Temptation temp-tey-shuhn):


1. the act of tempting; enticement or allurement

Growing up in the conditions I did, being heiress to a multi-million dollar company, it's safe to say I never exactly knew what 'want' or 'temptation' was, being as I never needed the words. The world was my fruit basket, and I could pick up anything I wanted, at anytime. But when I did meet temptation, a man wrapped beautifully in a veil of sin, I hadn't even known. Although, it should have been apparent that he was the one thing I wanted, yet couldn't have in this cold expanse of a world. But I was stubborn, always have been, always will be. I wouldn't succumb to his charm or his anything else for that matter, for I knew that's what he wanted, to add me as another notch in his bedpost. I wouldn't have it. Of course, my boyfriend Kouga should have something to do with my resistance, but in all truth, he didn't. This was a battle I was fighting for myself, and myself only. I didn't know how long this 'push' and 'pull' war would stretch out between me and this sinful temptation, but if anyone had told me then that he would be the hardest thing to resist in my life, I would have only laughed, for there was no such thing. But, if anyone were to tell me now..well, all I can say is I would have to wholeheartedly agree.


I hated the rain.

It didn't take much for me to despise the wet, cold tears of heaven, I realized. Just endless torrents of water that served absolutely no purpose as to why they graced the earth except to do awful things, such as ruin the perfect picnic with your new boyfriend or get your flip-flops all wet and slippery, threatening your foot to slip at any moment. And just like vodka and orange juice (though not as tasty), with the rain always came a howling brutal gust of wind that made your expensive hairdo of 10,000 yen give you a noisy wet 'slap' in the face. Literally. And I believed just because you happened to be stupid enough to get caught in the wrath of the 'dynamic duo of nature' that it seemed your torment would continue forever.

And that's just how I felt at that very moment.

Bringing a cold, pale hand up to my face, I wiped away the gel that steadily dripped down my forehead in disgust. The style hadn't even last for over four hours, for goodness sakes! And looking over to the small Dolce & Gabbana purse that I had just purchased two days prior, a steamy whistle of annoyance escaped my lips as I watched the rain patter it relentlessly.

So much for trying to look presentable.

No doubt, Kouga would be pleased (more than) to see the way my clothes stuck to me like a second skin, but as I looked down to see the words 'Hollister' leaking down the pale blue material or my shirt, I couldn't bring myself to particularly care what Kouga would think. It was a quite cheap shirt, really, but that was besides the point.

It was cold, I was wet, and there was still no sign of my boyfriend who it seemed, was fifteen minutes late.

Being the 'successful' concert promoter he was, wasn't being late like, unprofessional or something? I reckoned, with a small snort, that it was. But I was no one to talk about professionalism, since I had never held a real 'job' in my entire life, but that was besides the point. I didn't need, nor want one, because labor wasn't my thing. Although, apparently it was my boyfriend's because he was always leaving home, one or two months at a time, to take care of concerts in other cities. And though we barely ever saw one another, I supposed that this was compensation enough for him always never being able to visit home, with his busy schedule and all. Very stable relationship, no? But deep down, sometimes I found it hard to scrounge up feelings for him so that I may smile happily at his jokes or tell him my feelings of infatuation on one of our late night phone talks. I know, wrong, but true. How could you possible harbor strong feelings for someone who was never there? But frankly, I found the 'benefits' that came with the relationship very..satisfying

Hence, a very good reason to bare this weather, I'd say.

Surprised by the loud squeal of tires that veered me from my thoughts, I found myself greatly relieved once a large bus pulled to a stop in front of me and out stepped Kouga, in all his masculine glory. And oh? Was that two umbrellas he held in his hand?

Ah, he was such a wonderful man.

His brilliant blue eyes sparkled happily at me before he opened his arms only to have me fling myself into them.

"Kouga!" I howled, not wasting any time in placing a long kiss on his lips.

He whirled me around in response as he laughed at my antics. Now usually, this would not be something I–Kagome Higurashi– would usually be caught doing; laughing a playing in the rain like child, but extreme occasions called for extreme measures. He had been gone for a whole month! Do you have any idea of how deprived I was? You don't have to have strong feelings for someone to be able to revel in every aspect of their gorgeous body, do you?

