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Plot: John is a widower and is set to be married again but, his seven year old daughter Madison has other plans.

Chapter #1: Pinky promise

"Madison come on we have to head to the arena" John yelled from the bottom of the stairs

"Okay I'm coming" Madison replied running down the stairs "Daddy do I get to stand by the ring and watch you wrestle this time" little Madison asked her father John Cena as he helped her put on her jacket

"Madison you ask me this every night and I give you the same answer" John smiled at his beloved seven year old, who pouted "And besides didn't your tutor give you any homework"

"Oh yeah I forgot… you know I never got that part of being home schooled, because since I am learning at home what's the point of homework"

"You know I never got that either" John strangely agreeing with his daughter

"Daddy please don't tell me I have to stay with Dawn Marie tonight" Madison begged as she climbed into her father's Hummer

"What I thought you liked Dawn"

"Daddy are you crazy I have no fun with Dawn, all I do is sit there and struggle with my work while she just talk googoo to her boyfriend on the phone"

John stared at his daughter "GooGoo" John said to himself before letting out a little laugh

"Why can't I stay with Uncle Randy?"

"Because me and Randy have a tag team match tonight, and uncle Shawn, and uncle Hunter are also busy" John answered

"Alright fine I will stay with dawn tonight, but you have to pinky promise me you will come get me as soon as the match is over" Madison asked holding out her pinky

"Pinky promise" John smiled latching his pinky with his daughter's


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