They are all here except for Greg , I see Al is sad but probably Greg will make her a surprise like he always does . She is looking at the door all the time , just waiting for her daddy . He enters with a big box in his hands . "Daddy !" Alison yells and jumps in his arms . "Hey , my little Angel , happy birthday !" he kisses her on the cheek . Then he gives her the present . She opens it and the look on her face is priceless . Nothing is more important to her than Greg . She worships him , but she loves me as well . But it was one thing … when I found out I was pregnant , I asked him if I should keep the kid , he looked dazed and told me he didn't even think a second at abortion . He loves kids and he is taking care of an orphanage with Nick .

The doll that Greg took her will be the most precious toy because it is from him . Those two have a telepathic connection , is amazing . I never seen something like that .

When I was pregnant for the first time , I never knew what to do , but he was reading lots of books and helped me . When I was delivering her , he hold my hand all the time , since my water broke until the moment we heard our daughter's first cry . It was amazing how he calmed me , how he took her in his arms and gave her to me … I didn't want to let her go . She was the fruit of our passion , our everlasting love . And I love her so much , but Greg just fell in love with her from their very first moment . And she with him . They do many things behind my back , including parties , he taught her make diving and how to swim . He bought her a doll taller than himself , they called her Sandra . Sandra is her friend , she knows all her secrets .

"Mommy !" Alison yells "help me with the cake !" she smiles when I get t my feet and I go to help her . It's hard for me to move . Nick helps me up . I'm pregnant in six months . We are going to have another kid , to make our lives happier and to see all our realizations … our realizations are our daughter and our boy . We are going to have a boy and Greg told me this is going to be the mist perfect family ever … and I believe him . He never lies , his eyes … are always telling the truth . I remember that I was jealous when he first presented us Chandra Moore , his replacement , because the girl was damn pretty and she was too close to him . I have to admit that every woman that was close to him was making me jealous .

I never thought that a child can change me , but Alison did , I mean , everyone thought I couldn't handle with kids , but having Greg with me , I became the best mommy in the world , like she calls me .

After she eats the cake she looks at her father , she always wants to see where he is . There are inseparable . Sometimes I'm sad because he plays with her more than I do … but when she sees me sad , only a little she comes and kisses me on my cheek . She's amazing , just like Greg . Is so obvious she has his blood …

I have an wonderful husband , I have a lot of friends , a daughter and I am going to have soon a boy . My life is beautiful with the people I love and I never dreamed things could be like that .

This is the story of my life , the life of Sara Sidle-Sanders , the luckiest person in the world .