I didn't think so.

"Wow," He said, fingering my water damaged hair with a slight smile, "Nice hair, Baby."

I frowned and crossed my arms over my chest in a pouting manner. Seemed like I was completely the whole childish act today.

"It used to be! How was I supposed to know it was going to rain?" Of course, if I had paid any attention to the weather channel on my television at home, I would have known, but he didn't have to know that..Especially since it was his credit card that paid for the hair style. Heh..oops?

He promptly slipped his hands around my waist as he absently nibbled my lower lip, a low growl emitting from his chest.

"It wouldn't have lasted long anyway."

"Oh..Why's that?" I managed to mumble through the soft moan that escaped my lips. Not that I cared for his response, with the way his large warm hands rested on the small of my back I didn't particularly care about anything at that point. Yeah..deprived was the word.

"You'll find out soon enough." His breath was warm against my ear and against the elements of nature, I felt the insides on my legs begin to pulse readily with non suppressed heat and myself bucking against him as his hands slid up my back sensually.

Shit, how long had it been again?


We looked up to see a man, roughly around my age, standing there with his purple eyes flashing dangerously as the rain pattered him relentlessly, causing the short ponytail in his hair to drop and if not for the great moment he had just ruined, the sight would have been quite comical.

"Why Miroku, you look lonely! Would you like to join?" I asked my old time best friend as I untangled myself from Kouga.

His face contorted into something akin to disgust and I couldn't help but smile as Kouga and I made our way over to him and the luggage.

"Let's try and give that a go once Kouga's out of the picture, eh?" He inquired, wiggling his eyes playfully at me, despite his previous nauseate.

I suppressed a giggle and Kouga growled at him as he hauled his suitcases in the back of my black Mazda.

"You talk as if you don't want your balls, Roku." Kouga replied with a sneer as he pulled me towards him and I couldn't help but wiggle under his embrace. Sheesh, possessive much?

Miroku pulled a disappointed face and made a move towards the car door.

"Sorry, Kags. Some things are just to valuable to waste on one woman. Maybe next time."

I couldn't help but giggle at that one.

"So if that's your excuse for keeping your family gems, what's your excuse for the all the women you sleep with?" I inquired smartly, watching his eyes glimmer mischievously at me.

"Who says it can't be used twice?"

I snorted and laughed heartily. Ah, good old Miroku. Always there to give me a good laugh when I needed one...That or to ruin the perfect reunion. He was quite picky when it came to things of that nature. But I shrugged it off as I slid into the passenger seat next to my boyfriend. Miroku had been my best friend way back in grade school, and even though I'm pretty sure Kouga didn't like him, I made sure they were properly introduced to one another when Kouga and I first began dating. Kouga claimed that he was tired of being around Miroku, but they both claimed they got along for my sake, which wasn't a problem for me.

The ride home was short, seeing as Miroku lived in the same complex of condos as we did. Kouga toted his own luggage with ease to our home, compliments of his inherited youkai strength. Not like I was going to carry anything, even without the superhuman force. Aforementioned strength really did come in handy at times, if you know what I mean.

Speaking of strength, I hadn't even gotten two seconds into our condo before he was all over me, lips ravishing my neck as he pushed me into the close door behind me.

You'd think the man hadn't gotten any in years.

His rough hands disappeared in my hair as he yanked my head back, giving his tongue more excess to the skin on my neck. Not that I was complaining or anything, with the way his mouth latched on to my sensitive spot and sucked fiercely, but shit my scalp was starting to hurt. I couldn't help but moan as a dull need grew in between my legs as his hands made their way to my chest, kneading and rubbing them ferociously while a feral growl escaped his lips.

"God, Kouga! It hasn't been that long, has it?" It was meant as a tease, but came out more as a pained gasp once his left hand left my breast to rub me sensually down there.

"Yeah the fuck it has. Gods, Kagome. I don't know if I can take another damn month without you." He growled, his claws making rags of my shirt and bra.

I let out a haughty chuckle as we slowly progressed to the bedroom, leaving a trail of clothing in our wake. Remember those benefits I mentioned before? Well, let's just say they reminded me just how long it really had been since he had left.

And what do you know? Maybe I couldn't take another month without him, either.

