Jesse settled down into the soft Terabithian grass arranged around the meadow circling a spot on the grass that served as a makeshift stage were pillows made of the softest silk, and a blanket woven from thousands of spider's web was laid out, it shimmered with as the moon danced upon it. Many Terabithian creatures all of them very friendly took their spot next to the King. Jesse smiled at each of them warmly, he saw the Elf Clan and bowed his head in acknowledgment, and second to him and Leslie the Elf's were the most powerful of Terabithia's inhabitants. The King also admired the fine dresses and trousers of all those present. Tonight was a very special night.

Like his people Jesse was dressed in his finest silver trousers baggy and comfortable as was the style in Terabithia, his tunic was light made of soft spun clouds that the birds had acquired in the moment the moon's rays dipped them in silver. On his feet he wore leather sandals made from the skin of a unicorn that had died peacefully, for it was a crime to kill a creature for pure sport instead of need. On top of his head was the crown he had been married in. Although it was special he rarely wore it since all creatures recognized him as King without it, not to mention it felt awkward and heavy on his head but tonight it seemed the perfect touch to accent his silver wedding band, which was the reason all of Terabithia had gathered.

As the music began he settled back he relaxed, Midnight the noble fairy took to the center of the meadow.

"Noblest King and great creatures of Terabithia on this night we celebrate the great rule of King Jesse the Wise and Queen Leslie the Bold, on this night we celebrate their love and marriage. For one year Terabithia has fed the love between King and Queen. Under this very tree I wed them and I have been blessed to live to see them grow strong and sure." She paused letting momentum build, "For this reason we the fairy clans have gathered and put aside our quarrels to present a dance for the High King. Now as we begin I ask that you find joy and release it on this night the most sacred of all. Give thanks, be merry and love always." The young fairy fluttered off.

The flutes began playing soft and slow, each note drawing out the shyest of the fairies. Soon a great glow built as the tiny creatures gathered and sang in hauntingly beautiful voices.

Where is our love?
Where is our King?
Oh where, oh where?

Suddenly from the tree a gentle tall figure floated down gracefully, Jesse stared in awe. The Queen landed her dress was the most beautiful of all. It was woven from the very rays of the sun and sprinkled with stardust. She gave off a light as the magick, love and song overwhelmed her skin fighting for escape in every pore. Her blonde hair was liquid gold it curled around her shoulders and floated so gently it seemed she was had no gravity. On her head was the crown of the Terabithian Queen in all truth no one argued that she looked like a goddess. And even more as she opened her mouth to sing.

Where is my love?
Where is my King?

Oh where, oh where

Is my Jesse?

Don't be long

Please come back,
war life is no life for kings

As she sang Leslie danced in the difficult but beautiful style of the Elves. It was a mix of ballet and raw power. Her body had been trained to do every move precisely as was required. Rigorous rehearsals had produced the desired effect. No creature dared to blink as she danced and sang with a passion unmatched by any other Queen before her. Jesse felt a great excitement stirring in his heart. He recognized the words to her song, the same words that had opened his eyes to the love of his life. He had never in his life loved anyone more purely than Leslie. It rolled off of him in waves so strong the trees began bowing their branches. Silently, hypnotically as if in a trance he stood up and joined the Queen in a dance of love. He spun her around and lifted her off the ground with one strong arm. Their feet followed their throbbing hearts, which was the only music that could be heard from the Terabithian landscape. They danced and danced, turning round and round.

Finally their magical trance ended, leaving both breathless but not tired. Instead Jesse gently kissed her, it felt wonderful like butterflies wings brushing her lips. Jesse and Leslie felt their hearts skip a beat and falter, bringing a sense of hot fire in their chests. Their minds were suddenly bombarded with thoughts, images and emotions. For a single moment they were mirror images of each other. For a moment the pain overwhelmed them both, but in a few seconds it was over and they had never felt more complete and healthy.

Midnight raced over to the stage, "My dearest Terabithians it has been completed! The King and Queen are whole forever more. What the gods put together let no one tear asunder."

The creatures cheered and the Elf clan cried beautiful tears of joy, never in all there hundreds of years living had they witnessed the rare ritual and magick of two hearts beating as one.

Leslie cleared her throat to speak, "I, Queen Leslie the Bold of Terabithia proclaim that no misery will ever touch any one of the creatures living on this land as long as The King and I love each other and past our dying day let us remember this night."

Jesse held her hand and started where she left off, "As the moon and stars as our witness Terabithia will always have a King and Queen who love each other purely, passionately and always."

Much later as the feasting, dancing, singing and joy began to wind down Leslie and Jesse slipped away from the party. He covered her eyes with his hands and led her deeper into the woods but no fear was present in her soul or mind, she trusted him completely. "Jesse" she laughed as she tripped over a rock, "Where are you taking me?"

His lips brushed her neck, "Well since the dance was my present for our anniversary, I wanted to give you something also" He dropped his hands and she opened her eyes to gasp at the sight in front of her. A winding staircase wrapped around a huge oak tree, and resting between its many strong branches was a miniature palace. It was a beautiful jumble of rooms, balconies, and ropes. Whirling around she threw her arms around his neck. "I love it," she whispered.

He led her up the stairs, "There's more"

"More Jesse, how in the world could there be more than this? I can't believe you built it," she said moving up the steps behind him. The inside was just as beautiful as the outside.

"Close your eyes and follow me. No peeking Les" he said firmly. She let herself be guided up more stairs and then they stopped, "Ok now open them"

She did and sucked in her breath. They were in the highest room of all, their bedroom. Littered around a bed carved into the tree were rose petals that shimmered in the candlelight. Jesse nervously looked into her eyes, "I love you very much Leslie."

"I love you Jesse," she stared at him curiously wondering what the next step would be. He pressed his lips to hers and kissed her with the passion that was waiting to get out. She kissed back unafraid, and didn't bat an eyelash as he picked her up and placed her on the fluffy bed. Their dance continued although now there were no witnesses.

He paused before entering her, "I don't want to hurt you" Leslie smiled, "Jesse you would never hurt me"

When he did enter her it was soft and slow, both getting used to the others body. Leslie felt no pain as they began moving, matching the rhythm to their heartbeats. Instead tiny pinpricks of pleasure gathered at her center flushing her skin, and soon she felt her muscles coiling in anticipation. He tensed above her his body demanding release. And then finally as the last star followed the moon out, they both exploded with pleasure. The sun watched over them, he shone more proudly than on any other day in Terabithia. It was now truly complete, not only were they two hearts beating as one, they became one soul binded by a pure love that many would never experience.