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Hidden Agenda




Draco Malfoy was sitting in a Muggle cafe in central London. He was sipping a hot espresso and lazily gazing out of the window. The Muggles outside seemed hurried to get somewhere, but he had all the time in the world. He looked at his clock, he didn't like to be kept waiting no matter how much time he had.

The door to the café opened and a woman hurried inside. She scanned the crowd and found him in the corner. She made her way over while closing up her umbrella.

"It's raining cats and dogs out there," she gasped.

Draco eyed her from top to bottom.

"Cho Chang," he stated, "what could you possibly want to talk to me about?"

She turned around and waved to the waiter, she pointed at Draco's cup and gestured that she wanted the same.

"You're looking good Draco." She smiled sweetly at him.

"Oh ok, are we playing that game?" He was getting bored of this game, but he couldn't help being curious as to why Cho Chang would ask him to meet her. Cho nibbled her bottom lip a bit.

"Well as you might now, I have recently returned to London…" she started.

"Yes, you were offered a job at the Daily Prophet, working next to Rita Skeeter. Quite nice for your age. Only twenty-four and already a gossip star. What of it? Are you looking for a story? Is that it?" He sounded slightly disappointed.

"Oh no, nothing like that. Besides, your life is an open book nowadays Draco." She smiled flirtingly at him.

"You think so, huh?" He sipped his espresso lazily.

"Sure, living the ultimate playboy life. All alone in that big mansion of yours, bedding a new girl every single night. You have become quite famous after changing sides during the war."

"Well Ms. Chang, you're quite wrong," Cho raised her eyebrows" it's usually two girls per night." He gave her a wicked grin.

"Hmm, well, regarding that... I want to skip right to the point. I want some help from you, regarding your field of expertise…"

"I'd guess you could get a shag quite easily, but all right, my place or yours?" He shot her a sexy smile and was very pleased to see her cheeks get a little flushed.

"Oh stop it," she laughed "I need your help with something else. I have my eye on someone, and I have had my eye on him for quite sometime. The problem is that he is always surrounded by his friends, and especially one in particular. She al ready sabotaged our love affair once, and I won't…" yet again she was interrupted by Draco.

"Please, don't tell me you are talking about Potter! Course you are. Do you honestly call what you two had a love affair? Give me a break! You won't be able to snare him anyway, from what I hear he loves the single life."

"Well that's the thing you see. Harry's little groupies aren't a problem for me, it's…"

"Granger." Draco filled in.

"Yeah, the rest of them come and go. But there is always her, she is always there. Always in the bloody way! I just want her, well occupied. Besides, Harry would never be able to get over his precious Hermione being seduced by his arch-enemy."

She gave Draco a naughty smile.

"And why would I ever want to do this? I mean first of all, I get enough girls to last forever, but to get myself dirty by a filthy… Muggleborn."

"Well I know you have a little something against Harry, which goes beyond Hogwarts."

This was true. After the war had ended, Draco had tried to become an Auror. He had proved during the war that he wasn't a Death Eater, but he wasn't allowed to join the programme. He could never prove that Harry was the one who stopped him, but he was sure of it. He knew that Harry hated him, just as much as Draco hated Harry. Had Draco had as much influence as Harry did in the magical world, he would have loved to stop Harry from being an Auror.

"So am I to do this merely for revenge?" Draco was buttoning his jacket, this conversation was leading nowhere.

"No, of course not. I wouldn't have come here if I didn't have something to offer you in return."


"Well if you do this for me, completely under the radar- naturally, I can guarantee you…"

She leaned closer and Draco couldn't help himself leaning in.

"You would be allowed to start the Auror program."

Draco quickly pulled back.


"Well let's just say that I have a few favours owed by quite a few people at the ministry."

"Why would I ever be interested in being an Auror after all this time?"

"Draco, I know you've been living this playboy life since the war was over. Four years of nothing but women, drinks and games has got to be getting old by now."

"You do realize that this is kind of desperate." He smirked at her,

"I don't care! Harry wanted me for years at Hogwarts, Granger ruined that for me. I could have been the one by his side all these years. It should have been me. Just tell me Draco, will you do it?"

"Seduce Granger, and make sure Potty knows about it?"

"Something like that!"