I laughed openly at my own thoughts as I was tossed unmercifully on a plush bed.

Who am I kidding? Of course I could.


The morning after was delicious.

Although the sun doused my sleeping form relentlessly with an annoying heat, I could feel my body come alive slowly as the birds outside my window chirped happily. And as slowly cracked my eyes open in defeat to their song, I was once again acquainted with the tan, slightly hairy chest of Kouga. My body hummed with radiance as the sun peaked into the room, giving his toned body a nice incandescence of golden, reminding me of one of those magazines with the non-exist looking man candies on the front. I ran my finger along his hairy mass before releasing a tongue curling yawn and immediately shut my mouth once I caught a whiff of my own breath.


Covering my mouth and sliding from under the covers, I felt the cold air hit me as I ran my naked form to the bathroom, intent on showering then drowning myself in toothpaste before the morning was over.

Emerging a good hour later, all sex goo and bad breath disposed of, my body brimmed with exuberance upon seeing that Kouga was still sleeping soundly under the covers.

Time to have a little fun while Daddy was sleeping.

I began to slip from the large bedroom, the task being none too hard being as the floor was draped in white plush, but I stayed light on my feet just in case. Although, I'm pretty sure that if my shower singing hadn't woken the man up, then nothing would.

I was mere inches from the door when I caught a flash of red in my peripheral vision and flinched and held my breath before I actually looked over to see Kouga's cell phone flashing brightly, indicating he had a voice message.

I should have left it alone and let it blink til it's battery content but for some reason, I noticed, that I had always been a little bit too nosey for my own good and that my curiosity more often than not gotten me into the worse situation possible.

Oh well.

Creeping over, I swiftly picked up the phone, breaking the four digit code (his birthday) and placing it up to my ear.

"Hey, Kouga. This is Ayame.." My hackles immediately rose with suspicion. Who the hell was she? And with a hint of anger, I noticed she was using the sultry voice a woman would use when only begging to laid by a man. Or in some cases, another woman. After boring my ear off for nearly thirty seconds with pleasantries, I perked up when she relayed the good information into the phone.

"..I wanted to let you know that your welcome party will be held tonight at Hell's Gate by the beach at around nine. Can't wait to see you, darling. Ja."

I bristled and slammed the phone down, uncaring of the noise the impact emitted or the loud crack that came from the small device. Darling? Who the fuck did that chick think she was? I'd be damned if I let Kouga go to some party with that home-wrecking whore. Grabbing the phone once more, I punched the redial button rather heatedly before soon deciding against the idea, a new one quickly reforming in my head.

Placing the phone back on the dresser, I briskly stalked out of the room, an ulterior motive brewing freshly in mind. I continued to fume silently until I had completely stormed out of our shared condo and walking down the hallway to one similar to mine, I wrapped on the door.

A woman of her late teens emerged, brunette hair tussled and brown eyes heavy with sleep.

"Kags, babe, when'd you get home?" She yawned, revealing that she in fact had not freshened up yet.

I covered my nose and pushed past the girl into her home uninvited.

"Shit, Sango, don't you know what time it is?"

A blatant snort was her response as she closed the door and shuffled towards me.

"Time flies when you're fucking, I suppose."

Ah, she had a point.

I made myself comfortable on her soft couch of slightly worn out cotton with a tired sigh. Sango, in the thirteen years I had known her, was never one for the expensive or extravagant things, such as leather couches or whatnot. Besides, with her one night stands and partying, all her things would always managed to get fucked up, regardless. Looking down at her as she lay her head on my lap, her brunette locks tickling my thighs, I couldn't help but notice the dishevel her house was in. Numerous pizza boxes were scattered about the floor while various porn magazines were skewed about anything that was worth hanging from. And if my sentiments served correct, I'm pretty sure I saw a few pair of panties laying around.

Talk about lewd.

"Sans, when on earth are you going to get your act together and settle down?" I picked up a nearby magazine and scrunched up my nose at the cover. Was that position even possible?

Sango groaned sleepily in response from her head perch in between my thighs.

"When Satan calls and tells me that the blizzard I've been praying for finally freezes hell over."

