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Chapter 11:A kiss in the rain

"Hey Lina, why aren't you in lunch, and why are you sitting out here alone" Torrie approached Melina who was sitting on the floor, with her head hanging low

Melina glanced at Torrie with a evil look

"Oh, come on Lina you're still not mad at me about earlier are you" Torrie asked sitting down next to her

"Torrie, you're my best friend, so I'm going to put this in the nicest way possible" Melina replied looking at Torrie "Um…You're an idiot" Melina finished getting a stare from Torrie "How, could you do that to John, he cares about you"

"How do you know that" Torrie asked as folding her arms

"Because he told me, he has feelings for you, and you hurt him in front of the entire student body" Melina informed Torrie "And I know you like him a lot too, you're just afraid of what Candice might say or Chris may do" Melina continued "Why can't you just have a mind of your own, forget your dad, forget Candice and Chris, and forget me, what you want to do" Melina finally asked

Torrie hesitated and stared down before staring back up at Melina "I want to be with him" Torrie confessed as Melina smiled

"Then go get him girl" Melina replied "It doesn't make since for both of us to be heart broken" Melina look back down

"You're still upset about Jeff" Torrie asked "Why haven't you talked to him"

"Yeah, He didn't come to school today I've skipped all my classes and I've been sitting here all day, trying to reach him on my cell but he didn't answer" Melina replied

"Well, why don't you go to his house" Torrie suggested "who says only one of us have to be happy why not both" Torrie replied standing up and putting out her hand for Melina to grab

Melina grab Torrie's hand and got up

"So we're going to win our men back" Melina laughed along with Torrie

"We're going to try, its going to be pretty hard to fix the damage we did to them" Torrie told Melina who nodded


Jeff was still at home, on his couch in some boxers in a plain white tee shirt, gulping down on some cheerios and watching Jerry Springer

"You kick her ass dude, she doesn't have any feelings anyway, she don't care that she hurt you" Jeff scream at the T.V "Just leave her, she doesn't love you" Jeff continued to talk to the T.V. "Jerry…Jerry…Jerry" Jeff chanted in his living room before hearing the door bell ring "Nobody's home" Jeff rudely replied eating another spoon of cheerios, before hearing the doorbell once again

Jeff rolled his eyes and sighed before getting up "Hold on, hold on I'm coming" Jeff yelled making his way to the front door, as someone continue to rang the doorbell back to back

Jeff heart dropped, when he opened the door seeing Melina stand there

"Hey Jeff" Melina smiled, but her smile turned back into a frown seeing Jeff's facial expression "I've been trying to call you" Melina started but was interrupted by Jeff

"Oh, you mean like I was trying to call you last night" Jeff told Melina who glanced

"Can I please come in so we can talk" Melina asked

"Why" Jeff asked

"Because if we stand out here we might get rained on" Melina replied looking at the gloomy sky

"No why should we talk, I recall trying to talk to you last night, and you didn't want to" Jeff shot back "So I'm really not trying to talk to you now"

Melina felt tears form in her eyes "Jeff I …" Melina started to say but was interrupted by Jeff

"Lina why are you here, after the way you did me last night, do you think you can just come over and say a simple sorry we are going to be okay" Jeff yelled at a heart broken Melina "Oh, yeah and sorry what ever happened to that, not one word that came out of your mouth was apologetic" Jeff finally finished

"Well, you haven't gave me a chance to talk" Melina shot back holding back tears

"Why should I give you a chance to talk" Jeff asked with an evil glare at Melina

Melina hesitated, as moments of silence past by

"Just tell him Lina, just tell him" Melina repeated in her head over and over

"Just what I thought you have nothing to say" Jeff replied "By Melina" Jeff started to close the door on Melina's face, but was stopped by the words out of Melina's mouth

"I LOVE YOU! YOU IDIOT" Melina finally yelled, as Jeff stared at her "I love you, I love you, I love you" Melina repeated face full of tears

"You're not just saying that so I can forgive you, are you" Jeff asked

"What do you think" Melina asked wiping her tears

Jeff stared at Melina and he could look in Melina's eyes and he knew she wasn't lying

Jeff smiled walking up close to Melina, and helping her wiping her tears away, before giving her a slow and passionate kiss

"I love you too" Jeff broke away for a brief second to say "More then anything" Jeff replied as Melina smiled

"So do you want to go to school now" Melina asked Jeff as they finally stop kissing "We still have like two periods left" Melina replied as Jeff stared at her

"No thanks, but how about we just stay here" Jeff suggested grabbing Melina's hands as they were standing face to face

"Jeff I don't know" Melina replied "I never been the type to skip school

"What are you doing now" Jeff replied as Melina smiled "And I'm sure none of you teachers let you use your phone in class to call me, so I'm assuming you haven't been to class all, day if I count the number of times you called me" Jeff laughed along with Melina "And like you said its about to rain, you don't want to get caught in the rain" Jeff persuaded

"Well maybe I will be there before the rain comes" Melina smirked

"Well it's to late for that" Jeff smiled as he and Melina started to feel rain on them "Come on Lina, we could watch T.V. and eat cheerios" Jeff continue to crack Melina up, as it began to rain harder and faster

"Great, I love cheerios" Melina putting an emphasis on love as Jeff smiled "And maybe we can finished what we started last night" Melina replied kissing Jeff's neck

"That's even better" Jeff smiled picking up Melina and giving her a long and passionate kiss in the rain before carrying her into his house

(Back at School)

Torrie was turning the school upside down, trying to track down John

"Hey Candice, Hey Maria" Torrie replied going up to half of her clique at their lockers "Have you guys seen John anywhere" Torrie asked

