Tracing a slow trail in the sweat on Bo's tummy, Luke makes a lazy figure 8 before trailing away to tickle Bo's ribs. Letting out a snorted sleepy giggle, Bo wiggles at the mercy of Luke's fingertips. Grinning wide, Luke scoots up to lay next to Bo on the hood of the cool General. It's at a precious moment in time where everything seems to be holding it's breath, all of the trees and animals, just waiting for the first rays of sunlight to break over the horizon. Slippery dew creates a gentle layer of water on everything, small beads collect and run down the General's windshield, wetting the boys' hair. Soon the silence of the night will be broken, the big trucks will roll down dirty gravel roads, the smell of bacon will be cooking in the kitchen, the paper will be tossed onto the end of the lot by whichever money-starved paperboy they've found this week, and the boys will be curled into their beds again until noon...punishable by a scolding from Jesse. Nestled into Luke's neck, Bo starts to breathe innocent sleep. Placing a soft kiss on the younger cousins forehead, Luke rouses him just in time to see the first hint of orange begin the birth of a new sunrise.