I snorted and began playing with strands of her hair distractedly. Sango was my very best friend. Well, next to Miroku anyway. She had her own place in my life and even though Kouga absolutely despised her, she always found a way to be the small cloud of darkness in the white world my boyfriend captivated me in. In a way, Sango was like my euphoria induced drug after a long, cleansing day at church.

"Kags you perv, stop staring at my chest." My perfectly sculpted brows rose in humor at her closed eyelids.

"Ah, Sans, I just couldn't help myself." I stated, smiling jokingly down at her otherwise resting face.

"I know, I know." She responded, rolling off my lap and standing up, stretching her body distractedly. "If you find your self-control slipping any more, how 'bout we make our way to my bedroom?"

I shook my head and if possible, a wider smile appeared on my face. Upon other things, Sango's bisexuality is one of the reasons Kouga didn't approve of our friendship. I suppose he didn't want Sango to influence me in any kind of way, but he really didn't have much to worry about. Sango and I had been friends way too long to do something like that. It would kind of be like doing your sister–

Okay, gross. I take that back.

But on the contrary to popular belief, I found girl on girl action way less satisfying and I personally needed a man to help me get a good cum. But that was just the way my body worked, not speaking for anyone else or anything.

"Maybe next time, Sans. I came to talk to you about something." I stated, straightening myself as she ducked into a nearby bathroom. I waited for a few moments, before she emerged soon after, adorned in black gouchos and red tank top, her brunette hair pulled into a high ponytail that complimented her sculpted neck and shoulders. I really did forget how beautiful Sango was sometimes.

"What's up, babe? Tell me everything."

So I proceeded to give her the details of Kouga's mysterious phone call, excluding no details about the plan I had formed soon after. And explanation finished, it left Sango rubbing her chin in thought before she gave a nonchalant shrug at my expense.

"Whatever you wanna do, Kags. I'm all for it."

I smiled at her revenue and before grabbing my things and following her on the way out of her door.

Next stop: Universal Mall.

We engaged in mindless chatter for the most part on our way of out our complex, but once we entered the next complex and the saw stacks of boxes outside of a door, I stopped in puzzlement.

Too nosey, I tell you.

"Who's moving in?" My voice piqued with curiosity as I tried to get a better look past the movers and into the rather large condo. If I could see right, this room was even bigger than mine! And that was beyond condominium proportions, seeing as ours was supposedly the largest condo in the entire complex.

"Some big shot, rich corporate business freak, from what I hear." Sango responded trying to get a better look inside the home.

"Oh, you think he's cute?" I couldn't help but ask. I was only female.

"Or she." Obviously the female population didn't have much restraint these days.

Losing interest quickly, Sango and I ducked out the hallway to continue our journey. But taking a quick glance back, just in case there was some hot guy (or girl) that we perhaps didn't notice before. And in that split second, I could only become more curious as I caught a glint of silver...hair? Shaking my head at the thought, I brushed off the suspicion lightly.

I had no time for such nonsense.


My vision swam with blurriness as my blood pulsated in my veins with a heated rhythm to the bass of music slamming unmercifully into the insides of my skull. A familiar sensation had once again overwhelmed me as toxic fumes of alcohol and sex filled my lungs as if I had just taken my first breath of air. The world outside the crimson tainted vision I had grown accustomed to no longer existed and I could feel any past settle I held in my possession fading quickly as another shot of vodka scorched and burned away the insides of my throat.

My resolution was lost.

It had occurred to me long ago that Sango and I had arrived at the wrong beach club (even though this was also a Hell's Gate), seeing as nowhere in the middle of the large mass of heated bodies I could spot Kouga anywhere. Not that I expected him or his Ayame hussy to have big signs that read 'Here I Am!' or anything, but from experience at crowded airports in the past, I'm pretty sure I could spot him from anywhere. But this notion hadn't stopped Sango (more like encouraged her) from practically shoving alcohol down my throat with an excuse of having a little fun without Kouga around to breath down my neck. And I–being the great girlfriend I was–complied without a shrug or thought. It's not all the time I got an opportunity to have a good time, right? Besides, other opportunities for me to find that bitch would present themselves soon enough.

Feeling callous hands slide sensually down my arched back and shatter my alcohol induced world of abyss, a small growl escaped my lips. Ready to protest to this action, I froze as sexy whispers of primal promises tickled my ear and I couldn't help but smirk knowingly at my suitor's expense.

