In The Bar

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Sakura was a very busy girl these days. She was virtually always at the hospital and when she wasn't there she was training her ass off. The night was a cool one, not overly cold but cool, and the sky was painted black and dotted with diamonds. The streets were empty seeing as it was Tuesday night and a rather late hour at that. Sakura turned the cover and her ears were assaulted with the yelling, clinging of glasses, and cheering of drunken Leaf Village Shinobi.

How in the hell had Shikamaru managed to convince her to spend her valuable time at this hellhole?

Oh yes now she remembered! He had cornered her in her office at the hospital, her wooden desk bumping into the backs of her thighs, and preceded to ravish her with the door unlocked and the window opened a crack. Shikamaru was a sneaky one, him sneaking in there without her hearing or sensing a damn thing. Damn him. Sakura shivered at the memory that was the last time she had seen him and that was the last time they had been intimate together, and that had been a week ago. It was partly her fault though. She could have gotten off word earlier to spend some time with her boyfriend of seven months, but they were on to something big at the hospital and she wanted to stay as long as she could so she could help. Sakura sighed before various images of Shikamaru flooded her mind.

Shikamaru sprawled out lazily under his favorite tree cloud watching, where they had ended up making love a couple of times. Sakura gave a small smile at the memory. Shikamaru peacefully asleep after a long night of activities strands of his black hair falling across his face. He was so cute when he was asleep. Black eyes full of lusty fire staring intently at her before he finally decided to take her wherever they were, usually. Heat pooled in her stomach at the thought of last time.

His large hands groping any and all skin they came in contact with as he striped her of her nurse outfit. Those delicious eyes staring at her causing her to squirm with need. The deep-throated growl he gave in her ear when she came. The way he teased her until she was almost a puddle of mush and was screaming and begging. He may be the laziest ninja in the Leaf Village, hell maybe anywhere, but he was the total opposite in bed. Tugging open the bar doors her pale blue green eyes searched for the funny hairstyle of her boyfriend. She hadn't spotted him, but heard Ino's obnoxious giggling somewhere near the front of the bar.

"Hey Ino-pig," Sakura greeted looking around for Shikamaru, but not seeing him. Ino tore her ear away from Kiba's dirty whispers and turned to look at her from her seat in Kiba's lap.

"Forehead girl," The blond snapped back. Kiba leaned forward and gave Ino's ear a lick making her stop and shiver before swatting her away. He gave a deep bark of laughter and turned to start conversing with Naruto.

"Where's Shikamaru?" She took the empty seat next to Ino and Kiba.

"How the hell am I supposed to know? I'm not his baby sitter! We may be on the same team, but that doesn't mean I keep him on a leash. At least not like this one," The blond nodded her head towards Kiba who had turned his attention back to her at the word 'leash'. Kiba gave a low growl and pinned her hands to his chest with only one of his hands to his chest before bringing his face a breath away from hers.

"You do not have me on a leash woman," Ino's blue eyes sparkled with mischief as he barred his teeth and roughly kissed and nipped her lips, practically pinning her down on the bar as he did so. Sakura sighed and rolled her eyes at the couple, she had known that was going to happen, it happens all the time. Looking around she spotted Naruto and Hinata on the other side of the now heatedly making out Kiba and Ino.

"Hi ya Sakura-chan!" His smile was bright, but his blue eyes were a little hazy. Sakura giggled into her hand before greeting him with a smile and a small wave.

"Hi Naruto," On the other side of him Hinata gave her a shy smile causing Sakura to do the same.

"Hey do you know where- ah!" A strong pair of arms wrapped themselves around her making her jump in surprise. A deep chuckle ran in her ears and puffs of hot air tickled them as he began to speak making her stiffen.

"Did you miss me Sakura?" The way he said her name was orgasmic, sending hot sparks of need down the rosette haired woman's spine.

"Sneaky bastard you," Sakura cursed twisting her head around to look at her lover. His dark brown almost black hair was in its usual style, but apiece or two had fallen and were not tickling the skin of his chin and neck. Shikamaru's cheeks were tinted a light pink, barely noticeable, indicating how much he had been drinking. His breath smelled a bit of sake, and his black eyes were staring to take on a hazy look. Shikamaru was buzzed and apparently horny as one of his large warm hands was rubbing circles on the top of one of her thighs, very near a place that was craving his attention.

"No I didn't miss you, ass. I've only been here for a couple minutes," Sakura defiantly turned her head away from her lovers smoldering orbs.

"Aw now that's not nice Sakura," He nudged her thigh with his knee. "Out of my seat troublesome woman and you two," Shikamaru turned his attention to the still making out couple, "get a room," Ino detached her lips long enough to speak to Shikamaru.

