Genre: AU, Romance

Pairings: 1x2, 3+4

Warnings: Serious fluff, sap, silliness, animals talking, adult situations, some language

Disclaimer: Forgot it in the first chapter, so here it is. Don't own nothin' but these words!

A/N: This is the last installment (SOB!). Thank you all so much for sticking with me, your support and encouragement have been overwhelming and so appreciated. I love to write, so don't worry. This is not the last you will see of me! I'm hoping to get the first chapter of "Heero, My Pet" up soon. Hope to see you there!


Duo woke slowly, not sure why he'd awakened. Gradually he became aware of a soothing sensation against the naked skin at his back. Even more gradually he realized it was Heero, caressing him. He made a soft sound in the back of his throat, turning his face slightly to nuzzle the smooth, golden skin beneath him.

Heero chuckled faintly in reply. "Finally awake?"


"We have to leave in a few hours, my love. Don't you think we should get up and pack?"


"Am I on my own on this one?"

Duo's response was a soft giggle.

"All right, come on love. Get up. We're meeting them there—they left last night. We don't want to miss our flight."

At this Duo stirred. "How am I going to get there? You aren't making me fly as a dog, are you?"

"No. I made you an ID and everything you need. You're now Duo Maxwell, born in California. I didn't want you to have to travel as an animal—it's way too stressful. Besides, I'm not letting you out of my sight ever again."

Duo smiled and sat up. "Okay." This was when he noticed . . . "Wow, I'm really sore, Heero."

The look Heero gave him was a peculiar mix of apologetic, amused, and self-satisfied. "Do you regret it?"

"Nope!" Leaning up, he gave his master—lover, he reminded himself—a quick kiss on the lips and hopped out of bed. As soon as his feet hit the floor he stopped, bending his knees to absorb the shock and pain. He was really sore.

Heero got up a little more slowly, gently stabilizing him with a hand to his elbow. "You okay?"

"Ah, I will be, I just . . ." He blushed when he finally realized why he was sore because of where he was sore.

Heero grinned faintly. "Maybe I left that part out when I was educating you . . ."

Duo slapped his arm. "Maybe? Good grief, how am I gonna be able to walk . . . ?" He continued muttering to himself all the way to the shower.


Grinning to himself, Heero watched his lover retreat to the bathroom. He did feel sorry for Duo, but he also couldn't help the satisfaction of knowing what kind of lover that made him. He was confident last night he hadn't hurt Duo, and he did wish the residual pain wasn't an issue, but . . .

It was a rather quick matter, packing up the essentials for a trip. He laid out only a handful of outfits—he intended to buy Duo a whole wardrobe of new clothes on their vacation. They were going to be in Hawaii for two weeks, and after that . . . who knew?

Duo stuck to his side like glue the whole time he was getting ready. He made something of a nuisance of himself—at least, he might have had Heero been capable of actually being annoyed with him. Duo's excitement was contagious, and in short order they were driving down to the airport.

"How long is the flight?" Duo asked, bouncing in his seat. "I've never been on a plane before. Is it crowded? Are there lots of people on planes? How do they fly, anyway?"

Heero's lips twitched. "It's complicated. It won't take us long. And no, it won't be crowded. We're flying first class."

"Really? Is there a second class?"

"Yes. First class is for rich people like me who want to fork out the extra dollar to have more room and better service. Besides, since this is your first flight I wanted you to be comfortable. Are you nervous, love?" He reached over and squeezed Duo's hand.

Duo grinned broadly. "Yup! I can't wait!"

Heero chuckled. "We're almost there."

They had to wait in line a bit, of course, but soon they were boarded and seated. Duo exhibited his usual bright curiosity, even begging to see the cockpit. Heero made him sit and tucked him against his side, kissing his temple.

"Settle down, love. We'll be there before you know it."

Duo, who had the window seat, watched with wide, shimmering eyes as the jet took off the runway. "Wow, we're really leaving the ground, Heero!" he exclaimed, squirming in Heero's hold until he broke away and gluing his face to the window. "Wow, we're really flying!"

Heero couldn't help it and laughed.


They arrived at their hotel an hour before they were to meet Quatre and Trowa. Heero put all their stuff up and turned to Duo, who'd thrown himself down on the bed as soon as they got to their room.