"Roku, you sick pervert. When did you get here?"

A throaty chuckle was given in response as I felt myself being pulled against the hard chest of my best friend. Familiar warmth engulfed me, wrapping around my senses as his hands danced in light circles around my stomach. I knew we were nothing but friends, but how could I deny such beautiful man something equally as beautiful? The answer was easy.

I couldn't.

"Sango called right before you two left. But more importantly," rough hands slid down my hips and into my inner thighs, pulling them apart slightly, "I don't see a Kouga in sight, Kags."

Through my drunken haze of obscured vision and light, I could feel his warmth being brutally ripped from me and I whirled around from the loss, only to face a mildly humored Sango holding Miroku by the collar of his shirt.

"Well lookie what the cat drag in! Long time no see, darling." Sango's voice was laced with venom as she leaned her face close to his, causing him to squirm nervously under her gaze.

What a pansy.

Apparently Sango seemed to think the same, because soon her tinkling laughter drifted to my ears, seeming to sober my drunken body up a little. She regarded Miroku for a few more moments with promises of a tortured later before she turned to me, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

" I'd like you to meet an old 'friend' of mine from college!"

I raised a skeptical eyebrow at her.

"You? College? Hardly ever, darling!" I chastised playfully, recalling the two years Sango had went to college before dropping out.

"Ah, but it looks good in the casual pleasantries of later sex mates, didn't you know?" She replied mischievously, causing us to howl in laughter. Sobering up from our laugh, Sango's eyes perked up as if she had forgotten something. "Oh yeah, speaking of later sex mates, I'd like you to meet someone!"

I winked in return, my high and drunken state making me elated at making a new 'friend', "Bring him on!"

Sango laughed again and disappeared in to the crowd for a moment before reemerging again, a tall man looming behind her.

"Kagome, this is Inuyasha," She smirked, stepping out of the way to give me view my new acquaintance.

And I damn near fainted.

Amber eyes of lustful intrigue bore into mine, flashing brightly in contrast to the glossy locks of silver that spilled down his broad shoulders, which in turn seemed just perfect for gripping in the promised throws of passion reflecting in his eyes. His strong chin gave way to a sexy grin at my expense, revealing pearly white fangs that mocked the heart that beat rapidly and unrelenting against my chest. With fangs like those, he had to be something akin to youkai. Probably the reason he was so damn gorgeous. I could feel my belly begin to ignite hotly with the sensation of unsatiated lust as I roamed his taut body through his red button down shirt and baggy jeans and I could practically feel the tight muscles rippling beneath his clothing, which just begged to be ripped away. Although Kouga was beyond sexy, not even he ignited feelings like this in me.

God, this man was a sin.

"Hey." His voice was smooth and deep like a crimson silk, melting away any fleeting thoughts of Kouga in my mind.

"Hey yourself." At this point, I could practically hear myself blushing.

Seemingly amused, he moved towards me so that we were mere inches apart, his musky aroma of pinewood dulling my senses.

Who the fuck was this guy?

His hand enveloped my own as his golden eyes pierced mine, a small terpsichorean smirk of amusement on his lips.

"Dance with me?"

Ignoring Sango's encouraging thumbs up behind his back, I gulped as my belly quivered against my will. With his warm hand touching mine, I found it hard to concentrate, the images of naked, heated throws of passion between the two of us clouding my mind.

Gosh, since when did I become such a pervert?

But shaking it off the query quickly, I nodded my head numbly to his question. No use in freezing up and risk looking like a complete idiot, don't you agree?

But as if he couldn't get any sexier, his heated moves on the dance floor gave revelation to his magnificently strong pelvis as we ground shamelessly against one another, bodies so close together that our breath mingled against my face. But at the same time, I refused to let myself be overwhelmed by him. I absolutely denied him the space in my mind where he would be given a second thought because at the time, it was nothing but a dance; something that I could only get a temporary thrill from. No use in getting attached, right? Besides, there was always the little fact that I had a boyfriend.


But to my for some reason–to my utter annoyance–he refused to lay hands on anywhere besides my hips, despite our ever increasing proximity.

Maybe he was thinking the same thing I was?

