Okay…this drabble is probably going to be the first chronologically (they've just turned twelve)…and then one more drabble and no more modern! I've really enjoyed my first experiences with modern AU, it's really fun. Hope you enjoy!

When the final bell of the day rang, all of the students of M. Cher's French class stood up instantaneously and began packing their things. However, Elizabeth Swann lingered and stopped to ask her teacher a few more questions. She and her best friend Will Turner typically walked home together, so when Will got to the door, he waited for Elizabeth to finish so as to not leave without her. When she finally came, she did so rather quickly and was blushing. Will hastened to catch up with her and felt an unfamiliar knot forming in his stomach and lump in his throat.

"So what did you think of French today?" Will asked her, wondering what was wrong with him.

"Oh, it was great. I simply loved learning about the Eiffel Tower," Elizabeth said, smiling. "It sounds so romantic…I've always dreamed of going there with someone special…" She sighed and stared off into space. Will felt the knot tighten.



"Like who?"


"Who would you want to go with?" Elizabeth paused.

"Haven't really decided yet…but I'll let you know when I do."