deck, he was greeted warmly by a few of his former subordinates that would dare show allegiance or acceptance in front of the Admiral. He spotted Elizabeth standing next to her father, maintaining proper decorum but with a small smile tugging at her lips. For him, that tiny smile made the whole adventure worthwhile, no matter the consequences.

Turner and Sparrow were helped onto the deck and Sparrow was immediately taken into custody and taken down to the brig. Turner and Norrington were to meet with the Admiral to find out their fates. It was James's hope that he would be lenient considering their motivations for disobeying the Crown and Royal Navy. His only hint of any relief was that the governor seemed to be heavily favoured towards leniency because of the risk they took to save his only child. With the right words, they may even face commendations for what they had done for him.

The two men made their way to the captain's cabin to learn what the Admiral had decided their future had in store.