Author's Notes: The rest of this story will deal with Kay's bulimia and the effects that it causes on her high school life.

Chapter 11

Kay leaned back against the sturdy railing of the school stairway. She had a terrible headache and she wasn't even half way through the school day yet. She sighed as the bell rang and headed towards her class.

"What's wrong, Kay?" Simone asked as Kay trotted sluggishly to her seat.

"Besides the killer migraine, nothing," Kay replied blankly, laying her head down on the desk.

"Kay, you look really pale, are you okay?" Simone asked worriedly.

"I will be as soon as this day is over."

"Maybe you should go see the nurse. Kay you look awful."

"Gee, thanks, Simone."

"Kay, I'm serious. You look really sick."

"I'm fine, Simone. It's just a headache, that's all. And your babbling doesn't help any."

"Sorry, Kay, I'm just trying to help. I swear, you act like your on your period year round."

"I'm sorry, Simone, it's just that my head is killing me."

"All right, Kay. I'll shut up."

That afternoon after school, Kay sat at her desk, typing up her English paper. Her head was still pounding and her vision was slightly blurred. Her hands were shaking and she could barely type. "God what's happening to me?"

The phone began to ring and Kay tried to stand up and reach it but she collapsed within a few inches of it.

Miguel stood outside the Bennett door. He had been knocking on it for twenty minutes without an answer, but he knew Kay was home and he wasn't leaving until he talked to her.

Kay's body began to slightly quiver as she laid on the floor. She began to slip in and out of conciousness and her body was beginning to go numb.

Miguel turned the knob and creaked the door open. "Kay, I know you're in here. I want to talk to you." He waited for a response. When one didn't come he continued, "I'm sorry about what happened between. I know it wasn't your fault. My friends told me Charity started it."

He walked slowly into the living room. "Kay, please forgive me. I broke up with Charity. I know that it's you I love, not her." He walked up the stairs and stood outside Kay's bedroom door.

"Kay, can I come in?" he asked knocking lightly on it. He opened and saw Kay unconcious on the floor.