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Leslie laid down on one of the strong branches of the tree, which nestled their tree house. Her arms dangled on either side of her body, she sighed lazily loving the way the sun caressed her tanned skin and played with her not so short-blonde hair. Without realizing it she started to hum a tune, without realizing it she began to sing lazily. The words dripped out of her mouth sweeter than syrup.

Where is my love?
Where is my king?
Oh where
Oh where
Is my Jesse?
Don't be long, please come back
War life is no life
For Kings.

"Leslie?" said a voice it sounded faraway. She brushed it away, and dove into the sweet blackness that was sleep. The sun slowed her blood down and she melted into the strong tree branch supporting her slender body.

Jesse floated next to her, hovering in place with the magic Terabithia had bestowed on him. Or was it the magic he had bestowed on Terabithia? He shook his head the thoughts of magic were much too confusing to be thinking on this wonderful summer day. His warm amber eyes wandered to Leslie's sleeping face. His ears had caught her lazy singing, the words made his heart well up with pride.

Leslie wanted him, he was her king, and he was her Jesse.

She had slipped into dreamland, just seconds after he had called her name. His gaze outlined her body, and he noted that she was not a girl anymore.

Her childish lines had been forced into blossoming curves. And he noticed a luscious curve where her hips met her lower torso. Her thin shirt was pressed against her chest, which had curves that he had not seen before. It saddened him to think that they were no longer children; his father had mentioned it to Jesse more than once. This fall they would be 8th graders, and then they would go on to high school. He hovered down so that he was at eye level with Leslie she was pretty. He had known that as soon as he laid his eyes on her months before. Her delicate features were strong when the time called for it, her blonde hair reached her shoulders.

He often found her staring into the creek, smoothing her hair down and then angrily splashing the waters surface.

Women and their hair, he thought.

She stirred in her sleep, shifted on the tree branch.

He clenched his jaw, hoping she wouldn't fall off the branch. When she stopped, he let out a breath of relief. He ran his eyes over her body once again, but stopped shortly at her stomach. In her shifting, her shirt had lifted up to reveal a patch of skin. Without realizing it his fingers pulled her shirt down, Leslie shifted again. This time her shirt lifted up even more, Jesse huffed wishing he knew why the warmth of her skin under his fingertips made him hungry and excited all at the same time. His fingers drew patterns on her stomach, and his hands inched up the shirt innocently.

How can her skin be so soft, he asked himself. He trailed a rough finger from her bellybutton to the band of her jeans. Adrenaline pumped through him. He leaned down and kissed her stomach softly.

Leslie shifted beneath his lips. She was still in dreamland, and this was a dream she didn't want to end. Her "dream" lover caressed her stomach, nibbling on the soft skin. Electricity shot through her spine, too real to be a dream. But the sun soothed her and she knew that the one touching her would never hurt her. She was safe. She was alive. She was dreaming under his fingers. A soft moan escaped her lips, she lifted a hand and felt for her lover, she found his head and pulled him closer. Running her fingers through his hair, she sighed into his ear.

Jesse stiffened as Leslie sleepily pulled him to her. He was floating next to her now, her arms around his neck. She had settled her head in the crook of his shoulder they fit together perfectly. He melted into her, and she was soon breathing slow and deep. It was time he left her alone; slowly he laid her head back onto the tree branch. She whispered incoherent words. Gently he kissed her stomach once more before pulling down her shirt. With a pain in his heart, he stopped touching her. Leslie moaned in protest as he left her side.

"Lover. Pleaseā€¦" she trailed off. Her words were thick with sleep but he had heard them perfectly.

Jesse floated above her, and leaned down so his lips were below her ear. "I will never ever leave you Leslie. I love you." He whispered softly.

She sighed in agreement and slept. Not knowing if she would feel his touch in her sleep, he pressed his lips against her neck firmly and quickly. "Goodbye Leslie" he said, before floating to the ground. He took off running to the farthest corner of Terabithia. He couldn't believe the words he had spoken.

I love you. Would she remember? Would she know it was him?

He sighed, and ran back to the tree house. He did love her with all his heart she was his queen, his savior, and his Leslie.


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