A shudder washed over my body as the song ended, leaving us panting for breath as we stared at one another. God forgive me, but with his hair was slightly tussled from sweat and golden eyes boring into mine, he was the exact image of a God after hot, sweaty sex. It took all I could to make the mantra, 'It's just a dance, it's just a dance, it's just a dance,' to become repetitious in my head. Because, after all, that's all it was..


A soft voice flittering into my ears, I looked up and noticed that my favorite song, Lithium, sung by Evanescence was now filtering through the speakers of the club, giving me a giddy feeling in the pit of my alcohol gouged stomach. Feeling his tug on my elbow, I looked up to see him smirking handsomely down at me. Butterflies fluttered around my insides as he eased his mouth nearer to my ear.

It's just a dance, it's just a dance, it's just a dance..

"This is the closest we're gonna get to a slow song here. Let's make the most of it, yeah?"

I gulped and nodded, somewhat eagerly winding my arms around his broad neck as he slid his arms around my waist, hands hovering a breath from my skirt clad posterior. I pressed my body closer to his as the music swept over me, lulling my body into an eternal euphoria.

It's just a dance, it's just a dance, it's just a dance..

I could feel Inuyasha rock against me, his hands entwining themselves behind my back as he pulled me closer to him. My body howled in joyous chorus at the feel of my breasts pressed against his hard chestas our pelvises rocked slowly in rhythm to each other. I could feel the ember that resided south of my stomach ignite with ablaze and pulse with a heated flame as his hands slipped under my shirt to feel the skin of my back beneath. Damn him! Dances weren't supposed to be like this! He wasn't supposed to have me drooling over him like this! I didn't even know the guy, for heaven's sakes!

It's just a dance, it's just a dance, it's just a dance..

"Sango told me some things." My eyebrows rose in surprise as well as suspicion as he brought me from my thoughts.

"Oh did she?" This was my first time speaking to him since we met (which is pretty bad, seeing as we met thirty minutes prior) and my voice was already laced with anger and distrust for my second best friend.

Way to go, Kagome.

A throaty chuckled had my body vibrating slightly.

"Calm down. She told me good things."

I resisted the urge to snort. Sango's definition of good things to say was telling tales about how much I'd overcome my fear of the male testicles at the age of sixteen.

"Really now?" I could feel the frown turn the corners of my lips, "Continue."

"Well first of all, she told me how pretty your eyes are." He said, pulling me back so he could look into my glassy blue eyes. A smile quirked at the corner of his lips as I blushed and looked away, as to avoid his scrutinizing eye contact. Ironically, a short distance away, I could see Sango's back pressed against Miroku's front with her eyes shut, a small smile of content on her face as she rocked softly with him and his hands grasped hers tenderly right above her waist as he whispered sweet nothings into her ear.

"And," Inuyasha continued, having the gall to pull me into his arms again, "She also told me how beautiful..." I could practically hear my heart began to thunder against my chest, "...your body is."

My jaw going slack with surprise, my reflexes pushed him away from me as I sputtered stupidly for words, my temper rising indignantly. Well, I never! I've had numerous people compliment me, telling me how I was the complete package of beauty and brains, but this guy had the gall to look completely passed all that and straight at my ass!..Well, sort of! Not like it mattered much, seeing as I was currently taken, but still the nerve of this guy! And to think I actually considered being friends with him!

Okay, maybe the word 'friends' was a bit of an under use, but who cares? I shook off the thought as I huffed and scowled at his surprised face, placing my hands on my hips in a peeved manner.

"Well you and Sango can just shove your compliments–!"

His lips swallowed my words and I squealed in surprise as he pulled me closer to him, his mouth messaging my own tenderly. My vision pulsed and swam as a jolt of electricity shot through me, singing all my limbs and buckling my knees against my will.

"Another thing she told me was," The way my head span and vision blurred, I hadn't even noticed him leave my lips and move to a light whisper in my ear, "How fucking gorgeous you are when you're mad."

And then he was gone, the slight tremor in my body and the faint aroma of pinewood wafting against my nose the only proof that he was ever really there. But as the song slowly came to an end, I demanded my heart to stop beating so rapidly against my chest and for my hands to stop shaking so nervously.

Because it was only a dance, after all.