In The Bar IV: Kiba/Sakura

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Sakura often wondered how the hell she got herself into these situations.

Scratch that. She knew exactly how she got herself into these situations. And it all involved a certain 22-year-old blond that acted like a six year old with large boobs.

Well, that was certainly the nicer way of describing Ino…

Sakura took a deep breath in and slowly exhaled as she mentally went through her day.

She woke up nice and refreshed- well if you called refreshed sticky with sweat and dirt from the intense training the night before. She had been so exhausted that she had plopped into bed and had failed to cleanse herself of the nastiness the night before. So after a super quick shower, which had failed to make her feel clean at all, she ran to the hospital to start her insane work schedule. Ah the joys of being a medic.

After work, sore and sticky, she trudged home looking forward to sinking into a nice hot bubble bath only to find an impatient Ino on her front porch.


Seeing her there could only mean one thing: she wanted to do something. Whether it was clubbing, bar hoping, girls night out, or girls night in, it always involved doing something. And doing something required energy that she was severely lacking at the moment.

Barely giving the blond bombshell a glance she strode past her and swiftly unlocked her front door and had it opened and closed in record time. A small smile played on her face as she locked the door, with Ino still outside. Turning around with her arms above her head in a high stretch she was prepared to head towards the bathroom only to come face to face with said blond that was supposed to be outside.

"What the hell? How did you do that?" Sakura wanted to rip her hair out. She knew Ino wouldn't give up until she got what she wanted and the only way to avoid the whole situation was to avoid the woman.

But, alas, the Universe was against her today.

"Ancient family secret, but who cares about that. So there's this great new-,"

"Safe it Ino. I'm not going anywhere." Sakura brushed past the blond and tried for the bathroom again.

"Sakura why don't you safe yourself the breath and stop arguing because we both know how this is going to end." Ino had the smuggest smirk on her face as she said this, blue eyes twinkling in delight. Sakura sighed brushing her hair out of the way in order to attempt to stare down her best friend.

"I'm not going and you can't make me." Sakura's smirk was just as haughty as she saw Ino's eyes slit into a fierce glare. Psh, Sakura may not have invented the glare, Sauske could take all the credit for that one, but she damn well perfected it.

A few seconds later Ino's face was alight with a grin.

"Those are fighting words Forehead."

Safe to say she was going to have to double the rent this month in hopes that her manager won't evict her. And hope that it covered all the repairs that she was going to need.


So here she was, seated at the newest bar to join their growing club district. While most clubs were open to everyone, this one was exclusively for Shinobi.

Lifting her glass to signal the bartender she glanced around the spacious bar. So many of her co-workers were there, who wouldn't be when free drinks were advertised, almost every other face that passed she knew. Running her fingers through her pink hair she nodded at the bartender, who sent her a flirtatious smile, she chocked back a mouthful and enjoyed the burn it left as it went down.

"Hehe heyyy Forehead," Ino giggled stumbling over to her, her eyes unfocused. Sakura grunted and took another gulp of her drink; she was going to have to be drunk in order to deal with a drunk Ino.

"Oi, you bedder not be annoying-ignoring me Fathead." Ino poked her forehead for emphasis. She then smiled the smile that all people smile when they are completely shit-faced. "Soooo," she drawled draping herself over the bar, "you gonna get a man tonight Sakura?"

In response Sakura downed the rest of her drink.

…Nope still not drunk enough. Damnit.

"Just 'cuz you forced me to come out doesn't mean I'm gonna whore myself out like youuu do." Whoa, was that her voice? Hmm, maybe she was drunker than she thought.

Ino stared at her dully for a moment before sneering, "You're a betch…and a prude. Hehe." Sakura snorted and then waited for the words to process through her foggy brain…she was not a prude…she just didn't like most guys because, unlike Ino, she had standards. Standards damnit!

"Shuddup stooped. You're just a…yeah." Holy cow she was drunk. Yessss!

A long stretch of silence came as they both focused on one point in the room and tried not to pass out.

That's what best friends did after all.

A large hand laid itself on Ino's arm and a soft sigh was heard.

"Troublesome woman. I think it's time for you to go home, you're plastered." Ino swung around nearly head-butting Shikamaru's chin before swaying in place.

"Shikamaru, are yooou trying to get me to go home with youu?" She playfully, and utterly drunkenly, hit his arm. He gave her a weird look obviously trying to figure out how much she'd had to drink.

"…Whatever. Let's go. Sakura do you need help getting home?" Ino had plastered herself to his side and was drawing little patterns with her eyes closed looking utterly content.

Well that's weird. Usually Ino was 110 horny when she was drunk.

And then she tried, not very subtly, to put her hand down Shikamaru's pants.

Now THERE was the Ino she knew! Poor Shikamaru's face tinted pink yet he managed to maintain an annoyed expression. Ha-ha, he was in for a long walk home. Ino grinned at him and yelped as he slung her over his shoulder and stuck a hand in his pocket. She giggled and slurred something else, too quietly for Sakura to hear, and winked in her direction. Sakura laughed, probably too loudly but who knew because her world was full of pretty colors right now.