"Do you feel like doing anything before we go?" he asked, leaning down and kissing Duo's forehead.

Duo shifted to bring their lips together. "Mm hmm," he admitted, his expression a little shy as he glanced down the line of their bodies. "You said we have an hour, right? Can we . . . um . . ."

Heero knew what Duo wanted to say. He sat on the edge of the bed and stroked his face. "What? Tell me what you want, my pet."

Duo's face flushed, his eyes flickering shut briefly. "Um, would you . . . love me? Please, Heero?"

Smiling, Heero pressed down on top of him. "I would love to."

Duo gasped at the weight on his pelvis, immediately arching up to bring them into direct contact. Chuckling, Heero pushed him back down.

"Slow, love. We have time." He kissed him deeply, using one hand to gently open Duo's mouth wider while his tongue delved inside honeyed heat.

Duo was bolder this time around. His hands tugged insistently at Heero's clothing until he stripped them both. His eyes drank in the sight of Heero's naked body, wide and obviously appreciative. This time he actively participated in the touching, kissing, and caressing. In fact, his curious explorations about drove Heero mad.

As he carefully prepared his lover, he noticed the discomfort on Duo's face when the boy grimaced a little. He made himself move even slower, and slid inside him with little resistance. As last night, Duo held himself perfectly still when they were finally joined, eyes closed as if determined to feel every possible sensation.

He kissed Duo's eyelids. "You okay?"

"Yes," Duo breathed, turning his face a little so Heero's lips grazed his temple. "It just feels so . . . much. Good, and . . . can't describe . . ." He broke off into panting little gasps, his legs rising off the bed to wrap around Heero's waist, driving him even deeper.

He waited until Duo gave him his cue. He kept his movements small and shallow until Duo let him know it was no longer enough. Then he slid his arms under Duo's back and shifted them both to a sitting position, bringing them even closer than before.

Duo looked surprised, but only for a moment. His arms wound around Heero's neck, his lips parted and begging for a kiss. Heero obliged him, plunging his tongue into the hot, wet cavern. Duo made delicious little whimpering sounds that Heero eagerly swallowed.

"Love you," he got out between somewhat rapid breaths.

"Nnh . . . love you, too . . ." Duo gasped, his head falling to the smooth, moist expanse between Heero's neck and shoulder.

Heero could feel every panting breath he took. Their pace never developed a frenzied rhythm, but nor was it exactly languid. Heero steadied Duo, who absorbed everything he gave and quietly pleaded for more. And when they reached the peak of their climb, completion washed over them in a long, glittering wave of warm white.

Duo collapsed against him, his body limp and heavy. Heero laid him down, smiling faintly when Duo grunted at their separation. In apology he slid two fingers passed the relaxed muscle and stroked him inside for a time. His lover smiled.

"That feels nice, Heero."

Heero lightly kissed his reddened lips. "Why don't you take a nap, love? We've still got some time."

And Duo did.

- - - -

Heero walked down to the lobby with a half-grin on his face. He spotted Trowa and Quatre immediately, chatting as they leaned against the long reception desk. They glanced up and waved, coming to meet him.

"Where's Duo?" Quatre asked, frowning a little.

It took a great deal of self-control not to grin madly at the question. "Still upstairs," he said. "Do you mind going back up with me? There's actually something I wanted to show you."

Looking thoroughly mystified, his friends nodded and followed him up the stairs to Heero's room. He paused before inserting the key-card. "You should know, what lies on the other side is the like of which you've never seen. I can't guarantee how you'll react, but please remember I'm showing you because I trust you."

Quatre blinked, but Trowa nodded. "We understand."

Smiling, Heero pushed the door open. Duo, lounging on the bed, hopped down and padded to them, tail waving gracefully. Quatre smiled, dropping to his knees to give him a little affection.

"Wow, I've never seen him so friendly with anyone but you."

"Come on, Duo," Heero said.

Duo looked at him and paced back to the center of the room. Heero shut the door, glancing around to make sure the blinds were still closed. Then he nodded to his once-companion, now his lover and life-long soulmate. Duo lowered his head and concentrated. In moments the beautiful German Shepherd was gone to be replaced by the boy with gleaming auburn hair and indigo eyes.

Quatre fainted dead away.