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Babylawn- Rouge

"Wen will it top waining aweady!! I wanna go outtide and wun!" A three year blue hedgehog named Sonic complained for about the billionth time that hour.

"Wewax Sonic, it cant wain forevew." Tails, a two tailed fox told his best friend.

"Yeah, and titting by ta window isn't gonna make ta wain top, its onwy gonna make us all wanna go outtide more." Amy added.

"Okay, I'll top wa… hey, is tomeone outtide?" Sonic asked.

Instantly Amy, Knuckles, and Tails ran to the small window in their small shack/house on the babylawn.

"Yeah, tomeone is outtide." Tails agreed.

"We ave to elp tem." Amy said.

Then, Knuckles left the window and opened the door, exposing the shack to the heavy rains. "I'm going, keep ta door open." He instructed.

"Be careful." Sonic told him. Knuckles nodded and left.

He went outside into the rain and pushed himself through the winds. When he finally approached the figure, he saw a small white bat, probably 3 years old collapsed on the ground. She was wearing a magenta t-shirt with a white heart in the middle and black capris, with black and white sneakers with magenta flowers on them on her feet. Knuckles, thinking quickly, picked her up and ran into the shack. When he got inside, he put her on the bed closest to the door, which happened to be Amy's.

"Wats wong wit er?" Amy asked worried.

"She was pwobabwy out in the wain too long. She must ave gotten sick and fell down cuz she was weak." Tails guessed.

"Guys, she's waking up!" Sonic exclaimed. He was right, the little girl's eyes opened and she sat up, putting her hand to her head.

"Were am I?" She asked.

"Oar at ta babylawn." Amy answered.

"Babylawn?" She repeated questioningly.

"It's our ome." Tails answered. "I'm Ta-wils, she's Amy, tat's Sonic, and he's Knukols. Knukols is ta one oo saved ou."

"My name is Wouge. Tank ou Knukols." Rouge introduced herself.

"Ou wewcome." Knuckles said.

"Do ou want to tay wit us ere?" Sonic offered.

Rouge hesitated, then smiled and said. "Okay."

"Finawy, anoter giwrl ere!" Amy smiled.

"Hey, ou got a pwobwem wit us guys?" Knuckles asked offended.

"No, course not, ou guys awe fun! But it's gonna be even mowe fun now!" Amy exclaimed happily.

"Guys, wook, it topped waining!" Tails noticed.

"Wet's go outside!" Sonic exclaimed and everyone ran outside to hang out with there new friend Rouge.

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