Draco entered the grand ballroom of the largest and finest magic hotel in Britain. He was dressed in his finest robes, today was after all a very special occasion.

He hadn't been to Britain in three years, and was slightly anxious about being here. His journey from France had been delayed, and he was running very late.

He looked at the beautiful woman on his arm. She was an Irish girl he had met in school. Her name was Vanessa, a very pretty girl – and she was head over heels in love with Draco. He quite enjoyed her idolizing him.

They had returned to England to attend the wedding of the Daily Prophet's greatest journalist, Cho Chang who was marrying Myron Wagtail – the lead singer of the Weird Sisters. It was quite the event, and everyone was invited.

Draco and Vanessa had missed the ceremony but were just in time for the dinner at the hotel. They were mingling, sipping champagne and having a good time. Talking to the people from his past wasn't quite as bad as he had expected it to be.

As a waiter walked by with a tray of flutes filled with champagne, Draco turned around to grab two glasses.

There she was.

In a long beautiful purple dress, her hair up, but a few loose curls dancing around her neck and shoulders – there she was. Looking absolutely radiant, smiling, laughing and talking to Ronald Weasley.

Draco saw Harry approach moments later, he arrived carrying two glasses, the same Draco held at that moment. Harry passed Hermione one of the glasses and put his free hand on the small of her back. Her face lit up as he had joined them, but she had kept talking to Ron.

"Draco?" Vanessa asked curious at his silence.

He turned to her, but couldn't find his words. He hadn't seen nor spoken to Hermione since she had walked out of his hotel room, out of his life.

"Do you know those people?" she asked and nodded towards where he had been looking.

"I used to," he answered and tried to think of a new subject.

"Oh my… Is that Harry Potter?" her eyes shot wide open.

"The one and only," Draco muttered.

"Well it was given he'd have a beautiful girlfriend like that, wasn't it."

He turned back and looked at them again, Harry had his arm around Hermione, and she was leaning on him. She must have felt Draco's eyes because she turned and met his gaze. First she looked surprised, and then she snapped out of it. She excused herself and started to make her way towards them.

Draco saw her arriving almost in slow motion, the dress billowing at her sides, her smile growing as she got closer.

"Draco, it's so good to see you."

He smiled at her and gave her an intense look.

"Always a pleasure," he retorted.

Hermione looked at Vanessa.

"Hi there, my name is Hermione Granger;" she gave Vanessa her hand.

"I thought it'd be Potter by now," Draco inserted with a joking tone of voice.

"No not yet, Luna and Ron got married this summer though. Look at her," Hermione pointed at Luna. Luna's stomach was enormous.

"The baby is due any day now."

Draco nodded in agreement.

"Well we should get going. Lots of people to greet before we leave tomorrow," he answered.

Hermione looked slightly disappointed.

"Oh okay, but we'll see you later when the real party starts? Right?"

"Maybe," Draco answered and started to steer Vanessa in another direction.

Draco looked over at Harry and saw him watching them. Draco closed the distance between them and kissed Hermione's cheek. He closed his eyes as he did, even though he didn't do it on purpose.

"It was good to see you Hermione, you look beautiful – as always. And you look happy," he whispered.

"I really am." she answered honestly.

"And I really am happy for you, but you know what – you would have had a lot of fun in France as well."

He pulled back slightly and shot her one of his smiles.

Before she could answer he turned and walked away.




The End



AN: That's it guys. Sorry you didn't get the confrontation with Cho that you all wanted, but I felt it was better to leave it out. I put the highest rating on the story because I got a warning for strong language in my last story so I wanted to avoid that this time. Thanks you to all of you who read the story, and especially who took time to write a review!

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