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Warnings: slash, parallel world/reality and therefore AU

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The moment the door fell shut behind the hyper blond, Sasuke turned his dark gaze to the sole other occupant of his prison cell. There was a disturbing gleam in the green eyes of his former team mate. She looked suspiciously like the cat that ate the canary.

He should have known that the moment he stepped back into the village the pink haired annoyance would once again plaster itself to his side. The villagers hated him, the council didn't trust him and he was once again reduced to the title of "the last Uchiha". Despite knowing all that it entailed he still decided to come back. He would endure much more to simply be with the only person he cared for.

"The council sent me to make you an offer." The high pitched voice was as unwelcome as ever.

"Don't you want to know what the proposition is about?"

Sakura hated being ignored. She had grown used to being fawned over as the Godaime's apprentice as well as a beautiful woman. That Sasuke would still dare ignore her, even when he was a prisoner with his chakra bound, was more than she could take.

"It's surprisingly simple. The council won't trust you, because you no longer have any bonds to this village. However they are willing to overlook your youthful mistakes, if you consent to take a wife of their choice to rebuild the Uchiha clan with."

Though inwardly seething with anger, Sasuke didn't let any of his emotions show. He looked as calm, collected and cool as ever.

"Don't worry, Sasuke-kun. Though I have countless admirers, I promise to be a faithful wife to you."

The sickening smile and honeyed voice nearly made Sasuke vomit. It explained why they sent Naruto on a mission to Suna with Kakashi at least. Those two were his only remaining support in Konoha and with both of them out of the picture the council was free to dictate its policy.

"Since you're the heir of an old clan it will have to be a traditional wedding, but I still expect you to buy me a ring later on, just so you know." Sakura prattled on.

Sasuke's thoughts meanwhile turned to soulful blue eyes, free as the sky, hair to rival the sun and a smile warm enough to melt the coldest ice. During his time with Orochimaru and later on the hunt to kill his brother he had learned an important lesson. Life lost all colour, texture and meaning without one hyper blond at his side.

He had returned to Konoha with the sole intention of making up for all the hurt he had caused Naruto. He wanted to ensure that the younger teen would always keep smiling.

"I will not." he said coldly, a deadly edge to his words.

Wide green eyes stared at him, unable to comprehend the meaning of his words. Opening and closing her mouth like a fish out of water, the pink haired woman finally snapped out of her stupor and started to yell: "Who do you think you are? The punishment for treason is death and you dare throw the council's generous offer back into their faces like that? Sasuke-kun, to put it simply, either you marry me or you will die after the trial tomorrow morning."

"Then I will die in dignity."

Furious Sakura turned to leave.


Thinking he had changed his mind, Sakura stopped, a victorious smile creeping onto her face.

"You have become an ugly woman."

Mad beyond words she slammed the door behind her as she left.

"Uchiha Sasuke, the council of Konoha hereby declares you guilty of treason. As you have already declined all other offers there is but one path we can take. Are you prepared?"

Nodding coolly, Sasuke replied: "I am."

"Guards, take him to the execution room."

Swallowing hardly, Shikamaru took one of his year mate's arms while an older Chuunin took the other. Surrounded by two ANBU in the front and three in the back they made their way to the dungeons, where the execution room was.

Shikamaru couldn't believe what was happening. Just yesterday Naruto had told him how the Hokage promised him the trial wouldn't take place before Jiraya was back to give testament in regards to Orochimaru's seal and how it warped the mind and now he was escorting the last living Uchiha to his execution.

"Nara-san, I have a favour to ask." The deep, cold voice cut clear through Shikamaru's inner turmoil.

Looking at the black haired teen next to him, whose face was as unreadable and emotionless as ever, and conscious of their eavesdropping company, he replied: "Hai?"

"Look after him. He's never taken well to betrayal and I won't be able to stay by his side anymore."

There was no need for Shikamaru to ask who he was meant to look after. In all the years he had known the other teen, there had only been one person that could breathe life and emotions into the cold Uchiha.

"I will, no matter how troublesome he is."

They had reached their destination. Still, there was no fear visible in the Uchiha's deep black eyes as he turned to look at Shikamaru. Bowing slightly he said: "Thank you and tell him I'm sorry I couldn't make up for lost time after all."