I do not, in any way, shape, or form, own the characters of Twilight...or ANY part of the book for that matter...
This one just sorta came to me in the middle of lit. class. Hope you like it.

You know this is wrong
Oh she tastes so good
Take your lips off hers
If only I could

Don't get carried away
I can't resist
Touch her no more
All I want is a kiss

Keep holding her close
Keep my arms locked tight
Be careful where you touch
Remember where to bite

Come to your senses
They'e sharp and clear
Remember who you're holding
The one I love so dear

Resist the urge
To bite her, I know
Gain control of your actions
Let my instincts not show

Hide them deep inside
But I want her, I do
Only one part of you can have her
But how, I have no clue

You let him out
Because her scent is so strong
The vampire inside
Acted so wrong

You're starting to cooperate
I'm taking control
You know what to do
Climb out of this hell hole

Stay with her forever
That, I want to do
But you must be careful
Bella, I love you

She wants to be with you
Always and forever
But you can't grant that wish
Not now, not ever

You don't want her to have this life
Alice could bite her
Did you hear what I just said?
Then I can love her forever

©2007 Taichi-Yamato4ever