"Nope, no help for me! I'm goud!" Kami, her words felt really heavy and her mouth felt like…gross. Shikamaru was about to protest when someone else interrupted.

"I got her Shikamaru, you go on." Kiba took an empty seat next to Sakura and grinned. "I've been trying to find you all night and now that I have to tell you that you're sexy." His charm was hitting her full blast but she resisted.

"I will not sleep with you Kiba." That one sentence had taken so much concentration she now had a headache. But she was sure there wasn't mush conviction behind it; he was one hot piece of ass as Ino would say.

He seemed to ignore her and now his full attention was on her pants.

"Those are some nice pants you're wearing Sakura, they fit you like a glove. But you know what?" He came close to her, his lips tickling her ear; "They'd look better on my floor." His hand traced the side of her body from her thigh to her shoulder.

Her relationship with Kiba had always been like this. Harmless flirting and sexy teases without actually doing much of anything. Neither had acted upon feelings that these situations ignited but tonight felt different.

Maybe it was because she was really drunk…

And so the night continued like that. But she found that in order to deal with a horny Kiba she couldn't be drunk. Well more like wouldn't because if she did sleep with him she sure as hell wanted to remember it because she'd heard the rumors about him and his skills in bed.

They'd played this weird little game for so long that she wasn't sure when his dirty whisperings had started to send fiery tingles down her spine, or when any part of him touched her electric sparks exploded on site. She wasn't sure when the urge to pounce on him had started. Maybe it was because of his skin-tight shirt, every time he moved she got a tease of what was underneath the pesky cloth. Or maybe it was how riled up he got her without even really touching her.

Damn he was good.

After at least 3 hours of this ridiculously unsatisfying game they were playing she decided to heat it up.

Sakura tilted her head slowly towards him attempting to look at him with what Ino called 'bedroom eyes'.

"Kiba, what would you say to playing a game?" She licked her lips tasting the bitter sake leftover from her multiple drinks hours ago.

"I love challenges." He leered showing his fangs, brown eyes lusty.

"Let's play a drinking game. We bet something before we start and the first one done with 5 shots in a row wins." Her eyes glinted in the dim bar lights. He grinned and started to close the gap between them.

"Are there restrictions to the bets?"

"None." She waved the bartender over and ordered something lighter than sake, after all she didn't want to be drunk if this was going to end the way she wanted it to.

Once each had a line of shots in front of them Kiba turned to her.

"I bet that I can down these five shots faster than you. If I win I get to kiss you," His eyes darted down to her lips and back up, "and if I lose no kiss for you."

Sakura smirked and leaned close. "Deal."


The shots didn't burn on the way down like all the other drinks she'd had tonight, but it left a pleasant tingle that if they did this for long enough they would both be drunk.

She slammed her last shot down completely confident that she'd won and turned to Kiba who had a cocky smirk on his face.

Without saying a word he lunged for her, his lips hungry for hers. Teeth and tough assaulted her mouth and she was completely and pleasantly defenseless to the onslaught. His hands held her head in place as he ravished her mouth; teeth nipped at her plump lips and his tongue devoured her own. He broke away suddenly leaving her completely out of breath and flustered.


She nodded unable to say much, but found her words as she thought of what she wanted.

"If I lose you can touch me." She might have laughed at Kiba's shocked face but was much too hot and bothered to do so.

"Where?" He breathed in her eye trying very hard to keep his hands at his sides.

"Anywhere," She mumbled against his lips.


She threw the game, only getting down two shots before he'd finished his five and his hands were all over her.

His mouth was greedily attacking hers once more, while one hand was alternating between clutching her hip and cupping her through her pants. The other hand slipped stealthy up her shirt and under her bra where it was now rolling around a hard nipple. She let out a breathy moan nearly melting under his touch. He pinched her nipple and was rewarded with a louder moan and her hands tangling in his hair. He picked her up off her seat and sat her on his lap so she could feel how hot and hard he was for her. Sakura groaned and ground her hips into his wishing their clothes could disappear; or that he would rip them off of her.

He stumbled getting up from the chair and tried to find the nearest exit without disengaging his lips from hers or his hand from her breast. The cool night air was a welcome relief to her heated body that felt like flames were coursing through her veins. Her hand slid under his shirt and touched the sculpted muscles there eliciting a groan of desire from his delicious mouth. She could feel hand seals being done behind her back but paid no attention to them as she sucked the side of Kiba's neck giving him a hickie. He growled and pushed her up against the door to his house, one hand undoing the zipper on her pants and the other swiftly unlocking the door. Barely closing the door properly they stripped each other's clothes off hurriedly leaving them like a trail of cookie crumbs to his bedroom where they spent the rest of the night enjoying the fruits of their drinking game.

If those were the types of bets she would be losing, then Sakura was fully ok with it.


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