"Shut the hell up Pineapple Head. You know you and Forehead are going to fuck tonight," Shikamaru chuckled and sent a dark look to Sakura.

"So?" Ino chocked on her own spit, Shikamaru was never this bold, at least not around her. It must be the alcohol.

"Well then you can't talk," Ino gasped as Kiba bit her neck; she whirled on him, blond hair flicking the bartender as he walked by. "Stop distracting me when I'm yelling at someone asshole," Ino poked him in his chest while he glared at her.

"I can do whatever the hell I want woman," The pair started bickering loudly. Shikarmaru sat down in his now empty seat and looked at his girlfriend who was seated next to him sipping at her cup of sake he had brought for her.

"Come on over here grumpy," Shikamaru patted his leg invitingly while giving her a smug smirk. Sakura ignored him instead staring straight ahead as if he wasn't even there. "Aw are you going to be like that tonight?" Sakura continued to ignore him. His hand slid from her knew to the inside of her thigh. Sakura shifted trying to move away from his hand that was slowly moving higher, teasing her.

"Sit on me lap Sakura,"


"Ok then," Shikamaru removed his hand that had been cupping her. She squirmed rubbing her skirt-clad legs together in want, but not allowing herself to do anything about it.


Half an hour passed and the sexual tension was palpable between the two. A pair of black eyes roamed her body continuously making everything ache wherever his eyes landed. Her skin felt like it was one fire; she needed to be touched by him now. Enough is enough she decided as she smoothly stood up and turned towards her lover. Shikamaru's smug smirk broke out onto his handsome face once again, as she slowly seated herself in his lap. Shaw was charting in dangerous territory now. He laid a cheek against her bare shoulder and began to give her back butterfly kissed. Sakura moved so she could bury her head in his neck and moan quietly when he forcibly turned her to sit the way she had been.

"I need you to sit straight," His voice lazily drawled in her ear. Shikamaru showered the side of her neck with light kisses and she started to rub her legs together. One hand had a tight grip on her hip, long fingers fishing around under the hem of her skirt for the skin of her stomach. His hand slid slowly underneath her shirt splaying out across her stomach; her skin suddenly felt cold because his hands were now the fire. His other hand was trailing up the outer part of her thigh and back down to her knee. He kept going higher and higher getting closer and closer to the ache that needed to be solved.

"You ok Sakura?" Shikamaru whispered against her ear bringing his hand up her skirt. She was breathless gripping his pants pushing her hips towards his hand so he was cupping her once again. He chuckled and started to slip into her panties when he slid his hand back out again, Sakura allowed herself to breathe.

"Shika-kun…" She pouted trying to move her hips but he held them firmly in place.

"You don't deserve anything. You ignored me half the night and I haven't seen you for a week, and that was after the fun we had at your office," Shikamaru mock pouted and turned away from his lover. She whined and started to softly suckle his exposed neck.

"Shika-kun that's not nice," She whispered in his ear.

"You weren't exactly nice tonight either pinky," Sakura bristled at the lame nickname, while he laughed and took a chug of his sake. He stood up nearly knocking her on her bottom while waving goodbye to their friends. "Come on Sakura," Shikamaru dragged them trough the bar and into the cold night air. Sakura jumped in from of him once they were a good distance away from the bar.

"Please Shika I need you," Sakura pulled on the buttons to his vest popping open two before he stopped her.

"You don't deserve anything," He stated once again and continued walking. Sakura chased after him.

"Shikamaru!" She stomped her foot annoyed that he was being difficult. "I demand that you take me right now!"…She had drunk way to much sake tonight; she was only this loose lipped when she had too much to drink. Shikamaru stopped in his tracks and slowly turned towards her and grin on his face.

"What did you say?"

"Umm nothing?" He chuckled and practically ran up to her.

"Oh no you said something. I believe it was along the lines of 'take me now'," He stepped closer grabbing her chin and tilting her head so he could kiss her, but didn't and just held her there like he was going to. "Not going to happen pinky,"

"Damn it Shikamaru! Take me right now or…or…I'll have to pleasure myself," Her face now held a wicked grin. She knew he hated her saying that because it made him feel like he wasn't going his job. She worked her hand up towards her covered breast when her arms where roughly snatched and she was pinned to an alley wall.

"That's my job," He tore at the buttons of her shirt and ripped it from her body. The cold night air came in contact with her heated skin and she shivered goose bumps covering her top half of her body. Shikamaru lifted her off the ground so she could wrap her legs around his waist.

"You haven't been a very good girl tonight Sakura," She whimpered and nodded as he bestowed her body with his touch. "Now you're in trouble," This time her shiver wasn't from the cold but from what she had in store from her dark haired lover.


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