Another one of my new stories...HOPE YOU LOVE IT!!!

PLOT: Torrie is the girl that lives by the rules and John is the guy that lives to break the rules, what happens when these two totally different people meet.

Chapter #1: our new student

"Okay class before I let you go to your first period, we have a new student added to our homeroom I would like to introduce, his name is John Cena" Ms. Moolah replied "Mr. Cena comes to us all the way from Boston….Okay Mr. Cena can you tell us a little more about yourself" Ms. Moolah ask the rebel looking teen

"NO" John replied rudely before finding an empty seat

"Um, okay well would anyone like to volunteer to show Mr. Cena around our school?"

Ms. Moolah looked around to find nobody raising their hand "Okay, looks like I will have to choose someone" Ms. Moolah looked around as all the students put their heads down "Ummm, Miss Wilson, would you mind showing our new student around, John this is Torrie Wilson she will be your tour guide for the day" Ms. Moolah replied pointing to Torrie

"But, I didn't even say yes" Torrie replied

"That's because I said yes for you" Miss Moolah replied as Torrie rolled her eyes as she saw John smirking at her...


"Okay and there's the bell, see some of you later" Ms. Moolah replied letting her homeroom out

"You ready to go to art" Torrie's best friend Melina asked

"Did you forget that fast, I have to show our new school mate around" Torrie replied grabbing her stuff and walking toward the door where she saw John leaning on the wall

"Oh yeah, have fun showing your new friend around" Melina replied smirking at Torrie before leaving

"About time" John rudely said

"Look I am not going to deal with your smart comments, do you want to do this yourself" Torrie asked

John rolled his eyes "Fine you got it, here's my schedule"

"Look this is not going to be an all day thing, I am going to show you all your classes the main parts of the school and be done, fifteen minutes at the most so keep up" Torrie replied walking in front of John who was trying his hardest to keep up