"What are you looking for him for" Candice asked with a grossed out facial expression

"Because I need to talk to him" Torrie shot back

"About" Candice asked

"None of you business" Torrie replied getting in Candice's face

"Maybe he's outside" Maria replied stopping the two girls from going in further "Last time I saw him, he was headed outside" Maria finished

"But it's raining I doubt he'd be out there now" Torrie replied "But I''d check" Torrie replied about to walk away but was interrupted by Candice

"And why would you listen to dummy over here anyway" Candice replied as she continued to bully Maria

"Candice, she's not dumb" Torrie defended Maria who was looking down

"She is if she's following in you and Melina's footsteps" Candice replied folding her arms

"What are you talking about" Torrie said with a confused facial expression

"Maria likes that kid Shannon Moore" Candice frowned as Maria stared down

"What's wrong with that" Torrie asked

"Torrie please! That kid is worse than that Cena guy and that Hardy kid combined" Candice replied picking on Maria

"So, she can date who ever she wants" Torrie shot at Candice "Maria don't let her boss you around anymore have a mind of your own" Torrie replied

"Why should she you don't" Candice shot back at Torrie

"I do now" Torrie smirked before walking away "and oh yeah I lied this morning me and John are dating" Torrie yelled as she was halfway down the hall and everyone including Candice heard her

"Ugh!" Candice replied slamming her locker "Come on dummy" Candice snapped he fingers at Maria

Maria hesitated for as second "No, I'm not dumb" Maria defended herself "If I'm so dumb how come I make better grades then you" Maria yelled as all the students directed their attention to 

Candice and Maria "And, I can date who ever I want to date you're not my mom, and I am going to date Shannon, and if you have a problem with it oh-well, at least I have a man" Maria finished slamming her locker and walking the other way leaving Candice embarrassed as everyone laughed at her.


Torrie was walking down the hall, and stopped at the school main doors as someone caught her eye. Torrie smiled at the sight of John.

"Why is he sitting in the rain" Torrie thought to herself before taking a deep breath and going outside

"John I really…" Torrie kindly started to say but was interrupted by John

"Leave me alone Wilson" John replied about to walk away but Torrie grabbed his arm

"Look, I'm sorry about earlier, I just don't know what got over me" Torrie apologized as John stared "I'm just really sorry I embarrassed you, and I'm sorry I acted like I didn't have a mind of my own"

"Whatever" John replied looking down

"What else do you want me to do or say" Torrie asked squinting her eyes in the rain

"Nothing…Its all good" John shrugged about to walk away but this time, was stopped by a kiss from Torrie

"I mean it, I'm sorry and if it makes you feel better I just told half of the whole school that we are dating, and that was like 10 minutes ago so I'm sure the whole school knows now" Torrie laughed but stopped as John was still frowning

"You know what kills me" John replied, is I get the feeling you are tying to be something you're not" John stated as Torrie looked down "You're just trying to impress, those rich stuck up girls" John continued to yell "I mean you're not one of them so stop trying to be" John finished as Torrie continued to stare

"So, I guess I messed up for good this time" Torrie asked "Well, it was fun for the day it lasted have a great life" Torrie replied about to walk away, but stopped when she heard John speak

"Its crazy" John replied yelling over that hard falling rain drops "I mean I've only known you for a week, and I can't believe how hard I'm falling for you already" John replied "If it was any other girl who did that I wouldn't give a damn, but with you I cared" John finished "Wilson you got some kind of control over me" John confessed as Torrie stared

A moment of silence pasted by as Torrie and John stood face to face in the pouring rain, before going in for a nice kiss

Torrie shook her head "I don't know how you do it" Torrie replied

"Do what" John asked with his hands around Torrie's waist

"Live your life without a care in the world" Torrie asked "I just so wish I could do that, not care about anything or anybody but myself" Torrie added

"Well just do it" John replied "Start slow, just run around in the rain screaming at the top of you lungs" John suggested "It's a chance to free yourself, and very refreshing" John smiled along with Torrie

"Um yeah I can't do that" Torrie replied feeling a little shy

"Ok fine" John smirked before picking up Torrie and throwing her over his shoulder and running around in the ran, as she screamed and laughed, and acted as if she was so care free

John finally put Torrie down, and he smiled at the sight of her giggling in laughing

"You're right that is refreshing" Torrie smiled, and looked up having the rain fall on her face "Thank you" Torrie smiled with her arms around John's neck

"Your welcome" John smiled "Now, before we move on do you have anything to tell me about you that I don't know yet, because I don't want to be surprised again" John replied

Torrie heart dropped and she hesitated

"Just tell him, you're rich, I'm sure he'd understand, he's asking for honesty be honest" Torrie was in deep thoughts

"Torrie, Torrie" John repeated waving his hand in Torrie's face "Are you okay" John asked

"Um yes I was just thinking if I have something new to tell you or not" Torrie replied

"And…" John asked

"No, can't think of nothing" Torrie lied as John smiled, before giving her another kiss

(Back in the building)

Candice and Chris was looking out of the window at John and Torrie

"That jerk I am going to kill him" Chris replied about to go outside but Candice stopped him

"No I have an idea" Candice smirked pulling out her cell phone

"What are you doing" Chris asked

"Shhh1" Candice replied with the phone to her ear "Hi daddy, look I know it might be a busy day for you guys but can I please talk to Mr. Wilson, its kind of an emergency, its concerning Torrie" Candice smirked along with Chris


Well Candice is now on her own, now that she doesn't have a clique anymore. It looks like Torrie and Maria both learned how to assert herself. And Melina and Torrie won their men back. But why did Torrie lie…